What is Android Auto Head Unit?

Android auto Head Unit

Android auto head unit, is the new word when looking for a device to protect your investment in the Android Auto system.

Android auto head unit can work with the Android Auto application and change your car entertainment screen into an Android tablet between music, navigation, and calls.

The Android Auto head unit is an excellent way to upgrade your car without needing a new car.

The head unit allows you to use your smartphone’s Android software, and installing an Android auto head unit will help boost the features in your more.

Today, several types of Android auto head units are available in the market, so it may be more challenging to choose the right one for your car.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Android Auto Head Units, the types, what to look out for when buying an auto head unit, and the guide to installing an Android auto head unit in a car. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Types of Android auto head units

There are three main types of Android Auto head unit:

The first is a bare-bones car stereo that only can run Android Auto. It’s just a screen and a motherboard with many ports on the back so you can plug in your phone, Bluetooth microphone, USB sticks, etc.

These tend to be pretty cheap but also constrained, and the UI can be slow.

The second type is an Android Auto head unit that runs on Android. You can download apps, play music from your phone via Bluetooth or USB, or run Android Auto if you want.

This kind of head unit usually has many features and UI customization options but tends to be more expensive than bare-bones models.

The third type is an Apple CarPlay head unit that runs on Android, and it’s identical to the second type, except it also supports Apple CarPlay.

What to look at for when Shopping for an Android auto head unit

If you want to upgrade your car to Android Auto, you don’t need to purchase an entirely new vehicle to do so.

You can simply upgrade your current vehicle by purchasing an Android Auto head unit.

An Android Auto head unit is simply an aftermarket head unit designed to be compatible with your smartphone.

For the most part, these units come with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to stream music, talk hands-free, and use navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze.

When you’re shopping for one of these units, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

First things first: you must buy from a reputable company. While plenty of cheap knock-off versions are available, it’s worth spending the extra money to get a quality product.

A good Android Auto head unit is going to be responsive and reliable. Read reviews to determine whether or not a company makes a quality product.

If people complain about the lack of responsiveness or reliability issues, chances are it isn’t going to be a quality product.

So when you are shopping for an android auto head unit, it is pertinent to follow the guide above.

Android Auto Head Unit Installation: A Complete Guide

This is a guide to installing Android Auto on your head unit. This is the easiest way to install, and it should work with all Android units.

You do need to have ROOT access for this method to work.


  • Download the Android Auto app from the play store
  • First of all, you need to download the .apk, extract the zip, and copy it on a USB drive or sd card. The file is called AndroidAutoStub.apk; copy this file to a folder called AndroidAuto on your USB drive/SD card.
  • You need to change the package name of this app so it will be allowed to be installed and run on your head unit. For that, you need a .apk editor; I used Apk Editor Pro (root), many other apps out there do this job, but most of them require root access.

This procedure will differ from other .APK editors, but the principle is similar. Open Apk Editor, select an Apk File, and like AndroidAutoStub.apk in your USB drive/SD card.

Features of Android auto head unit

Android auto Head Unit

Android auto head unit, is a device that allows you to have access to hundreds of apps on your phone. It is installed on the dashboard of your vehicle, and it can be controlled with the touch screen.

The device  comes with a wide range of features that include:

1. Navigation System

This is an essential feature for all drivers since it quickly helps them reach their destination. Google Maps make it easier for you to find your way back home, restaurants, hotels, and any other location you want to visit. It also gives you traffic jams, weather updates, and parking spaces.

2. Music Streaming

Android auto head unit lets you stream music from various sources like Spotify and Google Play through your car stereo speakers.

You can also search for songs from their titles, album names, or artists without having to lift a finger by just saying the word aloud.

3. Phone Calls and Messaging

The device supports voice calls and messages; it allows you to access them using the steering wheel controls or the touch screen.

You can make hands-free calls using the hands-free mode of the device or reply to messages using voice commands.

How to choose the suitable Android auto head unit

If you’re looking for an Android Auto head unit, many options are available to you. But it’s not exactly an easy decision to make.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an Android auto head unit is the size of your car’s dash opening.

In other words, how much space do you have within your dash? This will determine what in-dash receiver will fit in your vehicle and allow you to replace the factory stereo.

When you receive your new Android auto head unit, it should contain instructions on removing your current stereo.

Ensure you disconnect the negative battery cable before beginning any work on your vehicle. This can prevent unwanted electrical shocks or damage.

How to use Android auto head unit?

Android, an auto head unit, is a new product many car owners can use. Here we will introduce the way of using this product.

  1. Open the product box and remove the Android auto head unit and accessories.
  2. Connect the power cable to your car’s cigarette socket and the Android auto head unit.
  3. Install the Android auto head unit on your car’s dashboard.
  4. Turn on your car, then turn on the Android Auto head unit with the power button and adjust it to the right mode with the mode button(if you want to use Android Auto, click Android auto key)
  5. Connect your phone with the Android auto head unit by USB cable or wifi hotspot(Android Auto only works with Android phones).
  6. Follow the instruction in the Android Auto app on your phone to finish the installation of Android Auto(this step can be ignored if you don’t want to use Android Auto)
  7. After finishing the above steps, you can enjoy using your Android Auto head unit.”


 To summarize, Android Auto is an excellent step to support AUX and connect any Android device to the car system. It’s only a start of a “connected car experience,” and we can expect more shortly. I hope the information about the Android Auto Head unit proved helpful.

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