15 Car Brands That Start With K

Car Brands That Start With the Letter K

There are several car brands out there in the market, with each having its unique story. The following are car brands that start with the letter K.

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1. Kaiser-Darrin


Kaiser Motors was a Michigan-based car manufacturer. Before it consolidated with Willys-Overland to establish Willys Motors Incorporated, the automobile company has operated between 1945 to 1953.

Kaiser Motors made its mark for producing Kaiser Darrin. This was the first assembly of fiberglass supercar in the United States.

2. Karma


Karma is an American-owned electric car dealer. The automobile company has manufactured numerous electric cars. These include cars like Pininfarina GT and the Karma Revero

3. Karmann


Up until 2010, Wilhelm Karmann was considered as the biggest independent automobile producer in Germany. Karmann was founded in 1901 by Wilhelm Karmann.

4. Katech


Bases in the United States, Katech specializes in the development and manufacture of vehicles and high-performance engines. It also produces automotive parts and aftermarket components.

5. Keating Sportscars

Keating Sportscars

Established in 2006 in the United Kingdom, Keating Sporting is a kit-car developer owned by Anthony Keating. Since its debut, the company has produced five different models, including the Keating TKR, Keating SKR, Keating ZKR, Keating Berus, and the Keating Bolt.

6. Kellison


Kellison specializes in the production of fiberglass bodies for sports cars. The company is renowned for its input in the Kellison Corvette Coupe.

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This included the redesign made from fiberglass, making the car faster and lighter than the original model.

7. Kepler

Kepler car

This is an American car producer that handles the production of performance vehicles in the industry. The independent company was founded by Russ Wicks and released the Kepler MOTION, 800 hp supercar during the Dubai International Motor Convention in 2009.

8. KIA


The South Korean automobile company develops and produces commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, and other automobiles globally. KIA also develops and manufactures concept cars and hybrid electic-powered vehicles.

9. Kicherer


This is a German aftermarket tuning establishment that specializes in the modification and customization of Mercedes-Benz cars. Kicherer is regarded as one of the most well-known German aftermarket specialists.

This is a credit to their works on several Audi and Mercedes-Benz cars such as the Kicherer Audi RS-Street and Kicherer Mercedes-Benz E 500.

10. Kleemann


The aftermarket tuning company in China specializes in tuning Sedans, Mercedes-Benz cars, and SUVs. Kleemann also manufactures performance superchargers for Porsche, BMW, and Audi cars.

11. Koenigsegg


Koenigsegg is a car manufacturing company that was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. The company is situated in Ängelholm, Sweden, and it is recognized for designing and manufacturing supercars used to compete in the production of very fast cars.

12. Koenig-Specials


This German auto tuning company specializes in the modification of European supercars. Koenig-Specials’ works Ferrari cars from the 80s to the 90s won them attention in the industry. They were regarded as one of the premier aftermarket specialists.

13. Kremer


Kremer Racing is popular as a motorsports racing team in Cologne, Germany. Occasionally, the company competes in various events around the world. Kremer is also known for producing Porsche tuned cars sold to other race teams or used for racing.

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14. KTM


KTM AG dealt in the production of motorcycles and sports cars and was established in 1992. The Australian company is generally known for its off-road motorcycles. However, since the 90s, the company also have gone on to produce sports cars like X-Bow RR, KTM X-Bow R, and X-Bow GT.

15. Kurtis


Kurtis Kraft was established in the 30s by Frank Kurtis. It was an American designer and developer of race cars. Kurtis has manufactured sprint cars, sports cars, midget cars, and quarter midget cars.

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