What Does Eco Mean on a Car?

What Does Eco Mean on a Car

Some auto manufacturers offer the option of an eco mode for fuel-saving. However, the eco feature is quite unique and novel.

That is why most car owners are unfamiliar with it. Are you among those? Do you often ask yourself: What does eco mean on a car? Well, congratulations! You are not alone.

Eco or Econ feature – as some car manufacturers call it – is a feature that helps car owners in reducing oil consumption.

Essentially, your car becomes relatively slower and “unresponsive” as you turn on the Eco feature. This unresponsiveness has two prominent reasons: One is your car consumes no to less fuel.

Secondly, as the engine slows down, so do the brake paddles and calipers. Consequently, you feel that your car is unresponsive.

Nevertheless, according to automakers, eco features on cars essentially lessens the speed of the engine. In turn, the car consumes less fuel and moves steadily.

Is the Eco Feature Dangerous?

What Does Eco Mean on a Car

Once you are clear about the fundamental question: “What Does an Eco Mean on a Car,” a subsequent question rises. Is the Eco feature dangerous? Well, the good news is it is not.

In fact, it is one of the prominent features that you enable on your call to enhance fuel efficiency.

Essentially, as you drive at a high speed, your car consumes gas and fuel at a higher pace. On the other hand, if you enable the eco mode on your car, it slowers the car’s speed – leading to the lesser consumption of fuel.

Automakers like Honda and Nissan recommend enabling the eco mode to sustain the overall health of the car and to get assistance with fuel efficiency.

So, the next time you wonder “what does eco mean on a car?” think about the fuel consumption of your car. If you drive the latest model of either Honda, Kia, Ford, Lexus, Hyundai, or Chevrolet, you would have the option to enable the eco mode.

However, most of these car manufacturers also offer other driver assistance features like Sport and Normal modes. Essentially, these features are to enhance transmission, suspension, and steering adjustment.

So, it is a good idea to enable the eco mode along with these features. Together, these features can assist you with low fuel consumption and can provide you with a worthwhile driving experience.

How Much of Fuel Can You Save With the Eco Mode Enabled?

The eco mode’s fuel efficiency varies based on the car that you drive. For example, if you turn on the eco mode on your Ford, you can save up to 12% of fuel consumption.

On the other hand, with the eco mode being enabled on your Hyundai, you are like to improve fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

These percentages are set by the brands and may vary based on the overall condition of your car.

However, it is pertinent to mention here that the eco mode should be accompanied by slow and careful driving. Otherwise, the feature’s efficiency can be lesser.

For instance, if you attempt to drive ruthlessly, jackrabbit starts, or peddle the brakes quite often, you may not achieve the fuel efficiency from the eco mode.

Similarly, the flip side is also true. You can achieve the features of eco mode with steady and careful driving – even if your car doesn’t have the eco feature. A light foot on the gas peddle and lesser acceleration can assist the engine to consume lesser fuel.

Should You Enable the Eco Feature on Your Car?

What Does Eco Mean on a Car

Yes. If your car does have the eco – or econ as Honda calls it – option, you should enable it if you want to lessen the fuel consumption of your car. Of course, the gas and fuel prices are touching the peak, it is a worthwhile idea to have your car’s fuel efficiency enhanced.

Depending on the car that you drive, you may find the eco button somewhere in the settings panel. The feature has a green sign which turns on once the eco mode is enabled.

If you still can’t find the eco feature, you would want to contact the manufacturer to get further assistance.

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