Mitsubishi Cars Compatible With Android Auto

Mitsubishi Cars Compatible with Android Auto

In today’s technologically advanced world, having a vehicle that supports seamless smartphone integration is essential.

One such example is Mitsubishi’s range of cars compatible with Android Auto.

This groundbreaking platform allows you to access your favorite apps, music, navigation, and more, all while staying focused on the road.

As a Mitsubishi driver, you’ll appreciate the convenience and safety that Android Auto brings to your driving experience.

By connecting your Android smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, you can easily utilize your favorite apps with a user-friendly interface that’s been designed specifically for driving.

Stay connected and entertained without sacrificing your safety or the functionality of your vehicle.

It’s important to know which Mitsubishi models support Android Auto compatibility.

While the list continues to grow, there are several options available that cater to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Make sure to research and test drive your preferred model to ensure it meets all your connectivity needs and driving expectations.

Mitsubishi Cars Compatible with Android Auto

  • ASX 2017-
  • Delica D:2 2017-
  • Delica D:2 Custom 2017-
  • Eclipse Cross 2018-
  • i-MiEV 2017-
  • Mirage 2017-
  • Mirage G4 2017-
  • Outlander 2017-
  • Outlander PHEV 2017-
  • Pajero 2016-
  • Pajero Sport 2016-
  • Triton 2016-
  • Xpander 2019-
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