Factors to Consider Before Shipping Your Car

Shipping Your Car

People ship their vehicles every day. This activity is prompted as a result of people being transferred from their workplaces, purchasing a car from a different country, sending it to a relative, etc.

Shipping a car overseas can be risky and expensive. This leaves you with the option of hiring a professional auto shipper to transport your vehicle.

The idea of your vehicle being transported without your presence might bring anxiety. But, before you ship it, consider the following factors.

1. The Cost of Shipping

The cost to ship your vehicle will be determined by several factors, such as the size, make of the car, the distance your vehicle will travel, the pickup point, the price of fuel, and so forth.

It’s essential to check out the prices for various companies and compare them.

It will help you understand what is included in the cost and save you from paying the extra charges you were unaware of.

Furthermore, inquire if the cost is negotiable or if there is a discount and any offers you may receive from the shipping company.

2. The Insurance Coverage

Sometimes, during shipping, damages can occur. Since your motor insurer might not cover cross-country shipping, ensure that the transporting company has proper insurance coverage.

Find out what level of coverage your car will have and ask to see their insurance documents.

In case of any doubts with the interstate car movers, ask for a certificate of insurance.

You can even talk directly to a representative of your insurance company for clarification.

3. Research the Company

Finding a trusted shipper is vital when shipping your car.

Conduct thorough research on the company you want to hire. Analyze other peoples’ opinions about the company.

Moreover, find out if their website is legitimate before you even ask for their quotation.

It will help you identify and avoid the transport brokers who might compromise the condition of your vehicle.

If the company is not willing to answer your questions or asks for a deposit, consider it a red flag.

Reputable car shippers do not require a deposit but instead ask for payment once the vehicle is dropped off or picked up.

4. Duration for Shipping

You don’t want to wait till eternity for you to receive your vehicle. Ask the carrier company for the period to be taken before you pick your car.

It is determined by factors such as the type and size of the vehicle. The type of container used or method also matters a lot.

5. Understand the Mode of Payment

Shipping your car involves your cash, too. Ensure that the payment methods accepted are favorable to you.

Moreover, most shipping companies will send you a quotation for everything, where you will see how your money is being used.

In many cases, these companies have regulations allowing the client to pay for their services once their vehicles have arrived and they are satisfied with their condition.


Shipping your car will always save you the hassle of traveling to the destination and risking your life.

Choose the right interstate car movers that will ensure your vehicle arrives in pristine condition and on time.

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