11 Most Popular RC Car Brands

RC Car Brands

Are you an RC car enthusiast? If so, you probably know that one of the best ways to get started with your hobby is to buy RC car brands. But the sheer number of RC cars can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, this article makes your search much easier by providing you with a list of RC car brands. Along with valuable information on each company’s history and products.

Whether you’re looking to buy one of the most popular brands or try something new, this list should give you all the information you need to decide! Enjoy!

1. Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby is an innovative brand for some of today’s most popular remote control models. Horizon has been in business since 1985 and continues to provide excellent customer service, fun products, and online content. 

Furthermore, Horizon RC car brands are popular for people who want to get into flying drones or racing remote control cars. They have an extensive lineup of hobby equipment that caters to beginners and experienced pilots alike. 

2. HPI Racing

HPI is one of the most popular RC car brands among hobbyists. The company makes numerous products, from fast streetcars to highly detailed scale models and everything in between.

HPI was founded in 1978 by Hirotsugu Kakoi, who hand-assembled scale model cars in his garage until he moved into a new building with enough space for a production line. 

In addition, in 1979, HPI shipped its first R/C car kit: a Volkswagen Beetle that could reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour (50 km/h). HPI engines and upgrades power 60 percent of all R/C car brands today.

3. Traxxas

Traxxas has been producing vehicles since 1985. These RC car brands specialize in 1/10-scale and 1/16-scale cars, trucks, monster trucks, buggies, and boats.

Traxxas offers VXL-6s TQi (1/10 scale) and Slash VXL (1/10 scale) models. Hobbico Inc., a Chicago-based manufacturer, owns this company and its founding in 1971.

In addition, in 2014, Traxxas had an estimated $60 million in sales, according to Hobby Channel magazine. A word about Traxxas cheap RC car brands: You get what you pay for. 

Also, remember to buy from a brand that charges less than most others. There’s a good chance you’ll end up with something that breaks down on you quickly or doesn’t run very well. Be prepared to spend more if you want quality; it’s worth it in the long run.

4. HB Racing UK

HB Racing UK makes high-quality RC car brands for experienced racers. It’s a favorite among experienced hobbyists, and its cars are competitive with Traxxas, one of its biggest competitors.

An HB racing car typically costs $300-$1,000, depending on how complex it is. Meanwhile, The company is based in a small town in Suffolk, England, and has an office in Los Angeles.

While it isn’t as well-known as Traxxas or Associated, HB Racing UK will probably make sense if you race RC vehicles at an advanced level or have already invested thousands into your collection.


ARRMA is; one of the RC car brands that use its brand for many of its models. These are typically high-performance RC car brands, and most are sold in kit form. 

Furthermore, many parts from kits can be mixed and matched to create unique vehicles. ARRMA’s slogan is Where Race Meets Reality. The company is based in Los Angeles County, California, USA; founded in 2005.

6. Axial

To give you a more precise understanding of different RC car brands. Here is some background information on a few.

Axial is based in Arizona and is one of those RC car brands that has taken off. Many of their cars come in RTR or Ready To Run with an aluminum chassis and plastic parts. 

In addition, They have been creating new vehicles for about seven years now. And have recently started supporting nitro engines, steadily increasing their popularity, even more so than before. 

Also, these vehicles are considered one of those RC car brands that can run anywhere without any issues or problems due to their variety and well-built models.

7. Mugen

Japanese firm Mugen, a top manufacturer in its own right, is one of the world’s biggest names for tuning and modifying automobiles.

After taking their first steps into remote-controlled racing cars in 1990. They’ve become known for world-class RC car brand models like EVO II. 

Also, we’re delighted to announce their new partnership with Mugen, who will be working with them on future projects and events.

Both brands are hugely popular in remote-controlled car circles; Their new collaboration will be inspiring for fans. 

In addition, as part of their partnership with Mugen, they will take a look at some of their most famous kits and accessories. This is your chance to see why so many people love these great products!

8. Kyosho

The next on our list of RC car brands is Kyosho. Kyosho Corporation, trading as Kyosho, is a Japanese company that produces radio-controlled cars and parts.

It has its headquarters in Shizuoka Prefecture, founded by Tadashi Yokouchi in 1973 when he manufactured his first plastic model kit. 

Furthermore, The name Kyosho comes from an Okinawan term meaning gentle wind. In 1982 it began producing cars with professional-level performance comparable to those made by Tamiya (since 1977) and Bandai (since 1976).

Today, Kyosho continues to make some of Nihon’s most advanced radio-controlled models, including miniaturized versions of actual race cars such as the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione.

9. Jada Toys

They first established 1972 Jada Toys, a leading RC car brand and global distributor of radio-controlled products and vehicles.

Jada Toys is best known for its high-quality car models and famous movie toy lines. Such as DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda and Shrek and Hasbro’s G.I. Joe series. 

Also, another reason why collectors love to purchase Jada toys? They are less expensive than other brands – at about half their price. Many vintage car enthusiasts have been buying these classic Jada vehicles for over 30 years now. 

Meanwhile, Jada toys were initially been based in California. Jada is now based in Hong Kong, with sales offices worldwide.

10. LOSI Taiwan ROC Asia Pacific Section Section

This company has been producing RC cars brands since 1983 and is still going strong. They have a full line of off-road and touring vehicles, including a complete replica of Suzuki GSXR 1000 and Kawasaki ZZR 1400.

Mantis also makes scale models for their kit car series and many collector models for Bugatti, Fiat, and Lamborghini. 

In addition, Their kit car series offers many parts that are not readily available from other manufacturers. Like chassis with different wheelbases, body shells in stock sizes, or adaptable to your custom body designs, engines, and transmission from several leading manufacturers.

As well as conversion kits for Mini Cooper/Seat Ibiza chassis that turn them into accurate-looking Porsche replicas!

11. Mantis Miniatures Taiwan ROC Asia Pacific Section

The last on our list of RC car brands is Mantis Miniatures. It is a manufacturer of both plastic model kits and scales diecast metal collectibles.

Their first model kit, released in 1980, was an F-15 Eagle (1/48 scale) representing a USAF aircraft in service. 

Also, In 1982, they produced their first diecast car models. The 1/43 scale line has included famous US muscle cars from Dodge and Chevrolet and foreign models such as BMW and Ferrari.

Later, Mantis began to produce high-end collector vehicles, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz. These are either historically significant or special editions such as Batman Batmobiles.


To sum it all up, you should buy an RC car from one of these RC car brands. After reviewing so many different manufacturers. We are confident that they are all great options for purchasing your new radio control vehicle.

Also, we hope that we have provided enough information for you to make an informed decision and choose your next excellent radio control car with confidence. We wish you luck on your quest to find a toy that will provide endless hours of fun!

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