Introducing Postmates Serve

Postmates Serve

Postmates has recently released its new revolutionary and innovative on-demand delivery product, the Serve, which has a personality of its own which is all about understanding individuals.

The machine navigates through sidewalks to deliver whatever you have ordered right to your doorstep, and nothing about the intelligence of Serve is artificial.

Therefore, if you are on your morning run or it is late at night, and you want a small bite, Serve has got you covered.

This gadget has been built by an on-demand delivery company from the ground up, with its development coming after researching customer interactions, testing various delivery modes and after millions of deliveries.

Meet Serve

Postmates Serve

After seven years and millions of deliveries, we have created our independent delivery vehicle which combines a proprietary Postmates software which customers globally know and love with a patented Socially-Aware-Navigation system.

Additionally, Serve has been manufactured to meet customer demands, respect cities and assist local companies to sell more by developing an in-house, design-first style.

Through leveraging data to replicate the modern method with which goods and food are moved around cities, we identified an even bigger efficiency after augmenting our current fleet or over 350,000 Postmates with rovers. Moreover, the subsequent vision of the company is moving these goods at zero cost.

Serve comes with a design that allows it to work together with the present Postmates fleet to transport small items over short distances resourcefully.

Additionally, it moves at walking speed and gets powered with electricity and routes deliveries onto sidewalks circumnavigating around fire hydrants and away from the crowded streets.

Features of Serve

  1. Makes use of Velodyne Lidar together with other innovative sensors present on any other automated delivery rover, hence creates in real time a virtual image of the world. Moreover, Serve has an NVIDIA XAVIER processor.
  2. Presence of dynamic lighting in the light ring and eyes assist the Serve in communicating.
  3. Serve is all-electric and one a single charge, it can carry 50 pounds and travel 30 miles.
  4. Serve communicates by making use of an interactive touch screen alongside cameras.
  5. Through its socially conscious navigation, Serve brings together technology and design in an entirely new method for all sidewalk rovers.

Functions of Serve

  1. Serve assists in giving the rest of the fleet superpowers that helps to deliver more; therefore, a Postmates will not have to look for a parking spot in the dense urban neighborhood. It is because Serve immediately picks orders, then transports them to a postmates a few blocks away from the hectic traffic and filled parking lots.
  2. Assists small and large business expand their customer reach since they can now efficiently deliver goods to their customers hassle-free especially during peak hours when there is a lot of traffic and plenty of congestion in cities.
  3. Additionally, the goal of the Server is ensuring the delivery of goods is carried out in an efficient and timely manner which consequently improves the overall customer experience, especially for clients living in urban areas.
  4. As a result of using Serve, retailers have experienced higher sales returns since they can still sell their goods even during times when there is plenty of congestion when clients would have otherwise opted out from purchasing the company’s products.
  5. Serve assists in maximizing space for everybody in society walking on the pavements, scooter drivers, bike riders, as well as drivers subsequently playing a massive role in the reduction of congestion and enabling increased mobility.
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