List of the Fastest Bikes in GTA

Fastest Bikes in GTA

Choosing the fastest bikes in GTA is difficult among the numerous games offered. There are many statistics to take into account while choosing your ride.

This is because motorcycles handle significantly differently from supercars you may be accustomed to.

Not everything depends on top speed. Other factors include acceleration, handling, and weight. 

However, having at least one of the fastest bikes will make finishing any GTA Online two-wheeled tasks or races easier.

These are some of the greatest and fastest bikes in GTA that you have to have in your garage, regardless of your financial situation or preferred driving technique.

1. Pegassi Bati 801

Pegassi Bati 801

A sports bike that appears in both GTA Online and GTA 5 is the Pegassi Bati 801.

It is conceivably the greatest bike gamers can get, particularly if they have a limited budget.

One of the fastest bikes in GTA, the Bati 801 boasts good handling, tremendous acceleration, and a highly solid, nimble body. The Bati 801 should be handled carefully.

This is because of the likelihood that its light body will lead it to be launched or even wasted when it comes into touch with uneven ground.

This may be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Auto for about $15,000.

2. Dinka Double-T

The Dinka Double-T, which has a peak speed of 118.00 mph (189.90 km/hr), is the second bike on the list of fastest in the GTA.

The southern S.A. supercars are offered for purchase in GTA Online for $12,000 each. A genuine Honda CBR inspired its design.

3. Hakuchou Drag

GTA Online’s Bikers update includes a drag bike called the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag. It is a customized version of the Hakuchou.

This includes extended swingarms, special chrome wheels and frames, short exhausts, and shaved mirrors.

The passenger’s rear and foot pegs are present, and the exhaust tubes are coated in silver/chrome.

Despite the bike’s phenomenal speed, understeer happens while moving quickly. Road jolts don’t affect how sensitive the suspension is. 

Despite its remarkable handling and speed, the large swingarm of this vehicle makes wheelies impossible.

The bike’s back wheel is vulnerable to gunfire. Users who plan to utilize it in Freemode are highly urged to attach bulletproof tires. 

It is one of the fastest bikes in GTA and can easily compete against other faster bikes, making it a worthy opponent in races.

This motorcycle is available from Legendary Motorsports for $976,000.

4. Maibatsu Manchez Scout

The Maibatsu Manchez Scout was included in GTA Online as part of the 1.52 Cayo Perico Heist update in 2016.

It is based on a 500cc KTM. This bike should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking one of the fastest bikes in GTA that also appears like a dirt bike.

The $225,000 Maibatsu Manchez Scout has a peak speed of 139.75 mph.

If you have extra cash after buying the bike, you may also have Los Santos Customs modify the vehicle.

5. Nagasaki Shotaro

One of the fastest bikes in GTA is the Nagasaki Shotaro, a futuristic sports bike that was added to GTA Online as part of the Bikers update.

The Shotaro is mostly based on Lotus C-01. It also has elements of the Light Cycle from the Tron films, particularly the fifth-generation model shown in the 2010 prequel Tron: Legacy.

The comparable neon body package, low-profile design, and identical-sized wheels illustrate this.

Due to its incredible overall performance, the Shotaro can readily compete with various other high-end sports bikes.

It narrowly defeats the Hakuchou Drag at its extremely high peak speed.

The rider can rapidly take off and stop, thanks to the bike’s exceptional acceleration and brakes.

This motorcycle is available from Legendary Motorsports for $2,225,000.

6. Pegassi Oppressor

Pegassi Oppressor is a GTA 5 Online weaponized motorbike based on the Yamaha MX 175 motorcycle.

Rockstar released the vehicle in the 1.40 Ghostrunning Pack update in 2017. It is one of the fastest bikes in GTA, reaching a peak speed of 140 mph.

Pegassi Oppressor is among the fastest bikes in terms of speed, but it is also one of the priciest bikes in GTA 5.

For the outrageous price of $3,524,500, players must purchase this car for their garage.

7. Gargoyle

One of the fastest bikes in GTA, the Gargoyle, has been modified into a hill climber.

Also, given a more sturdy body, it appears to have been inspired by the 1928 Indian 101 Scout.

The bike has a fairly straightforward appearance with minimal body paneling.

An upper panel joins the front forks with two tiny circular headlights on the underside that conceal the triple clamps.

The bike handles and brakes quite similarly to the Hexer and performs similarly overall.

When the bike begins violently, the wheels won’t spin due to the rear tire’s chain-wrapped traction.

The motorcycle’s large steering radius aids in its superb handling. The bike has a large V-Twin engine, as would be anticipated.

It idles with an oddly loud sound that seems louder than the engine noises of vehicles like the Daemon and the Hot Rod Blazer.

Arena War and Southern San Andreas Super Autos are where players may purchase this bike for $120,000.

8. Pegassi Vortex

One of the fastest bikes in GTA is the Pegassi Vortex, with a peak speed of 115.75 mph (186.26 km/h).

A real-life Ducati 1199 Panigale streetfighter served as the inspiration for the vortex model.

It can be purchased from the Southern S.A. supercar for $356,000 in GTA Online.

9. Western Deathbike

You may update your existing Gargoyle to the customized version if you already possess one (Apocalypse, Future Shock, or Nightmare).

The motorcycle’s modified version has a mind-blowing max speed of 150 mph. The Western Deathbike is unquestionably one of the fastest bikes in GTA. 

The car costs $1,269,000 and can be purchased at It was initially released in the Arena War 1.46 update.

Fans of The Walking Dead series would find it intriguing that Daryl’s bicycle inspired Western Deathbike’s design. It can go as fast as 150 km/h.

10. Western Rat Bike

The Western Rat Bike, with a peak speed of 123.50mph (198.75km/hr), is one of the fastest vehicles in the GTA.

In real life, the Harley Davidson KKF 14 serves as its model. The GTA Online South S.A. Super Autos are available for $48,000.

11. Nagasaki BF400

The Nagasaki BF400 is among the fastest bikes in GTA V. Thanks to its astounding peak speed of 137 mph.

2016, the bike was included in the game as part of the 1.35 Cunning Stunts update.

There is no denying the motorcycle’s incredible aesthetics because it is based on the real-life KTM Adventure.

It is, in 8essence, one of the fastest bikes in GTA Online. One that you should have in your garage. It costs $90,000 to purchase from Southern S.A. Super.

12. Pegassi Ruffian

The Pegassi Ruffian is the next car on our list from Pegassi. Interestingly, you can get this car for about $10,000.

You may also steal this car from the streets if you don’t want to pay for it.

However, its low price should not discount Ruffian’s performance. This is because, at a peak speed of 127 mph, it’s still among the fastest bikes in GTA V.

13. Apocalypse Deathbike

The Apocalypse Deathbike is one of the fastest bikes in GTA with a lightning-fast speed demon.

This piece of two-wheeled fury can achieve a peak speed of 150 mph if players crank those handles hard.

Although it is not as expensive as the Pegassi Oppressor, it is still very expensive—$1,269,000.

The Apocalypse Deathbike excels at modifications thanks to its ability to support two mounted chain guns, one on each side, guaranteed to deliver a true apocalypse to anybody in your way.

14. Shitzu Defiler

Another name on the list of fastest bikes in GTA is the Shitzu Defiler.

It is based on real-life Akuma/Buell XB12S and has sports front circular and fairing lighting.

It can be purchased for $412,000 at Southern S.A. Super Autos in GTA Online.

15. Dinka Thrust

It has a peak speed of 190.30 km/h (118.25 mph). The actual Honda CTX700 and CTX1300 are the foundation for the thrust model.

For $75,000, you may acquire $ it from Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online.

16. Dinka Vindicator

The Dinka Vindicator, with a peak speed of 121.25 mph (195.13 kph), is one of the fastest bikes in the GTA. It is based on a real-world Honda NM4 model.

For $630,000, Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online makes it accessible for purchase.

17. Western Reever

With a peak speed of 163.00mph (262.32km/h), the western reever is the last bike on our list of the fastest in the GTA.

The Reever is modeled off an actual ARCH METHOD 143. It can be bought in GTA’s legendary motorsport for $1,900,000.


Some of the more terrifying ways to pass your free time include riding GTA bikes.

The perils of being only a few inches from the payment and the high-speed addiction of these bikes have played a crucial part in the tent of the different types of bikes and the addition of various metrics to the game. 

Some of the fastest bikes in GTA are these. These cars excel not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of performance and speed.

Therefore, if you enjoy riding bikes, have all of these vehicles in your garage.

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