9 Different Types of Harleys

Best Different Types of Harleys

The different types of Harleys tend to exaggerate things – in a good way.

Harley-Davidson models never fail to bring the adrenaline to your daily commute or regular rides, whether you want to shred city streets or rule distant highways.  

Furthermore, if you’re new to Harley-Davidson, the seemingly limitless array of model names, none of which tell you much about the actual motorcycle, can be confusing.  

These names loom large in Harley-Davidson lore, but they don’t provide much information when deciding which one to ride on a two-week tour. 

Deluxe, Street, Ultra, Softail, Special, Glide, King, Low Rider, Custom – these names loom large in Harley-Davidson lore, but they don’t provide much information when you’re trying to decide which one to ride on a two-week tour.

Well, some of the best different types of Harleys bikes are;  

1. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide
by nitot is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Electra Glide is one of EagleRider’s most popular models because it offers the pinnacle in the rider and pillion comfort.

However, the “batwing” fairing and big windscreen provide excellent wind and weather protection.  

Passengers will find the seats to be incredibly comfortable, with back and arm support.

Furthermore, we occasionally hear from pillions who claim to have fallen asleep while riding an E-Glide!

On longer trips, you’ll appreciate the extra luggage capacity provided by the locking side bags and top cases. 

Additionally, the Electra Glide is the most excellent choice for two-up, long-distance riding over several days.

In addition, fully loaded and two up, it can feel a little hefty at low speeds, so we’d only recommend this bike to experienced riders.  

However, if the size of the motorcycle intimidates you, we recommend renting an Electra Glide for a couple of days before your tour to get used to it. It’s a very well-balanced, rideable motorcycle.

But getting to know a bike before going on a long ride is always a good idea. 

2. Harley-Davidson Street

Harley-Davidson Street
by JPC24M is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Harley-Davidson Street is also one of the different types of Harleys.

The Harley-Davidson StreetTM model line is the newest addition to the Harley-Davidson stable of motorbikes.  

Additionally, the StreetTM series was introduced just a year ago, and it tries to appeal to a new generation of Harley-Davidson fans in Lenexa and Overland Park, Kansas.  

The street model line is available in two sizes. The Street 500 and the StreetTM 750 start at only $6,799 MSRP, making it the most inexpensive of the new Harley-Davidson models available at Rawhide Harley-Davidson.  

Furthermore, the StreetTM series may be what you’re searching for if you’re seeking a light, speedy, and fun-to-ride bike! Continue reading to learn more about the two models available. 

3. Harley-Davidson Road King

The Road King is one of our favorites. More than any other Harley-Davidson model, the Road King encapsulates everything fantastic about riding a Harley.  

It’s suitable for both tours and cruises. You’ll be shocked at how light on its feet this 800-pound motorcycle can seem and how linked to the road it is.

You can ride in the wind or out of it thanks to a simple detachable fairing up front. 

Furthermore, floorboards, generously padded passenger seat cushioning, and grab rails provide good passenger comfort (some bikes will include an optional passenger backrest).

With locking hard saddlebags, the luggage capacity is enough.  

Additionally, the Road King is a fantastic alternative if you’re ready to forego some passenger comfort in favor of the Electra Glide or if you’re traveling alone. 

4. Sportster

These different types of Harley are a lineup that is popular among riders in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the rest of the Inland Empire because of its commitment to lightweight performance.  

Additionally, Sportster Harley-Davidson motorcycles are leaner and sleeker than other models and excel in agile power and responsive handling.  

But specific variants can be adapted for either long-haul journeys or capable power cruising.

Sportster models are perennially popular, with a wide range of styles to choose from and a strong following. 

5. Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic

The Heritage adds touring comfort without compromising Softail’s raw spirit, which makes it so appealing.

Furthermore, the Heritage is transformed into a competent long-distance touring bike with raised bars: a detachable windscreen, a thicker passenger seating pad, and rider floorboards.  

Consider the Heritage to be the evil boy twin brother of the Road King.

Additionally, Pillion passengers will enjoy slightly less comfort than the Road King but may have more fun. 

6. Fat Boy

Fat Boy is one of the different types of Harleys. Harley-Fat Davidson’s Boy is the original Fat Custom model.

Oversized tires, hefty forks, tailpipes, and unusual bullet-hole chrome wheels are also used.

Plus, it’s powered by the iconic High Output Twin Cam 103BTM V-Twin, which provides plenty of muscle for faster roll-on at highway speeds.

You also get unbeatable reliability thanks to contemporary technology, such as electronic fuel injection. 

However, it’s also equipped with the legendary High Output Twin Cam 103BTM V-Twin engine, which gives plenty of power for faster roll-on at highway speeds.

You also receive unparalleled dependability thanks to modern technology like electronic fuel injection. 

7. Harley-Davidson Low Riders

The Low Rider has the look and feels of an old-school Harley. While we wouldn’t recommend this bike for two-up long-distance traveling, the Low Rider is ideal for a lone rider looking for a responsive, simple, yet capable motorcycle.  

If “Easy Rider” inspired you to leap on a large Harley and ride across America, this bike is for you.

With optional saddlebags, luggage capacity is adequate, but unless you travel light, you’ll want to bungee a bag to the back. 

8. Harley-Davidson Tri Glide

Harley -Davidson Tri Glide is also one of the best different types of Harleys. When is a Harley-Davidson a motorbike, and when is it not?  

Whether it’s a trike or a TriGlide in Harley-Davidson vocabulary, the HD trikes have been developed and enhanced over the years to maximize safety, comfort, and rideability while maintaining their distinct visual appeal.  

Additionally, HD offers the greatest in terms of luggage capacity, rider, and pillion comfort.

Trikes allow riders with difficulty controlling a regular two-wheeled bicycle to get out and ride, which is fantastic.  

However, there is a misconception that trikes are “easier” to ride than standard two-wheeled motorcycles. The truth is that trikes require a distinct riding style.  

Furthermore, a trike does not require the same level of balance as a two-wheeler.

But it does necessitate a different approach to where the bike is placed on the road, turning and stopping. 

9. Harley-Davidson Softail

A Softail is a motorcycle with its rear suspension springs or shock absorbers hidden from view, giving it the appearance of a hardtail.

The Harley-Davidson Softail frame is also designed to resemble rigid-frame motorcycles from the past. But with the added benefit of rear suspension.  

The shock absorbers are located along the motorcycle’s axis, tucked beneath the transmission on 1984 to 2017 versions. And under the seat on 2018 models.  

Furthermore, the Softail Standard, Custom, Springer Softail, Heritage Softail, Heritage Springer, Night Train, Deluxe, Deuce, and Fat Boy.

And also, Softail Slim, Dark Custom Cross Bones, Dark Custom Blackline, and Breakout are just a few of the Harley-Davidson models that have used the Softail frame. 

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