UberX Vs Uber Pool: What’s the Difference?

UberX Vs Uber Pool

With increasing population people needs to travel are also increasing. Some people use their own transport vehicle like car, bikes and bicycle etc., but most people travel by public transport like bus, taxi, rickshaw etc.

Public transports are cheap but these are not available at your doorstep always and if you miss them you have to wait for the next vehicle. Sometimes you have to carry heavy luggage with you which is a great hassle.

Some people don’t like to travel in so many people or in this kind of environment due to which they feel discomfort traveling.

To tackle this problem UBER started its riding services which allow you to get a ride at your step and travel at cheap rates.

You don’t have to wait for the bus or fear missing it, you can book a ride through your mobile at any time you are ready to go and your ride will be there in minutes. With Uber, you can travel in a hassle-free environment.

You can now book your own car at almost the same rates as the public transport with Uber. 

Uber is now available in more than 1000 cities and 90 million+ active users. Uber has not only helped people traveling but it also has millions of people to earn by riding their car for them.  

Uber always considers the convenience of its customers and tries to keep the rate as minimum as possible. To facilitate its customers Uber is now offering car rides on sharing and individual basis.

You can book any ride based on your need and convenience. 


UberX can provide you with an affordable and comforting ride for daily tasks. UberX ride is for passengers who want to book a private car for themselves.

If you are traveling with your family or friends, you can use this feature. You can book a private ride that will pick you up from your doorstep and drop you at your desired location.

With this, you can travel hassle-free in a peaceful environment.

UberX has a maximum limit of 4 passengers at a time. You can also carry your extra luggage with you.

UberX calculates fare on the following factors:

  • Base Fare
  • Per-min rate
  • Per-mile rate

(Rates may vary depending on the place and surge charges may also apply)

You can book an UberX ride from your mobile app.

Uber Pool

UberX Vs Uber Pool

Uber pool is a great facility for students and people going to the job. It allows you to book a ride on sharing basis with someone.

In this way, people get an opportunity to ride at a more affordable price. 

When you book a ride, the driver looks for people going in the same direction. He picks up other passengers during the ride.

But you will never know when you will be picked or dropped. You may be first to be picked and last to be dropped.

You will not be dropped first even if you were picked first. The person with the closest destination will be dropped first.

You can always book this unless you are traveling with more than two passengers or with some extra luggage. In that case, you will have to book UberX.

This is beneficial for the driver too. They will get more trips and their downtime will be less. Uber charges extra for every stop car makes for a pickup which adds to the total fare. 

In Uber pool fare is calculated by the time and distance between the first pickup location and final drop-off location.

UberX fare is calculated based on some factors given below:

  • Base fare
  • Per-minute rate
  • Per-mile rate
  • Booking fee
  • Minimum fare
  • Rider no-show fee
  • Cancellation fee

(Rates may vary depending on the place and surge charges may also apply)

For the time and distance, one passenger is traveling uber charges 100% from that passenger and for the time and distance, more than one passenger is traveling fare is divided between them.

For example, fare of a ride of Uber pool from point X to Y is 20$. 

  1. If passenger A travels for the whole ride uber will charge him 20$.
  2. If passenger A travels for the half ride and then the driver picks up another passenger B for another half then A will pay 15$ and B will pay 5$.  
  3. If both passengers A and B travel from X to Y each will pay 10$.

You can book an Uber pool ride from your mobile app.

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