7 Different Types of Military Helicopters

Types of Military Helicopters

Helicopters are one of the world’s most adaptable and versatile warfare systems.

The different types of Military Helicopters are essential in both war and peace. In addition, the military helicopter proved indispensable during World War 2 military operations after its development in the 1930s.  

Furthermore, the helicopter gave the unrivaled military flexibility, with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. And the ability to hover and fly in all four directions thanks to its rotors. 

Furthermore, Advanced military helicopters come in a variety of categories. Each kind is tailored to handle a specific subset of functions across a wide range of military operations

We hear phrases like “Black Hawk” and “Chinook” helicopters in the news and popular culture.  

Each of these one-of-a-kind helicopters is classified according to its primary mission and given a military designation.

Additionally, The Mission-Design-Series (MDS) designation system is used to identify military aerospace vehicles in the United States.  

Furthermore, the vehicle type symbol for a helicopter is “H.” A second sign, such as “A” for ground attack, exists for the fundamental mission type.   

We’ll look at the seven main categories of military helicopters as aviation aficionados. and we’ll also point out some of the most well-known military helicopters.

1. Maritime Helicopters

Maritime helicopters are used to fight submarines and transport weapons in support of a navy. They take off from naval ships. There is one type of military helicopter.  

military helicopters have modern radar, sonar, and magnetic anomaly detectors and the ability to fire torpedoes into the ocean to attack submarines.

They can also participate in search and rescue activities and observe the surrounding region in addition to their regular duties.  

The turboshaft engine was a significant advancement for maritime helicopters. Smaller helicopters could be launched from smaller ships, shortening its time to respond to approaching enemy submarines.  

Additionally, SH-60 The US Navy’s primary aircraft are Seahawks, which are used for various missions.

They have folding rotors and tails because they land on ships, so, they don’t take up as much space on the ship’s surface. 

2. Military Transport Helicopters

Transport helicopters are one of the largest helicopters used to transport heavy cargo into combat settings, such as light vehicles, large troops, and freight.

Additionally, Transport helicopters have a reasonably high-speed capability, despite their size and load carried.  

In addition, though cargo planes can perform the same functions as a transport helicopter, it is preferable to land and take off vertically without using a runway. Speed is crucial in wartime operations.  

In addition, transport helicopters carry specialized equipment such as rescue hoists and rope lines for dropping off and picking up personnel in challenging terrain.

Additionally, The Chinook is arguably the most well-known cargo helicopter.  

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is a twin-engine helicopter with tandem rotors that are easily recognizable.

The Chinook is a heavy-lifting Western helicopter that serves as the primary supply and troop transport helicopter for the United States Army.  

Meanwhile, The Chinook was initially deployed in Vietnam in 1962, after Boeing began development in 1956.

The Chinook has been updated several times since the Vietnam War and is not slated to be retired until 2060 when it will become the Army’s first 100-year longevity aircraft. 

3. Search and Rescue

search and rescue helicopters can fly in any weather or terrain and must be rugged and agile. They are one of the important types of Military helicopters.

They have advanced electronic systems (avionics) and radar. Since they are deployed on missions that make reaching the target challenging.  

Furthermore, this aids their navigation and enables them to locate specific soldiers.

When flying over ocean waters, certain search and rescue helicopters have defenses such as depth charges and torpedoes that pilots can utilize.  

In addition, for its search and rescue missions, the Coast Guard uses MH-65 Dolphins. Which are distinguished by their brilliant orange hue.

Another well-known search and rescue helicopter is the AW101. Which is utilized in European and Canadian operations and has a radar that can scan 360 degrees.

And also pick up objects/people from a great distance. 

4. Military Utility helicopters

Utility helicopters are extremely adaptable aircraft that thrive in a variety of situations. These types of Military helicopters can be used for various missions.

These include reconnaissance, attack, transport, and evacuation.  

However, The Black Hawk is the most famous and well-known utility helicopter. In addition, Sikorsky’s UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter is a medium-lift, twin-engine, four-bladed helicopter.  

The Black Hawk is a tactical transport helicopter and air assault aircraft used by the United States Army.

The landing gear on the Black Hawk is a dragging tail wheel configuration. This military helicopter is capable of flying in any weather. 

The Black Hawk can be equipped with landing skis for use in frigid conditions. Additionally, Sikorsky’s UH-60 Black Hawk design won the United States Army Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System (UTTAS) competition in 1976.  

The Black Hawk was initially fielded by the Army in 1978. Approximately 2,000 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter versions are currently in use by the United States military.

5. Military observation helicopters

The primary mission of this aircraft is surveillance and intelligence gathering.

There are also types of Military Observation helicopters that may also be used to provide the images required for airstrikes, missiles, or bombs to point precisely at a target.

They have sensor equipment, such as infrared cameras, lasers, and low light sensors. And communication devices to convey what they view to fulfill these functions. 

Although they are not designed to attack, observation helicopters can be equipped with guns, missiles, and rockets.

Which are used to destroy hostile surveillance equipment. Additionally, to maximize their stealth, many observation helicopters are small.  

They are easily moved and can relocate to new areas fast and be ready to fly in a short amount of time.

The OH-58 Kiowa and the Little Bird are two notable helicopters of this type. Thanks to its sensors and navigation systems, the Kiowa can operate both day and night.  

The Little Bird is also available in an unmanned version (AH-6 series) with control units, navigation systems, sensors, and night vision in the cockpit.

This model is based on the manned MH-6 Little Bird, which the military uses to transport special operations commandos to more restricted landing zones. 

6. Military Multi-Role Helicopters

Multi-role helicopters are a versatile type of helicopter that may be used for a variety of missions across all military departments.

Military Multi-Role Helicopters are types of military helicopters. These helicopters are used in harsh situations with rough terrain during rescue, medivac, and recovery missions.  

Additionally, The Apache is a multi-role helicopter with two rotors that are easily identifiable.

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a multi-mission, twin-engine heavy, category attack helicopter with two four-bladed rotors (one primary and one tail).  

The Army uses the Apache for a precise strike and armed reconnaissance missions in all weather conditions, day and night.

However, advanced navigation, avionics, onboard sensor suites, and system redundancy enhance the Apache’s survivability and lethality in combat. 

Furthermore, The US Army’s Apache helicopter has logged over 3.9 million flight hours since its inception in 1984.

The aircraft features a nose-mounted sensor suite for night-vision systems and target acquisition, four hardpoints with a mix of.

AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and a 30 mm (1.18 in) M230 Chain Gun. 

7. Military Attacks Helicopter

The primary function of attack helicopters, sometimes known as helicopter gunships, is to fire on the adversary. They are types of Military helicopters.

Attack helicopters can reach high speeds and are well-armed with weaponry such as machine guns, missiles, and auto-cannons to accomplish this goal.  

However, the attack helicopter armory is equipped with modern radar to recognize enemy targets and guide rounds, allowing it to destroy opponent-armed tanks and vehicles effectively.

The attack helicopter is a type of helicopter that provides air support to ground forces and other aircraft.  

Additionally, The Marine Corps’ primary assault helicopter is the AH-1W Super Cobra. The Bell Helicopter AH-1W Super Cobra is an attack helicopter that is based on the Huey design.

Furthermore, The Super Cobra was the first attack helicopter to qualify for both the sidearm anti-radiation and sidewinder air-to-air missiles, as well as Hellfire missiles.

Conclusively The different types of Helicopters, like any other vehicle, come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for a unique purpose.

Different categories exist within the military based on the types of tasks a helicopter must perform, the environment it must survive in, and the equipment it carries.

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