Coral Princess Cruise Ship: Everything You Need to Know

Coral Princess Cruise Ship
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Have you ever been on the Coral Princess Cruise Ship? If not, there’s no better time than now to discover.

So many people trust them with their vacation. Thus, the company has been voted #1 in customer satisfaction year after year.

Some think that all cruise ships are the same, but the truth is that each Cruise ship offers something different.

So it can be hard to decide which one will be best for you.

Coral Princess Cruise Ship Overview

The Coral Princess Cruise Ship is a mid-sized ship belonging to P&O’s Princess Cruises fleet.

It mainly services long-haul destinations such as South America and Asia. The Cruise Ship was initially known as the Royal Viking Sea.

However, it had several owners before being acquired by P&O. P&O gave the ship its current name in 2012. The cruise ship has ten decks and offers a wide range of facilities. 

These facilities include 13 bars, four restaurants, and three swimming pools. These facilities make it an ideal holiday option for families or couples looking for an exotic getaway.

The most considerable deck on board is deck 11. Besides, it has three pools – one for adults only. And plenty of sunbeds and cabanas are available if you want extra privacy.

Coral Princess Cruise Ship Detailed Features

We’ve rounded up detailed information about what’s included in each Coral Princess Cruise Ship stateroom category.

We made it easy to pick a cabin that suits your taste. It also has lots of room to roam.

Moreover, you’ll also find amenities on land, including exciting entertainment and award-winning dining.

A vast array of shops and lounges with onboard shopping deals you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ve also got loads of fun activities waiting for families with children, teens, and tweens.

Also, for those who are traveling solo or with a group! Spend your time however you like—or enjoy everything together—on board one of our most loved cruise ships.

The Fun Things You Can Do Onboard

A Look at Coral Princess Cruise Ship’s History, Features, and Amenities: The Coral Princess Cruise Ship is an older vessel, formerly known as Island Princess.

Some think of it as a legacy vessel. While others see it as an expensive luxury ship that’s fun for all ages. 

So, learn more about her history and what she offers with our full-length review here. Read on. Looking for something to do? 

Then, activities onboard include fitness classes like Pilates, dance, and salsa lessons. Cooking demos where you can learn how to make regional specialties worldwide. Activities like tours of art galleries. 

Then, even themed parties in honor of various holidays. There are scenic hikes along mountain trails for those who enjoy being active outdoors—shore excursions like swimming with dolphins or visiting stunningly beautiful places like Monaco. 

Again, families can enjoy play areas filled with slides and climbing structures.

At the same time, adults unwind in comfortable cabanas during the day before meeting up later at night over drinks. On sea days, kids will have plenty of time to run around outside.  

And play video games or board games indoors while parents relax in easy chairs next door enjoying complimentary wine. Or even sparkling cider after dinner instead.

Average Cost of Your Vacation

It’s $1,297.50 per person/per day for seven days in a veranda suite. The cost of your trip will vary based on several factors. It includes the length of the voyage, season, and room type.

More so, these rates are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include: Government taxes and fees, gratuities, and select onboard retail purchases.

These prices reflect a discount of approximately 18% off published brochure fares (pre-discounted expenses).

Nonetheless, your actual airfares on Coral Princess Cruise Ship may differ from those shown based on several factors and including the date selected, departure location, origin/destination traffic (and corresponding change fees), and seasonal demand fluctuations.


Coral Princess cruise ship has 784 rooms for guests, and the most significant room category is called a Grand Suite. It measures approximately 360 square feet and sleeps up to four people.

Other stateroom categories include Vista Suites, Penthouse Suites, Balcony Cabins, and Superior Outside Staterooms. 

Also, with Verandah (14 square foot private verandah), Oceanview Cabins, and Inside Staterooms with Verandah (20 square foot private verandah).

Most cabins are equipped with amenities such as flat-screen televisions and DVD players. With refrigerators, hair dryers, and alarm clocks.

The Dining Options on Board

While you’re looking forward to dining on delicious meals and treats on board, you don’t want those choices to break your vacation budget.

Luckily, Coral Princess Cruise Ship makes that more accessible than ever with affordable onboard dining options.

Check out their specialty restaurants. It provides extra-special menus at prices ranging from $6 to $15 per person.

Of course, that’s not bad for a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant! Or stop by for a casual snack at their poolside or buffet restaurants.

There’s no need to compromise when satisfying your taste buds on vacation.

Then, between any time of day and night. There will be something delicious waiting for you at every meal on board.

The Cabins, Staterooms, and Suites

Coral Princess Cruise Ship has plenty of different types of cabins and staterooms. And it’s easy to find one that fits your preferences.

The most basic houses onboard are inside cabins with windows but no portholes.

Notably, some inside cabins have a lower light level for those who like to sleep. If you prefer airy rooms, choose a place with a porthole. Or even an outside balcony for luxury cruisers. 

The cruise ship offers several suites, including two-room family suites—two-bedroom owner’s suites with spacious balconies and separate living areas for up to six guests.

Entertainment Program on Board

The entertainment program is detailed in your Coral Princess Cruise Ship brochure. A host of activities, lectures, and performances will be available throughout your cruise.

Also, specialized lecturers are on board most days. And they are ready to conduct seminars or talks on a variety of subjects.

Further, performing artists will delight you with their music, at times when you can sit back and enjoy it.

The friendly and professional performance staff consists of singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians. 

In addition, they will often put on a show before dinner in one of the ship’s theaters or lounges.

Or you can catch them during some social gatherings and late-night parties where they provide non-stop entertainment with their brand of comedy routines.

Coral Princess Capacity

As of 2013, Coral Princess Cruise Ship can accommodate 1,400 passengers and 554 crew members. The total capacity is 3,354.

In addition, the Cruise Ship’s registry is British. This means you will be subject to British laws while on board. So make sure that you know what these laws are and what your rights are.

Lastly, if something goes wrong or you have a complaint about service or cleanliness on board during your cruise.

Your agent should be able to provide you with copies of relevant documents such as an itinerary—passenger services regulations and information about repatriation in case of an emergency.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Coral Princess Cruise Ship? Cruise Ship is an excellent choice for an affordable long-term holiday.

It’s certainly not for everyone. But, if you know what to expect, you should enjoy your time on board as much as possible. I know that we did!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Class of Ship Is Coral Princess Cruise Ship?

There are two main classes of cruise ships: ocean-going and river-going, like Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and Disney Wonder, Ocean-going vessels. They are large enough to sail around oceans. Besides, Coral Princess Cruise Ship has a 1,187 passenger capacity and ocean views from all rooms. And that’s why these mega cruisers appeal so much to vacationers. But, the downside? At 100 yards long (that’s 1/3mile). They can take a while to disembark, especially if you have children in tow.

Is Coral Princess a Medallion Class Ship?

The Coral Princess Cruise Ship is a medallion class ship. It is one of two Royal Caribbean International ships considered medallion class vessels. They were commissioned in 1998 and 1996, respectively. More so, they were both built by the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. And were used for sailings in China during their early careers. Before being used as cruise ships, they operated as ferries across China’s Yangtze River. Later, the Cruise Ship was renamed Ruby Princess at some point in her career. The Cruise Ship is now going to Mexico for dry dock repairs after her engine room caught fire recently. Though, the Pacific Sun remains with Royal Caribbean. And sails with them out of Shanghai regularly.

How Many Decks Does the Coral Princess Have?

The Coral Princess Cruise Ship has 15 decks, more than most cruise ships. That means there are many activities and spaces for you to enjoy during your time at sea. So, you should learn about all of them to make sure you don’t miss out on something fun.

How much does MedallionClass cost on Princess Cruises?

The Medallion Class program is a tiered system. There are three different levels: Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. However, the more you sail with the Coral Princess Cruise Ship, you reach a new tier each time. You gain access to additional amenities, complimentary upgrades, and other benefits. Those who achieve Diamond status will enjoy perks. Such as complimentary drinks (and premium beverages) at all bars aboard the ship and extra-large balconies in ocean-view rooms. As well as priority embarkation and debarkation. In addition, if you’re planning on sailing often with the Cruise Ship. Or, if your travel budget allows for it, then going for Medallion Class can be significant. It helps to start getting value out of each voyage.

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