7 Motorcycles Similar to Yamaha TW200

Motorcycles Similar To Yamaha TW200
by Dbratland is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Are you looking for a versatile, go-anywhere motorcycle that offers great performance without breaking the bank? If so, it may be hard to find something better than the iconic Yamaha TW200.

But what if you’re looking for motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 but with a few differences? 

The Yamaha TW200 is one of the most beloved motorcycles on the market.

It’s popular among adventurers and casual riders alike because of its superb versatility and easy handling characteristics.

However, you may be looking for alternatives if you prefer more power or advanced features. 

There are several Motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 in terms of performance, design, and overall functionality.

In our article, we will review some of these models and compare them to the TW200 to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

1. 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700
by Happypap55 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 is first on our list of motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200.

It is one of the most anticipated adventure motorcycles for the new year.

With its unique design and innovative features, the Tenere 700 offers a blend of performance, style, and power that can take you anywhere. 

From the vast expanse of frozen tundra in Northern Canada to the scorching deserts of New Mexico, this versatile bike is built to handle any terrain with ease.

On top of that, it also has some impressive electronics, including a competition mode ABS system and YCCT (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle), both allowing reliable braking performance on hard-packed roads or uneven surfaces. 

Powered by a 689cc liquid-cooled four-stroke parallel-twin engine tuned for maximum low-end torque, this versatile machine delivers class-leading acceleration when you need it most and maintains an impressive 74 mph top speed when riding on long open stretches of highway.

To ensure optimum control and comfort during off-road adventures, it’s fitted with adjustable suspension systems at both ends, providing more travel and tolerance while handling stony patches or rocky trails. 

Additionally, a robust aluminum chassis gives it higher durability over long distances and maximizes maneuverability in challenging terrain conditions.

This Enduro motorbike stands out not just because of its modern design but also great features such as a full LED lighting system, including front indicators so you’re always highly visible even in complete darkness! 

These motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, come integrated with advanced cruise control technology making your journey more comfortable and efficient while helping reduce rider fatigue, especially when traveling on highways at high speeds for longer durations.

The Tenere 700 is ideal for those who are looking for a capable adventure bike that handles like a dream without skimping out on comfort, providing an unparalleled riding experience no matter what the terrain throws at you!

2. 2020 Scorpa T-Ride

The 2020 Scorpa T-Ride is an exciting and capable off-road motorcycle that is ideal for adventurers who yearn to take on the great outdoors.

This bike has a powerful four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a 270mm Marzocchi rear shock, making it perfect for tackling any terrain.

The electric start, smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission, and advanced suspension components ensure comfortable rides in even the roughest conditions. 

Stylistically, the 2020 Scorpa T-Ride, one of the motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, pays homage to vintage road racers with its classic white/blue color scheme and vintage seat design.

The air intake design gives the machine an aggressive look and offers high levels of protection from dirt and mud.

Additionally, the aluminum body panels reduce weight significantly yet offer superior strength over competitors’ models constructed from plastic or low-grade steel tubing. 

The 2020 Scorpa T-Ride motorcycle similar to Yamaha TW200, offers great value for money by integrating multiple features, including an adjustable saddle that allows users to customize the riding geometry to their needs.

The digital LCD speedometer boasts precise accuracy while a redesigned flywheel makes starts easier from cold, thus allowing riders to concentrate on other performance areas during longer trips, such as cornering speeds or steep inclines, with greater control.

With excellent performance factors and minimal maintenance costs, this bike guarantees exciting off-road escapades every time!

3. KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke
by big-ashb is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The KTM 390 Duke has become one of the most popular entry-level naked motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 on the market.

It is powered by a 373.2 cc single-cylinder engine capable of 43 HP and 37 Nm of torque.

It is an excellent choice for beginner riders who want a sleek and stylish bike offering plenty of performance and features. 

The KTM 390 Duke is known for its nimble but powerful handling, letting riders confidently navigate around tight turns and navigate through traffic with ease.

With its lightweight chassis and high levels of suspension, the KTM 390 Duke delivers excellent comfort no matter what kind of riding you’re doing.

The KTM 390 Duke, one of the motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, also includes several great features that make it perfect for all kinds of rides.

Its aluminum trellis frame provides an intuitive feel in tight turns and a slim midsection to make sure your legs aren’t cramped on long rides.

The upside-down adjustable front fork provides plush travel without compromising agility, while the rear mono shock quickly adjusts to changing terrain, allowing you to enjoy smooth rides no matter where you are going.

Additionally, the dual-channel ABS ensures confident stopping power even in wet or slippery conditions. 

In addition to its great performance capabilities, the KTM 390 Duke motorcycle similar to Yamaha TW200, offers lots of convenience features like an easy mode selection switch which allows beginners to select from four different power modes – Rain, Road, Sport, and Track – along with cruise control so you can relax when riding long distances.

You will also find 20 liters worth of storage space under the seat, ensuring you always have room for your belongings while on the go.

To top it off, there’s also a full-color TFT dashboard that displays all key information in an easy-to-read format making it easier than ever to keep track of all important metrics while out on the road.

4. Honda Z Series

Honda Z Series
by PandamicPhoto.com is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Honda Z Series is a lineup of reliable and dependable motorcycles from Honda, one of the leading brands in the world.

The Honda Z motorbikes are renowned for their fuel efficiency, easy acceleration, comfort, and maneuverability. 

They are generally lightweight and nimble bikes ideal for day-to-day commuting and short weekend rides.

The Z Series consists of two categories – the Adventure series and the Commuter series.

The Adventure Series comprises adventure tourers with relatively higher displacement, such as the Honda X-Blade, CBR250R, CB300R, and X-ADV. 

These motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, come powered by powerful engines offering superior performance on highways and off roads.

With longer travel suspensions at both ends and wide tires allowing better grip over rougher terrain, these machines can conquer undulating terrains with comfort as well as agility, making them suitable for all kinds of riders – novices or experienced alike.  

The second category in the Z Series is the commuter range that comprises scooters and motorcycles ideal for daily use, such as the Livo, Dio, Aviator, Shine SP, and Activa 6G that offer a judicious balance between power and efficiency while keeping the price tag low at the same time.

Most of these motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, come with an air-cooled engine accompanied by electric start-up technology, which enables hassle-free getting on any terrain while being extremely budget-friendly at the same time.

All being said, Honda’s Z Series has something to offer everyone regardless of your preference between power or affordability!

5. Honda Grom

motorcycles similar to honda grom
by Greg @ Lyle Pearson Auto Show is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Honda Grom is one of the most popular and fun motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 currently on the market.

This small but powerful bike packs a punch in both its design and performance capabilities, giving riders of all levels an enjoyable ride wherever they go. 

The stylish 125 CC motorcycle was designed to be lightweight yet still tough enough for almost any adventure.

With a top speed of around 59 mph, it can quickly take riders from point A to B, making it ideal for commuters or those who need some excitement during their weekend rides.

The Grom is known for its impressive suspension, which helps absorb bumps easily no matter what type of terrain you tackle. 

It also has a low center of gravity and a wide handlebar for greater control when taking tight turns or riding offroad.

Because of its highly maneuverable frame and user-friendly dashboard, the Honda Grom is perfect for novice riders and experienced thrill-seekers alike.

And with various add-on features like protective gear storage boxes and aftermarket exhausts that provide added power boosts, you can tailor your ride to suit your taste and needs. 

The additional adjustable levers give riders an extra helping hand in navigating tight corners with precision.

At the same time, the anti-lock brake system reduces the chances of skidding out of control—keeping them refreshed and safe during their on-road or off-road adventures. 

Overall, the Honda Grom provides an amazing experience at an affordable price.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to turn heads on every corner and feel the joy expected from such a solid machine.

Its powerful engine, coupled with the smooth transmission, ensures that even veteran bikers will have something new to look forward to whenever they mount it up — whenever you’re ready to jump into full throttle mode!

6. Suzuki TU50

The Suzuki TU50 is next on our list of motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200.

It is a classic motorcycle from the 1970s. First released in 1971, it was known for its distinctive look and timeless design thanks to its one-piece chrome tank, teardrop headlight, teardrop mirrors, and dual tailpipes.

The 49CC engine, combined with a lightweight frame, delivered good fuel efficiency and nimble handling. 

It was ideal for getting around town or enjoying a cruise on the open road.

The Suzuki TU50 is one of the motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 and offers plenty of conveniences for riders, such as an electric starter and kick start back up, 3-speed transmission with variable rotary control, a bright lighting system that illuminated the way at night, full instrumentation with speedometer and both fuel level gauges, stylish chromed exhausts along with other features so that you can enjoy your journeys with many conveniences. 

The motorcycle also featured large comfortable seating, which allowed two people to ride together, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to hit the road together!

Known for its durability and reliability, the Suzuki TU50 could take almost anything life throws at it – be it rough terrain or bad weather conditions – while always delivering great performance. 

Even after over 50 years since its debut, the bike still continues to be popular amongst collectors who are charmed by its unique style and reliability it offers.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable classic motorcycle that will always do justice no matter what kind of journey you have planned – then there’s no doubt about it – you should consider the Suzuki TU50!

7. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 - Best Motorcycles for Beginners
by Đức-Huy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is an iconic motorcycle that offers the best of both worlds in adventure and performance.

This motorcycle similar to Yamaha TW200 features a spectacular 412 cc DESMO Testastretta twin-cylinder engine with capabilities to generate 41 horsepower at 8500 RPM, allowing for incredible acceleration capability without sacrificing durability and fuel efficiency. 

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, one of the motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, also features Ducati’s signature trellis frame along with several lifestyle accessories ranging from high-end luggage solutions to headlamps and seat covers.

This allows for an extremely customizable riding experience depending on the rider’s preferences. 

In addition to its powerful motor, the Sixty2 also provides impeccable ride quality thanks to its large 17-inch front rim and Pirelli MT-60 tires designed specifically for off-road riding to provide superior traction even in wet conditions.

The motorcycles similar to Yamaha tw200 also have an adjustable suspension system that makes it easy to tune for different types of terrain or surface conditions – whether you are driving around town or heading off into more challenging terrain.

To make it even more versatile, the Scrambler includes two ride modes: urban mode, which restricts power output to a manageable level, and race mode, which raises the power output closer to full-scale potential. 

Overall, the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is the perfect blend of modern sophistication and classic style – allowing riders to create their own unique look while giving them a world-renowned adventure machine that will not disappoint! 

The motorcycles similar to Yamaha tw200 also offer plenty of tech features such as traction control and ABS brakes, making it safe and reliable no matter where your next journey takes you.

With all these features combined, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular models among experienced motorcyclists around the world!


In conclusion, the Yamaha TW200 is an excellent choice of motorcycle for those looking for a reliable and versatile machine in their life.

It has comfortable ergonomics that make it ideal for both long rides and navigating tight city streets. 

In addition, its low maintenance cost and reliability mean that it will be an affordable companion for many years to come.

Its power output is more than enough for tackling any off-road terrain you may encounter, while its powerful torque makes climbing steep hills feel effortless.

The thoughtful design of the bike makes it an all-around winner, which is why many riders have made the Yamaha TW200 their preferred two-wheeler. 

Overall, these motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200, are a fantastic selection of motorbikes for any lifestyle.

Whether you’re commuting to work or just out having fun on weekend rides with friends, this motorcycle provides plenty of power and versatility to handle it all. 

Its lightweight and fuel efficiency make it economical over time, while its features are great for tackling even the toughest terrains without a problem.

With its superb mix of capabilities and affordability, Yamaha has created a masterpiece in two-wheeled transportation that stands out from the rest. 

For anyone in the market, motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 are dependable yet stylish motorbikes that won’t break the bank; you should give serious consideration to these as your machine of choice.

Its combination of great features protects both yourself and your wallet simultaneously, which makes this an unbeatable selection, no matter what your needs may be. 

If you’re feeling adventurous or need to weave quickly around town each day – look no further! The motorcycles similar to Yamaha TW200 on our blog are here to meet your needs while keeping you smiling mile after mile – especially if you can get yourself one at discount prices!

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