Titanic Vs Modern Cruise Ship: Which Would You Choose?

Titanic vs Modern Cruise Ship
Photo by Peter Hansen

The RMS Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1912, was once the pinnacle of luxury when it came to ocean liners.

Today, you can choose from numerous modern cruise ships to transport you around the world’s oceans while you enjoy all the comforts of home on board. But 

Titanic vs Modern Cruise Ship: which would you choose? Find out below to know If you could choose between sailing on the Titanic or one of these modern cruise ships.

Titanic vs modern cruise ship: The similarities

Titanic vs modern cruise ship, there are many reasons why one might choose to take a modern cruise ship over a sunken ship. But there are also some benefits to taking a cruise on an older, less technologically advanced vessel. 

For example, modern cruise ships don’t just sail from point A to point B—they drop anchor at ports along their voyage. They offer tours and excursions in foreign countries and scenic views of under-the-sea vistas when they’re out at sea. 

Both types of ships have swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Though these amenities change slightly with each type of ship, they generally serve roughly the same purposes.

Entertainment: In 1912, an evening’s entertainment could include things like live music performances or piano recitals played by some of society’s most beautiful women.

Today there is a seemingly endless number of options available including comedians and musicians that perform for you 24 hours per day! 

Dining Options: Both ships offer amazing dining options but where do you think you’d enjoy eating best on each ship?

Titanic vs modern cruise ship: The difference

Titanic vs modern cruise ship: which would you choose? Here are the differences to help you out.

The weigh

First, there’s size. The Titanic weighed in at 46,328 tons and was 882 feet long. The average cruise ship today weighs in at 90,000 to 130,000 tons and is over a thousand feet long.

On top of that, a modern cruise ship features amenities passengers on board RMS Titanic could have only dreamed of — like internet access on deck (yes, deck) or relaxing in a sauna. 

The Capacity

The Titanic had a capacity of 3,547 passengers and crew while an average cruise ship in 2016 has a capacity of more than 4,000. This means you have a lot more people to talk to, meet, and mingle with onboard your modern cruise ship. 

The Length

97% of Titanic is longer than 99% of all cruise ships ever built. 91% of Titanic is shorter than 91% of all cruise ships ever built. Width: 3% of Titan is wider than 99% of all cruise ships ever built. Titanic (2%) is narrower than 98% of all cruise ships ever built. 

Also, in height: Titan (4%) is taller than 95% of all cruise ships ever built. Titanic (1%) is shorter than 95% of all cruise ships ever built.

Height Above Sea Level

With a height of 70 meters above sea level, the Titanic is almost twice as tall as most modern cruise ships. This means you’ll have to get ready for some real climbing if you want to go on an adventure.

In addition, height Below Sea Level: At its lowest point, the Titanic was 46 meters below sea level. If there’s one thing that’s made clear in Titanic it’s that water plus humans usually doesn’t end well. 

By contrast, modern cruise ships are only 14-15 meters below sea level at their lowest point. So they’ll feel much more stable if anything were to happen.

Max Speed

The Titanic has two reciprocating engines that allow it to travel at a max speed of 23 knots. The modern cruise ship also has two reciprocating engines, but these are turbocharged and can bring its max speed up to 28 knots.

Additionally, because of all of its other amenities (pools, restaurants, etc.), many people prefer to board a cruise ship instead of a steamship. Even if they are only going from port to port.

Because of that convenience and time saved—which translates into more food, drinks, and gambling—many passengers would likely choose a modern cruise ship over the Titanic.

Recommendations based on the analysis

Titanic vs Modern Cruise Ship: which would you choose? This is a very tricky question because there are so many aspects to compare between Titanic and modern cruise ships.

It would be impossible to discuss each one, but here are some of my recommendations for those planning a trip on either.

First, I recommend choosing a cruise that focuses on destinations rather than a themed trip. That is choose your ports of call instead of a ship based on theming or style. Second, find out if you’re more interested in luxury or adventure (or both). 

Third, try to get an idea of what type of itinerary you prefer. Are you looking for something active with lots of excursions and activities or do you want something relaxing with lots of time at sea? 

Lastly, don’t forget about safety! One thing we can all agree on is that we don’t want another tragedy like what happened with Titanic.

Although modern cruise ships have not had any major accidents recently (knock on wood). It’s still important to check reviews from past passengers before booking your trip.

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