Understanding When an Engine Knocks

Engine Knocks

How easily does your car startup? As you buy a four-wheeler, it becomes your friend in no time and even after ten years, you might feel it was just the last day when I bought it.

But it’s not very easy to maintain this fuel-hungry four-wheeler and thus, we came up with easy yet affordable tips for car lovers on how to extend the longevity of the vehicles.

It is your car’s combustion engine that decides what you hear. So, if you hear a strange noise coming from under the hood, it might just be the combustion engine playing tricks. The knocking sound is something that you need to take note of, and we will take a look at how you can go about it.

Do note that the sound your combustion engine makes is in many ways directly related to how efficient your car’s engine is. And you can ensure that it remains working properly by taking care of the right maintenance tips.

The Top Tips to Stop that Knocking Noise

Customers, both potential and existing ones, are more than anxious when they need to think about how to keep the cars running for a longer time. Even after riding the vehicle for more than 100,000 miles, car owners have no plan of changing the model.

Drive Safely

Aggressive driving should be avoided. Avoiding habits like rabbit starts, hard braking will help to prolong the life of the transmission and suspension along with extending the life of the engines and brakes.

Proper Care of Your Car

Spend less than an hour to take care of the tires of your car. Properly inflated and rotated tires are proved to add thousands of miles to the life of the tires.

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Conditioned leather seats added seat covers and floor mats if changed regularly will keep the look fresh as well as prevent the wear and tear of the interior parts. Ranging from $20 to $300, you can get the interior accessories depending on your choice.

Change the Filter and Engine Oil

Changing the transmission fluid and the filter at regular intervals improves the life of the transmission and can be done within $80 to $200.

Additionally, with equal intervals, usually every 5,000 miles, it is wise to change the engine oil and filter them. It costs around $30 to $80 and adds to the fuel of life for the car! Engine coolants and thermostat replacement can be done within $80 to $200.

Change the Spark Plugs

You don’t want to use any spark plugs other than the one sent by the manufacturer and can cause the knocking sound.

The other thing to note is that a wrong spark plug gap may cause the combustion noise too. You can avoid it by not having too narrow a gap, as the spark plug cannot ignite the air fuel mixture then.

The spark plugs, air filters, and drive belts help to improve the mpg and also extend the life of the engine. A similar improved result can be achieved by replacing the timing belt and water pump. It saves from overheating and potential damage to the internal engine part and can be done within $400.

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