16 Car Brands That Start With the Letter H

Car Brands That Start With The Letter H
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If you love cars and know a thing or two about them, you might be able to name quite a few car brands that start with the letter G right off the top of your head—GMC, G-Wagen, and even General Motors itself. But how many can you name?

In this article, we’ll take you through 16 well-known car brands that start with the letter H.

We want to see if you are as knowledgeable about cars as you think!

1. Hurst

One of America’s most well-known car brands that start with the letter H, Hurst, doesn’t manufacture vehicles.

Hurst is a high-end manufacturer of aftermarket performance parts, like steering systems and shifters.

 But, no matter where you shop for these accessories, they all have Hurst stamped on them—making it a household name in car culture (in fact, they even make NASCAR cars).

2. HKS

The first and most notable Japanese car brand that start with H is Honda.

The company has been in business since 1948 and was first founded as a spinoff of a motorcycle company. 

However, since then, Honda’s Motor Company has become one of Japan’s most prominent automakers in both its home country and around the world. Its most popular cars include Honda Fit (also known as Jazz), CR-V, Accord, and Odyssey.

3. HVS

This is one of those bizarre facts that are true but is still hard to believe on almost every list of car brands. With some exceptions, we can find a brand called HVS.

HVS, car brands that start with H are everywhere. It’s as if someone somewhere decided to create a corporation, name it HVS, and then use it to create cars. 

Although, Some people might consider them an auto manufacturer more than an auto brand. It isn’t easy to judge whether or not all those HVS cars are from one corporation.

There probably isn’t an actual governing body for these things that would make sure everything lines up correctly.

4. Hudson

The Hudson Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan.

It began operation in 1909 and ceased production in 1954. Hudson is also on the list of car brands that start with H

5. Hulme

Car brands that start with the letter H are not a limited list as they are countless.

I’m sure that if you are looking for car brands that start with the letter H, you would be interested in researching Hulme. 

But the company’s history dates back to 1930 when it started under a different name.

Until 1954 when it joined forces with the British Motor Corporation. At first, there were not many requests to produce sports cars.

But soon after taking on its new name in 1985 and becoming a subsidiary of Manchester-based John Ogier Group (JOG) motor manufacturers, it became more well known around Europe. It turned out to be one of JOG’s best-performing business segments.

6. HBH

Still, on car brands that start with the letter H, we’re referring to Honda. Few other companies have had as significant an impact on society since World War II as Honda.

While it is still a popular motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, Japan’s Honda Motor Company has expanded into boats, household appliances, and solar panels.

Furthermore, in 2014, total worldwide sales for all Honda totaled 9 million vehicles, with more than 65% going to countries outside of Japan.

The following year, almost three million cars alone were sold in China by their subsidiary Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., making them one of China’s largest automotive brands by volume.

7. Heuliez

Heuliez is a French manufacturer of motorized vehicles founded in 1920. The Heuliez group currently produces buses, coaches, and specialty vehicles such as ambulances and hearses.

Also, Heuliez–car brands that start with the letter H were created after World War I when Jules Heuliez (1877–1945) took over an auto body repair shop.

He produced his first automobile bodies in 1921 but sold them to other coachbuilders.

8. Hasport

The Hasport Performance Tuning Systems Group is an American auto parts company. It sells different performance-enhancing modifications for both import and domestic cars. The Hasport Performance Tuning Systems Group was founded in 1977.

Meanwhile, Hasport does not manufacture or design any part for any car; instead, they are simply resellers for other brands.

In addition to distributing parts, Hasport— one of the car brands that start with the letter H— also has its line of performance. These enhancing options can be purchased directly from their website.

9. Hefei

Chinese car brand based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Its first passenger car was released in 2006; its current lineup includes sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. In 2013, it sold over 100,000 vehicles for an overall market share of 0.9 percent.

While that might not sound impressive compared to big brands like Audi or Toyota, which sold over a million vehicles a year – but it’s pretty solid considering how new it is on China’s car scene.

As China continues to drive forward with economic reforms, automakers are being pushed to become more competitive and efficient. At the same time, Chinese consumers demand better quality products than they have previously purchased.

10. Hispano-Suiza

This luxury car brand (also one of the car brands that start with H) is based in France and was formed in 1904 by a merger of French and Spanish auto manufacturers.

During World War II, the company went bankrupt, and its factory was destroyed. It only makes rare appearances these days at classic-car auctions.

11. Hamann

This German company has been manufacturing high-end automobiles since 1981. Since its founding, Hamann has specialized in customizing cars.

And expanding on their performance to appeal to customers who want one-of-a-kind cars with increased power, speed, and look.

Recently, Hamann has expanded its offerings to include trucks and SUVs for customers seeking a higher class of vehicle that’s also more powerful than average. 

And again, Hamann offers more than 20 different customization options for both interior and exterior elements of their vehicles, which makes every purchase unique.

Their cars can be purchased at dealerships throughout Europe or through Hamann’s website, where they ship worldwide. Hamann is one of the most reliable car brands that start with H.

12. Howell

Howell is on the list of car brands that start with the letter H, though we have little to write about it. This is an American automobile manufacturer, is located in Detroit, Michigan. The firm is a pioneer in modern car design l and short-lived U.S. automakers. It built only two cars—founder George J.

13. Holden

Holden, as an automaker, is credited with making Australia’s car industry one of its biggest in manufacturing. It was started in 1856 by James Alexander Holden, who would later be a founding father of Australia.

The company is responsible for some of history’s most significant cars (such as the VF Commodore), and it continues to make high-quality vehicles today.

 Though it’s under new ownership, Holden—car brands that start with H remain one of the most reliable brands in Australian (and even international) automotive culture.

14. Honda

The Honda Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known for manufacturing automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda became Japan’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1959, and its cars are among the world’s most reliable. 

Also, In 2013, nearly 11 million Honda vehicles were sold worldwide under brand names including Acura, Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Fit EV, and Ridgeline.

Takeo Fukui runs the company. The list of car brands that start with the letter H cannot be completed without mentioning Honda.

15. Hennessey

Hyundai and Honda are the most well-known car brands that start with the letter H. You can find cars from these two brands in different colors and even many different body styles.

Therefore, If you’re looking for a small car, one of those two brands might be what you’re looking for. Vehicles from those two manufacturers also tend to be fuel-efficient, so they’ll save you money on gas!

16. Horch

Horch is the last on our list of car brands that start with H. The Horch brand is an automobile brand manufactured in Germany, beginning in 1901.

In August Horch established his company A. Horch & Cie. in Zwickau. The first Horch had a four-cylinder engine with 24 horsepower (18 kW).

Meanwhile, it is significant not just for its reliability and robust construction. But also its striking black paintwork, earning it a reputation as a beautiful widow. 

Also, In 1909, August Horch left Audi over a dispute centered on Ferdinand Porsche’s radical new design that would become one of Volkswagen’s first production models.

He subsequently founded Horch Automobilwerke GmbH in Zwickau. Before World War I, he developed two other cars that stalled car production at his factory for three years.


While there are plenty of car brands that start with H, many of them are not as popular as some other letters. Above is our list and a brief overview of a few car brands that begin with H.

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