15 Car Brands That Start With T

Car Brands that Start with T
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The automotive industry is one of the most competitive globally, as it’s so diverse and has such high margins.

There are different vehicle designs that satisfy the needs of all types of drivers. It ranges from economical hatchbacks to luxury SUVs and family sedans.

 There are so many great car brands, so it can be hard to pick just one! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 car brands that start with T for your viewing pleasure to save you time.

So go ahead, check them out and see which one suits you best!

1. Tatra

The car company Tatra is situated in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic. In 1901, Matěj Kotačka began manufacturing cars in a workshop in Kopřivnice, as well as bicycles, motorcycles, and trucks. They are among the best car brands that started with T.

Kotačka was also part owner of Laurin & Klement car factory. He licensed a rear-engined car design that he eventually invented to several other manufacturers.

Before moving on to production, they built prototypes for two years. They also tested it for thousands of kilometers, which made it one of the safest cars of its time.

2. TVS Motors

TVS is an automobile manufacturer based in India. They make a variety of vehicles under its TVS Motor Company Ltd. nameplate.

Also under its parent company, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

 TVS currently has a market share of 20% in Indian motorcycles, 32% share in scooters, 15% share in motorcycles, and 25% share in mopeds sales.

In addition to domestic sales, they exported about 45 percent of their output to 70 countries worldwide as of 2014. 

Now TVS has production facilities at two locations. Its headquarters is located at Hosur Road in Bangalore, Karnataka. Also, a second assembly plant is located at Bidadi near Bangalore.

It exports products to 70 countries from these plants. This company is one of the safest car brands that start with T.

3. Tesla

Tesla is a California-based company that primarily creates electric cars. Motor Trend magazine in 2013. named their Model S “Car of the Year”. It was Consumer Reports’ top pick for 2014.

Beyond 2015, Tesla has big plans. This includes creating an EV battery factory, launching an SUV model (the Model X), and beginning production on their cheaper Model known as Gen III.

4. Talbot-Lago

Talbot-Lago was a French luxury automobile and racecar company. In 1896 Alexandre Darracq founded Automobiles Talbot (see also Suresnes). In 1904 it became part of car brands that start with T. 

Originally racing driver Jean Henri Branconi former L’auto. The L’Auto name was dropped in 1932 when it became known simply as Talbot. Cars were branded as Talbot-Lago after World War II until 1970. 

After Chrysler Europe in 1978 acquired it, it was sold to Peugeot in 1981. Today, you can use Talbot as an umbrella marque for Peugeot’s sporting activities.

5. Teverbaugh & Kirkland

According to a Gallup poll, one of the highest-rated car brands starting with T is Tieverbaugh & Kirkland.

The polling organization surveyed more than 100,000 American adults from all 50 states.

This is to learn about their vehicle ownership and perceptions of each Model. Fortunately, Tieverbaugh & Kirkland earned an approval rating of 57 percent from its customers.

This was higher than any other car company in the study. It ranks high for safety and prestige.

6. TOM’S

Starting in 1966, Tom’s is famous for its lineup of quality used cars at reasonable prices.

They have dealerships throughout Japan, and their main dealership in Akihabara attracts many tourists to its wide selection of vehicles.

Many Japanese visitors find themselves unable to pass up a visit when they are in Tokyo. 

With their trademark white sticker with red lettering, TOM’S is recognizable by car enthusiasts all over Japan and even abroad. This company is one of the safest car brands that start with T.

7. Tauro Sport

Rover Group based on their Rover 200 platform developed Tauro sport. The model continued till 1999, its spiritual successor, the MGF replaced it. It was manufactured from 1996 to 1999.

Also, they are sold under various names depending on location and market. It was known as the MG ZR (1996–1998) and later as simply MG ZR (1999).

In Australia, it was sold as Holden Cruze (1997–1999). In New Zealand, it retained its original name.

8. Trion

In 2007, the Trion car brand was established. Trion is a marque of Chinese sport utility vehicles produced by Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd (DFLLM), a joint venture of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Groupe PSA. 

The vehicles are one of the regulated and fastest car brands that start with T. It features European styling, engines, and technology.

The company’s products do sell under three brands: Peugeot, Citroën, and DS Automobiles.

9. Tramontana

In 1887, Andres De la Casas founded Tramontana. After its founder’s name, Tramontana-De La Casas was the name.

It produced more than 20 thousand cars per year and employed over 3200 people in 2012. This Spanish automobile manufacturer is one of the oldest car brands that start with T.

Since then the company has grown steadily to become one of Europe’s leading automobile manufacturers with an annual production capacity of over 22000 units

10. Toyota

Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer and has its headquarters in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.

In March 2014, Toyota’s corporate structure consisted of 338,875 employees worldwide.

As of November 2016, it was among the top ten largest car brands that start with T in the world by revenue.

Meanwhile, before 2016, Toyota was the largest company in Japan by market capitalization. It was worth more than twice as much as #2-ranked SoftBank.

11. Turbo Technics

Turbo Technics is a Japanese car manufacturer that came into being in 2002. They build attractive, luxurious vehicles.

The cars feature modern technology, including GPS navigation and touchscreen interfaces. 

Also, this company is one of Japan’s most notable car brands that start with T. It ranked among Japan’s top five favorite car brands from 2004 to 2006.

12. Tommykaira

Tommykaira (pronounced Tommy car) is a Japanese car company located in Nagoya and was founded in 1997 by two students. Tommykairas exclusively sold to racing teams. 

However, after customers began requesting street versions of their high-performance vehicles, they decided to offer them commercially in 2003.

Today, their cars are some of the most coveted car brands that start with T on Japan’s streets.

13. Trabant

Many car brands start with T. Trabant is one of them. It is an East German car manufacturer and its headquarter is in Zwickau.

Though, It was founded in 1946, but ceased production in 1991 due to bankruptcy.

The most popular product by Trabant was its tiny two-stroke, three-wheeled auto called Trabant P50, which Hans Trippel designed.

14. Tein

The Tein Auto Company is a tuning company and producer of shock absorbers in Osaka, Japan.

An engineer and motorsport enthusiast Tomoharu Tsujita founded it in 1972. Its name is derived from Teenie, Japanese for road or racecourse. 

Tein features four-wheel coil-overs that provided extreme lowering levels on streetcars or performance vehicles.

They focus on motorsports support, making them one of the reputable car brands that start with T.

15. Thomas Flyer

Brothers Stuart and Walter Thomas produced the Thomas flyer light car. It featured a 26-horsepower four-cylinder engine and had a top speed of 45 mph.

The Flyer came in runabout (two seats) and roadster configurations, retailing for $1,500—$2,000 depending on options.  Although short-lived, they built more than 1,600 between 1911 and 1913.


Toyotas, Teslas, and Trabants are among a few of our favorite car brands that start with T.

Toyota tops our list as one of our most reliable car brands, Tesla is an eco-friendly brand we love to follow Trabant is a blast from the past.

If you’re looking for a solid brand to buy the next time you visit your local dealership. We know you won’t get disappointed!

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