Erie Yacht Club: Everything You Need to Know

erie yacht club

The Erie Yacht club is the most popular and it is located at the Great Lakes. This club can boast of membership of about 1500.

The club is known for its activities over the years especially hospitality. It was chartered in the year 1895.

Membership cut across different sectors which include racers, sailors, stewards as well as cruisers. All these have one thing or the other to do with the sea. Members have lots of benefits.

The membership as said before is about 1500. This is comprised of 640 regular members as well as 395 social members. There are also 170 junior members.

Membership cut across different professional groups and they include power boater, fishermen, sailors, as well as windsurfers, ice boaters and jet skiers, and several other professional categories.

Currently, this club can boast of 372 boat slips as well as 47 jet ski docks. Sixty percent of the ships are occupied by powerboats and the remaining forty percent are occupied by sailboats.

It is estimated that the boat length here is put at 34 feet. Members of this club come from at least 21 percent of the nation.

Members of this club can participate in different categories of activities and all these activities are voluntary.

Some of the notable activities they can participate in include race, social activities, docks and grounds as well as junior sailing programs.

The club is always in a top position to maintain the finest facilities because of a large base of volunteers who have all it takes to provide such services.

How to join?

To join the first thing to do is to contact the club. Alternatively, you can download the membership application form online and fill them. There are different levels of members.

The regular membership is the full privilege membership and this is where you will get all the full benefits. The initiation fee for this level of membership is $4500. The other level of membership is Associate membership and this attracts an initiation fee of $1500.

It does not have the full boating privileges, and they do not vote on the annual meeting, unlike the regular membership. The third level is the Junior/Junior family membership.

Junior membership is for those within the age of 16 to 34 years while the junior family membership is the child of the regular member. The membership is like the associate membership.

To join you must first download the membership application. Get the signature of two regular members of this club. If you are finding it hard to get regular members, contact the general manager of the club and he might offer assistance.

Complete that application form and submit it to the club. Pay the required deposit fee which is $425 for regular membership and the sum of $394.50 for the associate membership.

Benefits of membership

Members gain a lot by being members and they include the following:

Provide safe space to store boats for members. They organize fun activities from time to time. They provide access to junior programs and other forms of benefits.

For more information check out their website.

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