Oasis of the Seas: An overview

Oasis of the Seas

There has never been anything like it. Oasis of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship ever built. It is referred to as a floating five-star hotel.

The maiden voyage as it is usually referred to as, is part New York and part Las Vegas.

It is five times bigger than the Titanic with 21 swimming pools, 24 restaurants, its own version of New York Central Park, and a Boardwalk.

The Oasis of the Seas is the first of her class whose ships are the largest passenger ships in the world.

It’s haul was laid down in November, 2007 and came to a completion and was delivered to the Royal Carribean in October, 2009.

At double occupancy, this cruise ship sails with 5,400 passengers. The ship appears to be more of a mall than a cruise ship due to the many eateries and shops selling designer goods and other important features.


Oasis of the Seas is a 225,000 Gross Registered Tonnage which carries 5,400 guests in double occupancy and about 6,296 passengers when full. The ship has a crew of 2,200 from more than 70 different countries and tribes.

It has 30-foot craft, towers about 213 feet above water level and is 1,184 feet long and 208 feet wide.

Other major features are;

Central Park

The first living Park at Sea, a replica of the New York Central Park is found on Oasis of the Seas. Situated on deck 8 of the cruise ship, the Park has 12,175 plants, 62 vine plants, 56 trees, and some bamboo over 24feet high.

The lush green, natural appearance and shade it provides from the sun makes it a suitable spot to sit and have a drink and also engage in some meaningful conversations.

Found on the central park are 6 restaurants and bars, including the ships most fancy restaurant, 150 central park, and the Royal Carribean passenger favourite chops grille.

Other restaurants found on the Central Park include The Casual Italian Trattoria, Giovanni’s Table, and the Indoor/Outdoor Gourmet Market, Park Cafe.

Pool and Sports Zone

Located on deck 15 and 16, this zone stretches the length of the cruise ship. It is an outdoor playground. There are 4 distinctly different pools and whirlpools that provides plenty of space for water fun. The main pool is surrounded by sun lounges and is also bounded by 2 whirlpools.

The sports pool is limited to top swimmers in the morning and team water sports in the afternoon. The jogging track measures 2.4 laps to the mile. There are about 10 restaurants and bars located on the pool and Sports Zone.

Entertainment Place

This is the hub for night life on the maiden voyage. Dancing and other night life activities take place here. The entertainment Place features the Opal Theatre, the Aqua Theatre Pool which is 5metres deep and holds up to  five million litres of water. The Aqua Theatre Pool is used for water shows.

Also in the entertainment Place is the Casino Royale, Studio B, Comedy Place, Jazz on 4 and the Blaze Night Club.


The boardwalk on cruise ship feels like a traditional seaside pier and is a fun family vicinity. Located on deck 6, it is bounded on one end by Dazzles bar and on the other by the Aqua Theatre, rock climbing walls and the sea cabins lined at both sides of the boardwalk.

The most striking feature of the boardwalk asides from the Aqua Theatre, is the large, handcrafted carousel. The serene music playing in the background and the animals spiralling round the carousel gives the boardwalk a good feel.

Vitality and Fitness Centre

Located on deck 6 of the Oasis, the vitality and Fitness Centre features a thermal suite with heated tile lounges, 29 treatment rooms, steam rooms, and soothing relaxation rooms. This part of the maiden voyage has 158 fitness machines, including cardio and resistance equipments.

Cabins and Suites

This first of its kind cruise ship has 2,706 cabins and Suites. Almost 2,000 of these suites have balconies overlooking the ocean to catch the breeze, central park or the boardwalk.

There are different categories of cabins and Suites and the most popular are the Aqua Theatre suites with broad balconies, giving one the sight of the beautiful Aqua Theatre, the boardwalk, and the blue sea.

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