19 Most Affordable Electric Motorcycles

Most Affordable Electric Motorcycles
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It’s hardly surprising that e-motorcycles have raised the bar in terms of design, given the significant advancements in environmentally friendly transportation (think electric vehicles, e-bikes, and the ubiquitous e-scooter).

With the wide selection of the most affordable electric motorcycles and kid-sized electric automobiles available, you may introduce your kids to transportation at a young age.

Of course, everyone is unique and has different expectations for their electric motorcycle.

You may choose among the most affordable electric motorcycles with the quickest charge times, the most range, the most power, and the lowest prices this year.  

Since we researched for you, We’ve got a lot regarding flair, quickness, and sustainability.

After reading our list of the most affordable electric motorcycles for 2023, consult our guide to learn what factors to consider when choosing an electric motorcycle.

Read on! 

1. Damon Hypersport

The Hypersport is the first on our list of the most affordable electric motorcycles. It’s the best two-wheeled electric roadster, produces a tremendous 200 horsepower, and has a 0-to-60 mph time of fewer than three seconds. 

But with an outstanding 200-mile (322 km) range, it also succeeds in terms of durability. You can go farther, faster, and safer with the Damon Hypersport.

To avoid tiredness or prepare for curves, you can quickly change your riding position while moving.

Artificial intelligence is used by an integrated CoPilot system to monitor your surroundings and alert you to any dangers.

2. Evoke 6061

Evoke 6061 is also on our list of the most affordable electric motorcycles. Vehicles powered by batteries have a significant drawback when they lose power; it may take a while before they are again prepared to travel.

The Evoke 6061 reverses that notion. It can recharge up to 80% in 15 minutes using a 336-volt battery pack. Just enough time for you to re-energize your body, shake off any road fatigue, and get back on.

The aluminum twin-plate frame of this hand-built new electric motorcycle draws attention with its simple look.

But when you open the throttle, the real fun begins. In just 2.6 seconds, the outstanding 160-horsepower engine accelerates to 62 mph. 

In the market for the most affordable electric motorcycles, the Evoke 6061 is creating a stir. There isn’t a better way to navigate around the city than on two wheels, particularly if those two wheels are dripping with elegance and class.

3. Super Soco TC

Next on our list of most affordable electric motorcycles is The super Soco TC. It may not be the most potent electric motorcycle on the road, but its cafe-racer-inspired design brings back pleasant memories as it cruises along. 

It’s a great option for quick commutes or pleasure trips thanks to its low price, detachable battery packs, and comfortable riding position.

The elegant design features do a fantastic job of blending modern technology with traditional aesthetics.

There is a sizable display between the bars, and the front and center LED lamps are particularly huge. It’s a pure delight to ride and observe.

4. Sondors Metacycle

The Sondors Metacycle is revolutionary just by looking at it, and that much is obvious.

The term “Metacycle” refers to a new market sector that is more potent than the majority of most affordable electric motorcycles but falls short of a motorcycle in terms of performance.

With an astounding top speed of 80 mph and a range of up to 80 miles on a single charge, it’s one of the most affordable electric motorcycles available.

You can park on the street and bring the battery pack inside to recharge when you’re away from home because the battery pack is readily detachable.

The convenient and guilt-free method of transportation is the Sondors Metacycle. It will definitely make you grin while allowing you to use your well-earned money.

5. Harley-Davidson

The most affordable electric motorcycle revolution doesn’t go well with Harley Davidson’s brand image.

However, the company’s offshoot EV motorcycle group, Livewire, tries to convince Harley-Davidson riders that electric motorcycles are the future. 

Additionally, the S2 Del Mar has seized the limelight. At first view, it basically seems like a contemporary Harley bike.

It is a sturdy motorcycle with minimal indications that it is an electric motorcycle, most notably the heat transfer fins on either side of the vehicle.

However, this isn’t Livewire’s first opinion. It is a more agile, lighter, and affordable Livewire ONE alternative that nevertheless has all the power and pleasure you can ask for.

The rare Del Mar Launch Edition S2 has a unique paint job and set of wheels, but even though it doesn’t rumble as you might anticipate, the standard production vehicles are sure to turn heads with their good looks.

6. Pursang E-Track

The creativity being produced by new businesses is one amazing aspect of the most affordable electric motorcycle revolution.

For individuals who wish to blend in a place they can drive on two wheels, the Spanish-based Pursang is a top choice in the sector.

The Pursang E-Track combines a stylish design with a potent Bosch powertrain and a driving position that works well for leisurely cruising and challenging off-road excursions.

The color TFT screen offers all the information you require and nothing more. There is the E-Track electric sports bike for those who want it all.

There is sufficient power to enjoy yourself, a reliable range to get you where you need to go, and it’s all presented in an eye-catching compact.

7. Cake Osa Flex

It’s challenging to be a master of all trades. It necessitates adapting to different needs and being flexible.

Some most affordable electric motorcycles are designed specifically for one use. Others can manage everything.

The Cake Osa Flex is your best option if versatility is your top goal. With over a thousand accessory options, this high-performance utility vehicle is equipped to handle any circumstance. Electric motorbike scooters’ equivalent of the Swiss Army knife.

The battery pack can function as a portable power station because it has numerous power outlets.

It combines a commuter bike carrying gear with a workbench on wheels. The Cake Osa Flex is a fully street-legal 50cc bike that is prepared for registration.

8. Arc Vector

Few businesses can afford to take an open-ended approach. One of the fortunate handful that does is ARC. The outcome is a flawless piece of art, making the Arc Vector our top pick for fashion.

But this electric street bike’s beauty goes deeper than meets the eye. It is injected into every part, from the carbon fiber swing arms to the modular battery monocoque base. 

The Arc Vector redefines craftsmanship. The Vector, which claims to be the most technologically advanced motorcycle in the world, features a Human Machine Interface, an Arc Pilot System heads-up display helmet, and the revolutionary Origin Jacket with active feedback. It is unlike anything the world has ever witnessed.

9. Voxan Wattman

Some most affordable electric motorcycles are designed for off-road routes or city streets. However, there is one thing that the Lightning LS-218 craves above all the open highways.

Although the Voxan Wattman is the fastest motorcycle, it cannot be used on public streets. The Lightning LS-218, on the other hand, can glide through the tarmac silently and go at a blazing 218 mph or more.

This powerful E motorbike costs orders of magnitude more than ordinary bikes, yet it has every right to do so.

Its stunning design showcases the best in sports bike aesthetics, and its top speed, acceleration, and range are all unmatched in the industry.

10. Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Elettrica is next on our list of the most affordable electric motorcycles.

Few brands are sufficiently recognizable that the name of their trademarked product replaces the generic phrase. Since the 1940s, Vespa has been the industry standard for scooters.

Vespas of today are not like those of the past. Even if the Vespa Elettrica’s outward style might lead you to believe otherwise, getting around town is a complete joy thanks to the vehicle’s all-electric motor.

The solid 148 lb-ft of quick torque will compensate for the reduced power, which you won’t even notice. 

Your phone and the inboard display communicate without any issues. Additionally, you may customize this electric motorcycle scooter with any one of six chic hues.

11. Onyx RCR

This elegant offering, which technically falls into no category, sits in between an electric bike and an electric motorcycle.

The Onyx RCR’s cafe-racer styling and woodgrain decals evoke nostalgia. It comes in two variants, one intended for trail riding and the other for use on city streets.

Battery packs, suspension heights, and paint hues are also customizable. The street-legal mode on this E motorcycle only allows for a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), making it considerably more appropriate for slower speeds.

But with just one short ride, this inexpensive electric street bike may win your heart.

12. Zero FX

Any craft needs practice to become flawless. Additionally, Zero has produced the most affordable electric motorcycles for over ten years and continues to be a leader in many areas.

The Zero FX is most comfortable on trails which will allow you to concentrate on choosing the best line while cruising through the wilderness.

But it’s a master of none. It can be thrown around town with the same passion as your off-road excursions.

One of the best power-to-weight ratios of the most affordable electric motorcycles on the market is provided by the chassis, which is constructed from aircraft aluminum and has undergone extensive weight reduction during many years of manufacture.

Regardless of the circumstances beneath the tires, the Zero FX electric sports bike will, to put it simply, blow your mind.

13. BMW CE 04

BMW’s most affordable electric motorcycles get some credit if there is one company with a track record of introducing cutting-edge electrified models to the market.

The German carmaker has been reshaping the motorcycle and automobile industries with new platforms for more than ten years, starting with the introduction of futuristic looking EVs.

A typical motorcycle is not the BMW CE 04 at all. You might compare it to a modified jetski that isn’t in the water because of its low-slung design and extended bench seat. But it is not at all the case.

In actuality, this beast is powered by a thin battery pack and a small, strong motor. This gives you plenty of space for two passengers or additional luggage and a spacious storage area that makes practical everyday use simple.

14. Cake Kalk INK

Cake has made some inexpensive electric motorcycles that can silently speed over terrain by emulating the dual-sport motorcycle.

It was originally designed as an off-road-only model, but recent enhancements allow street-legal use; in the US and the EU, it is registered as a 125cc bike.

The Cake Kalk INK is the ideal option if you want something that isn’t nearly a full-size motorcycle but isn’t as little as an electric bicycle. Although small and agile, it can offer some power when needed.

Three ride modes that change speed and power to provide various degrees of battery range are built into the Cake Kalk INK.

Three more braking modes allow you to precisely tailor what occurs when you lift off the accelerator to your specific circumstances.

15. Kollter’s ES1

Kollter’s ES1 is also one of the most affordable electric motorcycles. Despite being far less expensive, Kollter’s ES1 resembles Zero’s FXS in appearance. 

Despite being less expensive, this bike provides an excellent riding experience and can be used on highways and rural routes.

The bike has a 65-mile range and a 3.6 kWh battery pack in terms of performance. This bike can go at a top speed of 65 mph on the highway, making it a great touring bike.

16. Energica Xperia

When someone mentions the most affordable electric motorcycles, it’s simple to imagine the fun being cut short by a dead battery.

Touring motorcycles have been out of the question due to the logistical challenge of fitting large, heavy batteries onto a compact frame.

Before now, our top pick for an electric motorcycle is the Energica Xperia because it has been to places other motorcycles haven’t dared.

With up to 261 miles (420 km) of city driving on a single charge, it boasts the longest stated range of any production motorbike on the market.

However, the purpose of tourism is not city driving. The range is restricted to 130 miles (209 km) at highway speeds, but three alternative charging options can quickly get you back on the road.

The Energica Xperia boasts a lovely aerodynamic flair together with excellent overall stance and handling the most electric motorcycles currently on the market, without a doubt.

17. CSC City Slicker

One of the world’s best motorbike values is the CSC City Slicker. You may purchase a bike with a stylish appearance and luxury feels for $2495. Its performance metrics aren’t the best, to be sure. 

However, its max speed is sufficient to qualify for the financial incentive offered by the US government.

Overall, the City Slicker is ideal for urban living. With a 30-mile range, you won’t be taking large road excursions, but you’ll quickly accumulate those small ones!

18. PCX Electric

A great electric scooter for city use is the Honda PCX Electric. Honda has a lengthy history in the scooter industry, so you can be sure that the PCX Electric will be a sturdy, dependable scooter. 

It’s ideal for people who need anything to travel from point A to point B. The PCX Electric has a 4.2 kWh battery pack, costs $5816, and has a top speed of 37 mph.

Unfortunately, the range of this scooter is lacking. It’s only long enough for the short commute to and from work, at a modest 25 miles.

19. Huck Cycles

Lastly, Southern California-based Huck Cycles manufactures some seriously awesome retro-inspired affordable electric motorcycles. They can be tailored to your tastes and start at $3500. 

In fact, according to Huck, their customization options ensure that no two bikes they produce are the same.

With a 0.75 kWh battery pack, they have a top speed of 60 mph and a range of 75 miles. This is mostly because they are so lightweight.

Due to their partial road legality in some places, these bikes are best suited for personal use ( at least not yet).


There has never been a more exciting time to purchase the most affordable electric motorcycles in 2022.

A motorcycle enthusiast is sure to be impressed by the most innovative and thrilling features found in today’s most affordable electric motorcycles.

Your first question about these bikes might be, “Why are they so cheap? ” The reason is that making bikes is cheaper than making cars, and there are fewer safety rules for bike makers to adhere to. Some of the most affordable electric motorcycles on our list are sure to revolutionize the globe.

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