Important Items to Remove From Your Junk Car Before Selling It

Junk Car

The time always comes when every car owner thinks of changing their car or getting a new one. In fact, to a large extent it becomes very necessary to replace your car because of factors like your car getting too old, or just maybe some things are not functioning properly or you simply need to upgrade.

But before you consider selling your old vehicle to the junkyard, there are certain valuable parts that you just might have to take out and sell them separately.

That way, you not only make money from selling your scrap of a car you also make good money from selling these extra parts.

Important items to take out before selling this junk car?

No doubt you might have sentimental attachment to many of the things that you have added to your car just to give it some aesthetic value or maybe because you just feel comfortable having those things around.

Some reasons why you would want to give up a car that you love so much is because you need to upgrade to a more recent model, the car may not be functioning properly, or you may have noticed several safety issues with it.

however if you’re finally made up your mind on the fact that the best thing to do with your old car is to sell it off and replace it with a better one you might have to consider certain things before going ahead with your plans.

There are many factors that are linked to making a sale of a scrap car. and if you do not have all of these factors at the back of your mind before you sell your car or even give them reasonable consideration you will discover that you lose a whole lot of money at the end of the day.

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Take for example if you’re going to sell your car in the scrap market, then the first and foremost thing which you must do is to take out and perhaps sell off every valuable part and component that is still in good condition at a very reasonable price.

Then you can sell the scrap car separately. this way you will be making much more money than you ever imagined you could make from selling a scrap car.

So what are those essential car parts that you think would be reasonable for you to sell before leveraging the profits and further selling the remaining part of the car to the junkyard? read further to find out.


A GPS is not only a functional component but also a very valuable one which you can take out and sell before you make the final sale of your vehicle.

Fairly used GPS devices can be sold at an excellent price which means you can make a reasonable amount of cash from it. However if what you have is a portable GPS then it just might not be selling for as good a price as an inbuilt one would go for.

The exhaust system is your car

You have to see to it that the average cost of your car exhaust system will be sold between $500 to $1000 anywhere you decide to sell it.

The role of a good exhaust system in a car can never be over emphasised because it helps to control engine noise and simultaneously it reduces the number of fumes that your car releases into the air.

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Another reason you can sell it for good money is that the metal components which are used in creating your car exhaust system are precious.

Thus if your vehicle has an exhaust system that is in good condition, you definitely must have to remove it and sell it before you finally sell the other parts of the car to the junkyard. Make sure that you sell your car exhaust system by yourself so that you can make a reasonable profit from it.

Fenders of your car

Selling the fenders of your old junk car is another valuable option that will give you really good money. Car fenders are responsible for the protection of the wells of the wheels as well as the undercarriage of your car.

Why it makes a lot of sense to sell the fenders of your car individually is that a lot of car owners are continually searching for old fenders to purchase. So if you are convinced that the fenders of your car are in perfect condition, then you should definitely go out and put them for sale individually.

Second-hand car fenders are also cheaper to purchase than new ones. in fact, it is usually difficult to get new ones in some places, so for that reason, you can get a buyer as quickly as possible.

You can sell your car windows, doors, and other electrical equipment

There are many other interesting, and very valuable things that you can sell from your old car owners are always looking for items that are significantly helpful to them so if you have any of those they would not hold back at making a purchase.

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For this reason, if you take out some of your electrical equipment as well as your car doors and windows you would get a buyer before you know it.

The battery of your car

Another valuable asset that you can sell from your old car is the battery, and it definitely will give you a reasonable amount of money.

Plenty people need a second-hand car battery for many different reasons so even when it is dead, you just might be able to make some money from it.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to sell your old car, then it is also an opportunity for you to make some extra cash from the components.

Before you take your old car to the junkyard for sale make sure that you take out all of those components or you look for someone who you trust enough and who can give you the best advice on the valuable elements in your car that can give you real good cash when you sell them separately.

If you have any other tips or you have contributions, you would like to make on items to take out of a car before selling them, please use the comment section to share your opinion. We look forward to hearing from you.

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