Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies

Starship technologies are the manufacturer of autonomous delivery machines with six wheels intended to deliver either a hot meal or groceries straight to your residence.

Two of Skype’s founders, Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla are the architects behind this robotics startup, with their goal being commercializing the delivery service using these autonomous delivery robots.

Furthermore, it was in Estonia in 2014 that Starship Technologies commenced conducting numerous delivery trials which covered small packages and food.

The headquarters of this company which aims at revolutionizing the local delivery process by using autonomous delivery machines which are still environmentally friendly are in Redwood City, London, and Estonia.

The existing bottleneck in the last mile delivery process resulted in this company seeing the need to develop these autonomous delivery machines to carry out local deliveries of food and groceries.

The launch of these autonomous delivery machines was done at a large-scale level to commercialize the meal delivery service with the target market being the academic campuses and corporate individuals.

This process started with the residents of Milton Keynes, the UK before this technology got rolled out to the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.

Before this, Starship had done its tests using these last-mile delivery robots in various communities, including Redwood City, Walnut Creek, Mountain View, and Palo Alto.

How the Starship Works?

Consumers make an order via the Starship Deliveries mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android.

Subsequently, the consumers then sign up and get a unique personal address where they key in their address where the goods they order online will be delivered.

Additionally, the typical format of the address will be a 5-character identifier after Starship at the top invalidating the necessity for every customer to input their name on the address.

Ordinarily, the sender either eBay or Amazon inputs a unique address on the package that gets delivered via the regular mailing system to a local facility which Starship technologies manage.

To get this privilege, buyers need to pay $10 monthly for an infinite number of deliveries to your residence. However, the first month of subscription is usually free.

When the package arrives at the facility, the buyer gets a notification through the app, and they can consequently indicate the exact time one of the Starship’s autonomous delivery machines delivers their packages to their preferred location.

Moreover, the consumer can track the journey of the autonomous delivery robot in real-time through the app.

According to the vice president of marketing for Starship, Henry Harris-Burland, these autonomous delivery machines distribute packages to home that are within a two-mile radius to the depot.

Nevertheless, the company has plans to expand the area these delivery robots cover. Typically, the goal of this company is the robots to deliver the packages within one hour with the deliveries done all days of the week between 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Advantages of Using Starship’s Autonomous Delivery Robots

  1. In comparison to traditional methods of delivery, Starship robots have ensured the last mile delivery process increasingly being made faster since these autonomous delivery machines do not get stuck in traffic which is a familiar scene in most urban cities.
  2. This system of delivery is efficient since, unlike other methods of distribution, a package does not get delivered when the customer is not around necessitating it to be returned to the supplier or retailer. Therefore, these businesses get to minimize costs considerably and improve supply chain efficiencies by utilizing these autonomous delivery machines by Starship.
  3. These autonomous robots are electric hence do not play a part in the widespread environmental pollution often seen in most cities around the globe.
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