4 Different Types of Car Jacks

Types of Car Jacks

Devices called car jacks are made to raise cars off the ground. There are numerous varieties of automobile jacks accessible.

There are hydraulic and mechanical types of car jacks. The majority of mechanical jacks work by turning a screw or lever.

With the help of a hydraulic cylinder under pressure, hydraulic jacks can lift large objects with sufficient force.

If you want to perform repairs in your own garage at home, you will need car jacks. They also come in handy if you have a flat tire while driving. 

You most certainly already have a jack hidden in your car for when the worst happens. However, not every type of car jack is made equally.

While some types of car jacks are meant for portability, others are intended to increase weight.

1. Hydraulic Floor Jack

This is the first on our list of types of car jacks. The most popular kind of car jack is the hydraulic floor jack.

They are simple to operate and quite strong. The car is raised off the ground by means of hydraulics.

Hydraulic floor jacks are the best option for raising cars that are low to the earth. They have a three-ton lifting capacity.

2. Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks are also on our list of types of car jacks. A hydraulic jack with an enlarged cylindrical body mimicking a bottle is called a bottle jack.

Bottle jacks work like a standard hydraulic floor jack, except they can support heavier loads. 

Additionally, these types of car jacks lift the car off the ground.

This function’s requirement for a higher starting clearance makes it harder to use on lower cars, which is one of its disadvantages.

Because bottle jacks are less expensive than floor jacks, they can be used as the main tool for amateurs and home repair enthusiasts and as a backup set for mechanics.

3. Scissor Jack

Scissor jacks raise a car using a hand crank when used properly.

Because scissor jacks typically have a one or two-ton capacity, they are suitable for lighter cars.

Additionally, depending on your model, they have a modest lift height ranging from 15 to 30 inches.

The primary benefit of a scissor jack is its safety, particularly in comparison to agricultural and high-lift jacks, which require more expertise and care.

Scissor jacks are also less expensive and more lightweight than floor jacks.

They are, therefore, a fantastic option if you require a portable jack that you can move about easily.

4. Hi-Lift Jack

This is the last on our list of types of car jacks. You have undoubtedly seen a hi-lift jack at least once if you enjoy off-roading.

In addition, these are agricultural jacks that are employed when a wench is needed or to extract a car from the mud.

These types of car jacks are rated at 7,000 pounds and can lift an automobile up to five feet off the ground.

A few uses include wrenching, fixing farm equipment, and lifting off-road vehicles.

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