10 Iranian Car Brands You Should Know

Iranian Car Brands
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With sudden population development and the growing demand for automobiles, Iranian car brands have grown significantly in recent years.

Iran’s major economic plan for 2025 intends to make the country’s automobile sector the best in the Middle East, ranking fifth in Asia and twelfth internationally. 

The government’s aid proposals for the auto sector increased equipped and educated labor, and an enormous potential for private sector investments are the major reasons driving growing manufacturing activity in Iranian car brands.

Iranian Car Brands

Here is a list of 10 Iranian car brands you can pick from.

1. Bahman Group

Bahman Group is an Iranian car brand that was founded on February 5, 1953. It was under the name Iran Gulf Company. The corporation was effective in marine shipping throughout the first seven years of its existence.

Then, it began producing Mazda pickup trucks with three wheels. They have involved the Bahman Group in the Iran 100 best brands for many years. 

2. Diar

Diar Vehicle Company is an Iranian car brand in Golpayegan. They found the brand in the year 2000. It manufactures trucks under China’s Changcheng (Great Wall Motors) license. 

Diar also produces its own automobiles. The Safir, which is their flagship vehicle, is based on the Great Wall motor and has the same name as one of Iran’s rockets. They found a Diar car brand with private sector investment to manufacture car body pressed components. 

3. Fath Vehicle Industries

The firm is part of the Vafa Doust Industrial Group and is in Tehran, Iran. Fath began developing SUVs under the Fath brand name in 1995. Sahand Cruiser is a cruiser designed by Sahand.

The Fath Sahand Cruiser is a Toyota Land Cruiser created under license. They used a pickup in the preliminary version. 


HEPCO (heavy equipment production company) is the Middle East’s biggest heavy equipment company. This car brand employs over 1000 people. It also has an output capability of 4,800 units each year. 

They registered HEPCO in 1972 to compile and develop heavy equipment and devices. They create building equipment, automobiles, and railroad cars. 

HEPCO has close alliances with firms Like Berco, Landini, Volvo, and YTO Group.

5. Iran Khodro

With half a century of expertise, the Iran Khodro car brand manufactures commercial cars for the Iranian market and many other nations. 

Iran Khodro, sometimes known as IKCO, is an Iranian automobile manufacturer based in Tehran. They launched Iran Khodro in the year 1962. It has manufactured almost 700,000 passenger vehicles every year since 2009.


IKAP (Iran Khodro Automobiles Peugeot) is one of the Iranian car brands in Tehran. It was founded in 2016 by Iran Khodro and Stellantis.

It manufactures several Peugeot cars and imports CBU versions of others for the Iranian market. The goal of forming this car brand is to manufacture new Peugeot products in Iran and sell them to the Middle East. Peugeot 208, Peugeot 301, and Peugeot 508 will be the company’s preliminary products.

7. KishKhodro

Kish Khodro is an Iranian car brand based on Kish Island. Mohammad Safadi owned 52%, 41 percent for Bank of Industry and Mine, and Kamran Naghdi, Managing Director of BMS Automotives Ltd (7%) from the United Kingdom, who sold the manufacturing license created the model.

The primary aim of Kish Khodro’s invention was to develop a vehicle named Sinad. The Vacuum Injection Shell Process built the Sinad body by the Vacuum.

8. Morattab

Morattab is an Iranian car brand based in Tehran. The company has been developing the Series Land Rover since 1962.

When Morattab bought the manufacturing tooling and layout and transported to Iran, the produced vehicles were variations of the Series IV made by Santana Motor of Spain. 

They established Morattab Industrial Manufacturing Company in 1957. It expanded out into the production of Land Rover under license from Rover of England.

During the Iranian Revolution, they nationalized the company without compensation to its founders and lawful owners. 

Following privatization, they conducted a detailed study in order to maximize Morattab’s potential. The company’s management expanded output to include the development of a modern four-wheel-drive vehicle.

In 2002, they struck an agreement with the SsangYong Motor Company of Korea, and they put the Musso on the market.


SAIPA is an Iranian car brand based in Tehran. They found it in 1965 with 75 percent Iranian ownership to build Citroën for the Iranian market under license.

When the Iranian government left the corporation in 1975, it changed its name to SAIPA (an acronym for Societe Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile).

In recent years, it has mostly auctioned under-licensed Korean cars and its own engine and vehicle line. Mohammadali Teimouri is the president and CEO of SAIPA.

10. Renault Pars

Renault Pars is a mutual proposal between Iran’s Industrial Development Renovation Organization and Renaut. Local manufacturers Iran Khodro and SAIPA’s ParsKhodro are to manage the assembly of CKD Renault automobiles. 

They had produced Renault cars in Iran since December 1976, when a local business began manufacturing the Renault 5.

Renault found it difficult to produce locally because of several constraints. In the 1990s, the government eased restrictions, and Iran SAIPA began producing a variety of Renault automobiles, including the 5 and 21.

Final Thoughts

The Iranian car market is very small compared to other countries in the world. There are just a handful of companies that make cars here. Most of them are either state-owned or private, but not many have survived the sanctions.

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