Inside Jeff Bezos Yacht Worth 500 Million

Jeff Bezos Yacht
Image by Seattle City Council from Wikimedia

Jeff Bezos Yacht is called Y721. It is not an ordinary yacht but a superyacht. Besides, who is Jeff Bezos? Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man.  

Also, his wealth has roughly doubled since 2017. Of course, his wallet increased during the pandemic as more people than ever turned to online shopping. 

In recent years, shipyards have continued to produce mega yachts, which experts claim are becoming more extensive as their popularity grows. 

In February 2020, Jeff Bezos officially became the owner of a massive new yacht. Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is the largest sailing one in the world. 

Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is a 417ft (127m) vessel built in the Netherlands by Oceanco. Therefore, It is estimated to cost about $500m (£350m).

Although, this amount is chicken feed for the world’s richest man, whose wealth at one point jumped to $13bn in a single day in 2020. 

Jeff Bezos‘ Yacht beats that of the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who has established a well-known appetite for big boats, with the largest of his fleet, the Octopus, stretching to 414 feet.  

Furthermore, Jeff Bezos estimated net worth now stands at nearly $200bn. Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is called Y72.

The Yacht is made from both aluminum and steel. It’s being built in the Netherland by Oceanco, a privately owned custom yacht builder.  

Reportedly, Jeff Bezos commissioned the Yacht in 2018, and the public glimpsed it for the first time in 2021.  

It’s a boat with the latest technology and gadgets that have never been seen. Additionally, Jeff Bezos’ Yacht had a large swimming pool on the aft deck. 

Moreover, it is estimated that the Yacht can accommodate 18 guests, which will be catered for by a crew of around 40.  

The superyacht is believed to be modeled after Oceanco’s iconic Black Pearl boat, “one of the world’s largest and most environmentally friendly sailing yachts,” according to the company’s website.  

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos’ Yacht can cross the Atlantic without burning even a liter of fossil fuel. 

Furthermore, the Yacht is a sailing ship with three massive masts. Although It’s not clear if it has a backup diesel for propulsion, it probably does for electric power. 

Oceanco built the ship based on its previous sailing yacht designs, which it claims are powerful and ecologically friendly.  

Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is constructed out of lightweight aluminum and features plenty of glass windows along its hull.  

Moreover, Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is modeled on Black Pearl with three enormous masts so that it can be mainly powered by kinetic energy from the sails.  

First spotted being rolled out of a shipbuilding shed last year, the Yacht features a black hull, white superstructure, and elegant silhouette. 

Sadly, the leading Yacht cannot support its helipad due to the three sailing masts on its deck. However, it’s only one of two new boats for Bezos, who ordered a shadow vessel from Damen Yachts named YS 7512. This support ship is 246 feet long and can seat 45 more crew members and guests. 

It will also have a helipad, conference area, and ample storage for Bezos’ countless water toys, including diving and snorkeling equipment and a jet and helicopter landing pad.  

Bezos’ girlfriend, TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, is a qualified helicopter pilot. Y721, a high-end superyacht project, is expected to be finished next month. 

Oceanco, a Dutch yacht builder, has remained silent on the project. They previously designed the 350-foot Black Pearl, the world’s second-largest sailing yacht. 

Jeff Bezos’ Yacht, Y721, features a striking design with a black hull and white superstructure. Its overall design modernist is described as “classic,” according to the boating community. 

Bezos’ Yacht is almost as long as the Great Pyramid of Giza, measuring over 400 feet. It’s about half the length of the Eiffel Tower.  

Only a few enormous superyachts, such as the one owned by Jeff Bezos, are built each year. But high-profile projects are frequently done in such secrecy that builders must sign nondisclosure agreements. 

Therefore, we’ll never know if Bezos copied the decorative flairs of Russian oligarch and fellow yachtsman Andrey Melnichenko, who lined a spiral staircase on one of his yachts with scalloped, silver-leaf walls.  

The $500 million Y721 will be, at 417 feet long, the biggest sailing yacht in the world when it launches this summer. Features of this watch include a black hull, classic shape, three large decks, and three masts. 

Even his Yacht’s secondary support boat is more significant than Brin’s elegantly futuristic $80 million Yacht, the Dragonfly.  

Moreover, Bezos has ordered the world’s largest sailing yacht to be built in the Netherlands. Oceanco, a superyacht shipyard, is said to be the builder. 

That makes sense because Oceanco built the award-winning, 350-foot-long, three-masted superyacht Black Pearl. Also, Oceanco created the 357-foot-long Bravo Eugenia for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Three Things to Know About the Jeff Bezos Super Yacht

  1. Jeff Bezos’ Yacht will be the world’s largest sailing superyacht. 
  2. The Yacht measures 127 meters, about 57 feet longer than a football field. According to Boat International, it’s a three-masted schooner constructed of aluminum and steel, set to be completed this summer. 
  3. Jeff Bezos’Yatch will probably cost more than $500 million to build. 
  4. When it’s done, Jeff Bezos’Yatch will dethrone the current record-holder, Sea Cloud. 

The world’s largest sailing yacht, Sea Cloud, was built for yet another well-heeled Washingtonian. The ship was built in the 1930s for philanthropist and heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. 

Rotterdam has also confirmed that a historic bridge will be demolished to allow a superyacht built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to pass through. 

The superyacht is 417 feet (127 meters) long and too lofty to pass over the Koningshaven Bridge. The mayor’s spokeswoman confirmed the idea to reporters, saying that Mr. Bezos will cover the costs through Oceanco.  

The bridge Koningshaven Bridge, known locally as “De Hef,” has been standing at 130 feet since 1927. Bezos wants to dismantle it to bring his new ship home, which has tall masts. 

Jeff Bezos’ new Yacht will be the world’s largest sailing yacht, built to his specifications at the Oceanco shipyard in the Netherlands.  

It’s meant to be ready for him to pick up and sail away in June 2022. But he wants to get it out on the water now because it’s not a conventional European riverboat. 

Though Bezos has no issue inconveniencing locals or dismantling history, he is in a difficult position because the only way to get the Yacht from the shipyard to the open water is through De Hef.  

The central portion of the city’s bridge, known as De Hef locally, would be temporarily removed to allow the Jeff Bezos’ Yacht to pass through. 

Although the transfer is challenging since the steel bridge has a long history and is now a national monument, it previously underwent a significant refurbishment that took it out of service from 2014 to 2017.  

Officials stated that it would not be removed again. But the Amazon CEO promised to fund the bridge’s rebuilding a few weeks later when it was dismantled. 

Fortunately for anyone with a sense of humor who enjoys watching a billionaire take an egg to the face, Bezos is likely to win this fight.  

Furthermore, municipal project manager Marcel Walravens indicated that the complex construction project would proceed for logistical and financial reasons.

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