Lexus Cars Compatible With Android Auto

Lexus Cars Compatible With Android Auto
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Android Auto has become increasingly popular as a smart driving companion, and Lexus is no exception in incorporating this technology into their vehicles.

Lexus cars compatible with Android Auto provide drivers with a seamless connection to their Android smartphones, allowing them to easily access directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy their favorite music apps.

Starting with the 2020 model year, Lexus began integrating Android Auto support in various models, including the RX, RC, UX, and select ES and NX models.

This move by Lexus showcases its commitment to staying up-to-date with customer preferences and enhancing the driving experience for its loyal fan base.

By opting for a Lexus car with Android Auto compatibility, you can enjoy the benefits of intuitive technology while cruising in luxury.

Enhance your driving experience and stay connected on the go with the perfect Lexus model for your needs.

Lexus Cars Compatible With Android Auto

Lexus has been progressively incorporating Android Auto compatibility into its vehicles.

This advanced technology lets drivers stay connected with their smartphones in a safer and more convenient manner while driving.

Here are a few Lexus models compatible with Android Auto.

  • ES 2020-
  • NX 2020-
  • RC 2020-
  • RX 2020-
  • UX 2020-
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