How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost?

How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost
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Are you looking to purchase a jet ski but not sure what you should expect to pay? While each jet ski on the market has its price tag, some guidelines can help you determine what you should expect to pay for your new watercraft.

Take the time to browse this comprehensive guide on how much does a jet ski cost and also to make an informed decision when choosing your next jet ski!

Things You Should Know Before knowing how much a Jet Ski cost.

Everyone is looking for affordable ways to have fun in their spare time. You’ll probably be asked to join someone on a jet ski trip one of these days.

Before satisfying the quest on “how much does a jet ski cost?”, there are things you should know before deciding if they are suitable for you or not. 

You might think that they are just another type of boat, but more than meets the eye for these high-speed watercraft. Here are some things to think about before making your purchase 

The first thing you need to do is take note of what will be used as fuel for your jet ski. If diesel or gasoline was part of your decision process, then congratulations, you can use whichever one floats your boat.

However, if it includes biodiesel, you won’t be able to use other fuel types. In addition, even though these vehicles operate from sea level upwards, they are only usable where nothing obstructs them, such as rocky terrain underwater or large trees at surface level.

However, depending on your needs and intended use for your watercraft, you might also need to consider whether or not it has different speed settings. How many people it seats, and if it’s able to fit in storage spaces (such as a garage or shed), etc.

Once you have checked all the details, we can move on to what matters most regarding purchasing a jet ski: price!. This moves us to ponder on how much does a jet ski cost for used and new?

Buying a Used jet ski Model (cost)

Are you not set on buying a new jet ski? Check out your local classified ads and talk to people who already own jet skis about “how much does a jet ski cost?” Buying used is a great way to get a quality product at a reasonable price. Plus, you’ll likely be able to find some accessories—like life jackets and apparel—at discounted prices. 

It would help if you also considered speaking with an insurance agent about adding non-powered watercraft coverage to your policy.

Insurance typically costs $100-$200 per year, depending on how expensive your jet ski is. It might be worth it if you plan on using it often or would otherwise be devastated if something happened to it.

Buying a New jet ski Model (cost)

Buying a jet ski can be an exciting and fun experience, especially if you’re getting your first jet ski.

If you’re planning on purchasing your jet ski and are looking to buy it new, there are some things to keep in mind while shopping around. The amount of money you spend on buying will depend on what model and features you select. 

How much does a jet ski cost for new model? The more parts that come with your purchase determine how much a jet ski costs. Below is the price for each model:

  • Kawasaki STX 160 – $9,899
  • Kawasaki SX_R — $10,299
  • Kawasaki STX 160X – $10,499
  • Kawasaki ULTRA LX – $11,699
  • Kawasaki STX 160LX – $12,199
  • Kawasaki ULTRA 310X – $17,199
  • Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX-S – $18,199
  • Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX – $19,199
  • Sea-doo Spark 2UP – $5,699
  • Sea-doo Spark 3UP 90HP – $6,999
  • Sea-doo Spark 2UP 90HP iBR – $7,399
  • Sea-doo spark trixx 2UP – $7,899
  • Sea-doo Spark 3UP 90HP iBR – $7,999
  • Sea-doo spark trixx 3UP – $8,499
  • Sea-doo GTI 90 – $9,299
  • Sea-doo GTI 130 – $10,299
  • Sea-doo GTI SE 130 – $11,099
  • Sea-doo GTI SE 170 – $11,699
  • Sea-doo WAKE 170 – $12,499
  • Sea-doo GTR 230 – $12,899
  • Sea-doo FISH PRO SCOUT – $13,899
  • Sea-doo GTX 230 – $14,399
  • Sea-doo FISH PRO SPORT – $15,899
  • Sea-doo GTX 300 – $16,099
  • Sea-doo RXP_X 300 – $16,099
  • Sea-doo WAKE PRO 230 – $16,499
  • Sea-doo RXT_X 300 – $17,499
  • Sea-doo FISH PRO TROPHY – $17,799
  • Sea-doo GTX limited 300 – $18,299
  • Yamaha EX – $7,199
  • Yamaha EX SPORT – $8,299
  • Yamaha EX DELUXE – $9,299
  • Yamaha VX-C – $9,449
  • Yamaha SUPERJET – $9,799
  • Yamaha EX LIMITED – $9,899
  • Yamaha JET BLASTER – $9,999
  • Yamaha VX – $10,499
  • Yamaha VX DELUXE – $11,249
  • Yamaha VX CRUISER – $11,549
  • Yamaha VX CRUISER HO – $12,449
  • Yamaha VX LIMITED – $12,849
  • Yamaha VX LIMITED HO – $14,049
  • Yamaha FX HO – $14,299
  • Yamaha FX CRUISER HO – $14,799
  • Yamaha GP 1800R SVHO – $15,349
  • Yamaha FX SVHO – $16,799
  • Yamaha FX LIMITED SVHO – $19,099

Why Are Jet Skis So Expensive?

If you’re searching for your next water vehicle, you might have asked, “how much does a jet ski cost?”. You may be wondering why they were so expensive.

Of course, prices vary depending on your preference—you can get a basic four-stroke jet ski for around $8,000, and some models run as high as $40,000—but there are two main reasons these super fun boats cost so much.

First, there’s their size: A typical jet ski is about 7 feet long and 1.5 feet wide, and it can seat one to three people at once. 

To add to its size requirements, jetski engines range from 50 to 140 horsepower (HP), requiring ample room on land and lots of power underwater.

Are Jet Ski Prices Negotiable?

While pondering ” how much does a jet ski cost,” many people don’t know that you can negotiate down from the list price.

If you’re trying to find an excellent deal and aren’t afraid to talk shop, ask if they can shave any money off their asking price. Sometimes they might be willing to lower their costs as long as you give them an incentive.

For example, if your purchase is over $10 000 but under $20,000. Offer to take two jet skis for double what you would pay for one.

While you cannot guarantee that they’ll accept your offer, it could work in your favor—especially if you mention another store or online retailer with a better price.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost?

A jet ski is a high-speed recreational watercraft with an internal combustion engine, otherwise known as an inboard motor.

Smaller models can be powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder gasoline engine and reach a very high speed. How much does a jet ski cost? Now you know how much a jet ski costs, get yours today.

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