5 Different Types of Exhaust Systems

Different Types of Exhaust Systems

The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gasses from the cylinder head in the engine. These gasses are then channeled from all of the engine’s cylinders via the exhaust manifold.

It serves as a funnel, and the gas is released via a single hole known as the front pipe. The gasses will finally flow via a silencer or muffler.

This creates a clean system in your car, which ensures smooth operation. There are different types of exhaust systems.

Some are good for standard vehicles, while others are good for high-performance engines. Keep reading the article to know about them.

Different types of Exhaust Systems

Different Types of Exhaust Systems

Do you want to learn more about the exhaust system of your car? Or what exhaust system is ideal for your vehicle?

Here we will talk about 5 different types of exhaust systems.

1. Single Exit Exhaust

One of the most frequent types of exhaust systems with a single exit is the single exit pipe. These are compatible with new vehicles and trucks purchased from a dealer.

These are not the most productive ones from different types of exhaust pipes, but they are the most cost-effective to build and deploy.

The pipe must always discharge on the passenger side of the vehicle. Single-side exhaust comes standard on the majority of vehicles and trucks.

2. Dual Exit Exhaust

The design and location of the dual side exhaust system are essentially identical to that of the single pipe exhaust system.

It is a dual rear exit exhaust system that is commonly found in sports cars. People install it to make a vehicle appear sportier in appearance.

Moving on, it provides the exhaust a much richer tone and therefore makes the engine seem much more robust.

Two exhaust pipes on opposite ends of the car make up this system. It’s vital to note that pipes are not curved around the wheels, unlike the others.

3. Opposite Dual Exhaust

This one is a popular exhaust system among vehicle owners who want their car, truck, or SUV to sound more forceful and look tougher.

These exhausts are for situations where the dual rear exhaust systems are unable to bend. They work a little differently than the other exhausts. So, people install contrary dual exhaust systems.

To add a cleaning procedure, these are looped around the wheel with the bend. Vehicles that carry heavy loads will be more likely to have these types of exhausts.

4. Dual Side Exhaust

On one side, a dual side exhaust system refers to a system with two pipes next to each other. In comparison to single exit pipes, these two pipes release gasses more effectively.

These exhausts have the appearance and sound of a high-performance system and provide some performance improvements.

5. High-Performance Exhaust

High-performance exhaust systems are more expensive than standard ones. But they do a better job of purifying pollutants.

Lesser waste gases and more oxygen ensure better performance than stock exhausts. High-performance exhaust systems are desired to improve a car’s efficiency and engine capacity in some situations.

In addition to higher horsepower, the rumbling and powerful growl sound of these exhausts make them a favorite for vehicle enthusiasts.

Bottom line

That’s all about the basic highlights of different types of exhaust systems. Exhaust systems use cutting-edge technology to improve vehicle performance while also providing your automobile with a fresh, distinct exhaust sound.

In the opinion section below, let us know which type of exhaust system is running in your current vehicle! 

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