Top 11 Best Car Battery Brands in 2023

Car Battery Brands

Batteries play a crucial role in our daily vehicular mobility. An undercharged or dried-out battery can keep you stranded for hours if there is no replacement close by.

Read on to learn the best car battery brands you can get. Whether driving a sedan car or a minivan, your car needs a battery to power up.

What happens from the moment you turn on the ignition to when the engine fires up is a simple process.

Consequently, the battery delivers enough juice to the starter motor to get the engine started.

What happens if there is not enough power? Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place to learn about different car battery brands when making your next purchase.

Top Car Battery Brands

Car batteries don’t last forever; depending on various factors extend their longevity.

You can get one that lasts a couple of months or another that lasts for years.

Therefore, knowing the best car battery brands will guide you in making the right purchase for your car.

You have to look out for durability, compatibility, and cost when buying a new battery today.

Battery manufacturers are springing up everywhere to offer more options.

Notwithstanding, picking the right one can quickly become daunting with many brands.

There are good ones that will leave you driving without worries, but they still deteriorate over time.

There is no better time to ensure your four-door sports car or SUV model carries the best power cells.

They bring durability and give you an assuring ride throughout your trip.

Read through this article to inform yourself before making the trip to a battery shop.

We don’t want to bore you with too many options, but knowing them could provide alternatives when one isn’t available in your locality.

Here are some of the top 11 best car battery brands you can get right now:

1. Optima

If you are looking for the best car battery brand on the market, Optima should be your top choice.

This company has grown its popularity since its establishment in 2012 by Johnson Controls.

Since then, the company has pioneered various battery technologies for the automotive and marine industries.

One of these innovative technologies is the high-performance Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for military and passenger vehicles.

Additionally, the company developed convenience-free lead-acid batteries and spiral cell technology.

Optima ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a company that is continuously breaking new ground.

This company has a computerized battery charger and maintenance unit to its name.

Now, you see why this organization is top of our recommendations for car battery brands.

Optima has three primary types of batteries: the RedTop, the YellowTop, and the BlueTop.

The RedTop performs best in standard engine starting situations and features a reserve capacity of 90 minutes plus extreme resistance to battery failure.

With the exclusive maintenance-free feature, you can get the RedTop for any SUV, RV, truck, and sedan.

The 12-volt battery offers 720 cold-cranking amps to bring your car to life in the winter.

Optima includes several spiral-wound cells in all its batteries consisting of one positive negative lead plate.

This design gives its batteries 15% more vibration resistance than standard models.

On the other hand, the YellowTop model functions optimally in modern accessory-loaded vehicles.

The Optima BlueTop combines features from the RedTop and the YellowTop. For this reason, it is ideal for both starting and deep cycling. 

2. ACDelco

Another popular choice you can go for is ACDelco. General Motors started this company in 1916, guiding it to global success as one of the top car battery brands.

You can get ACDelco batteries for military, trucks, commercial, and passenger vehicles. Additionally, the batteries are available anywhere in the world without hassles. They have a reputation for high performance and meeting the required standards.

Are you afraid of seeing your battery terminals corrode over time? ACDelco builds its battery terminals to withstand corrosive conditions. Also, its batteries have large reservoirs to hold charges for several years down the line.

The best model you can get from this company is the ACDelco Advantage battery. It has a spill-proof design and high cycling capacity, combining an Absorbent Glass Mat design and a valve-regulated recombinant technology. Hence, you can expect solid durability from this battery.

Another ACDelco cell you can try is the Gold 94RAGM which brings 800 cold-cranking amps and a maintenance-free design. Using a fiberglass mat separator to absorb the electrolytes eliminates the acid stratification, preventing spillage and corrosion.

This battery packs the same valve-regulated cover design as the Advantage model, distinguishing itself from competitors. The design prevents oxygen penetration, reducing the oxidation of the negative plates.

Furthermore, the design reduces water consumption by reducing oxygen escape. Buyers can relax because the Gold 94RAGM has undergone complete electrical system testing to prevent early battery failures.

3. DieHard

Sears Roebuck and Company founded DieHard company in 1967 as a vehicle battery manufacturer. Its goal is to make batteries that last longer than vehicles, and we must say that it is making progress. Notwithstanding, this company is among the popular car battery brands.

DieHard employs the latest technology to ensure its battery cells meet the power demands of modern vehicles. Its batteries are available for marine and Powersports vehicles, small engines, trucks, cars, and heavy-duty farm machinery.

This battery brand flaunts five products with assurances of improving your vehicle’s performance. They include DieHard Red, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum AGM.

All the products pack a well-rounded performance that makes them ideal even in extreme cold weather conditions. DieHard Gold can exceed your vehicle’s starting and reserve capacity power requirement, making it an excellent choice.

Aside from that, DieHard Gold offers enhanced reliability at a low price, placing it as one of the best budget car battery brands. Its design gives it a 30% longer battery life than a standard flooded power cell.

A core differentiating factor between DieHard Gold and competitors is its Stamped Grid Technology. The company optimized this grid for full grid utilization, providing enhanced electrical flow and superior connectivity.

In addition, Stamped Grid Technology has 30% more resistance to corrosion than other standard grid patterns.

4. Bosch

Bosch is one of the most widely used car battery brands, and it would be surprising if you haven’t seen it in an auto parts shop. The brand won the hearts of buyers with its affordability and high performance. Accordingly, Bosch sells some of the most affordable battery cells.

This company is an old-time player in the automobile industry, having made its debut in the 1880s. Its history is filled with success and experience in manufacturing quality products.

Robert Bosch started this company with headquarters in Gerlingen, Germany. Today, e-vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, military, and commercial vehicles use the company’s batteries. Second of all, you can get Bosch batteries anywhere in the world.

5. Odyssey

Odyssey is another exclusive choice if you are looking for high-quality and long-lasting batteries. EnerSys Energy Products Inc., with headquarters in Reading, USA, makes Odyssey cells for marine, trucks, Powersports, heavy-duty, fleet, and recreational vehicles.

This company has over 100 years of experience making batteries with assembly stations in seventeen nations. To this end, you can get its battery anywhere in the world.

Odyssey batteries boast several characteristics like long service life, vibration resistance, and tolerance to extreme temperatures. The sealed and AGM design removes any need for watering. Also, its Extreme, Performance and Pro series lineups are among the best car battery brands.

You can go for the Extreme series if you look for a power cell with deep cycling capabilities and rapid recovery. Such characteristics are ideal for luxury and imported vehicles.

On the other hand, the Odyssey Pro series packs a faster recharge technology than other conventional power cells. The battery works perfectly with a start and stops technology. What happens if your car has a lot of accessories and technology?

Then, you can go for the Performance series with a high reserve capacity to power your tech features.

6. Duracell

You probably know Duracell from remote batteries. The company has successfully implemented its experience, reliability, and quality across the board, including in the automotive industry. Today, it is one of the best car battery brands.

Founded in 1920 by Philip Mallory and Samuel Ruben, Duracell has grown to become a titan in the power cell business. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, and Bethel, Connecticut, USA.

 You can find Duracell batteries almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, its power cells are available for caravans, motorboats, mobile homes, yachts, construction machines, vans, trucks, busses, e-cars, and any automobile.

You can trust Duracell batteries to work through any extreme service conditions with exceptional strength. The product lines of its power cells include Extreme AGM, Extreme EFB, Advanced, and Starter, and its Advanced series is ideal for modern vehicles with optimum starting power.

The Extreme EFB works best for small and medium vehicles and LCVs because of its essential start and stops support features. However, the Duracell Extreme AGM is strong enough to take on complex stop-start functions, making it the best choice.

7. Interstate

Count the most trusted car battery brands in the USA today, and Interstate will be among them. John Searcy began what has now become one of the most affordable power cell brands in the 1950s. The company might have its headquarters in Texas, but its batteries transcend borders.

You can get this battery for RVs, trucks, heavy-duty lawns, garden autos, and marine and agricultural vehicles. The brand has five products in its lineup, including the M, MT, MTP, MTZ, and MTX. This diversity ensures every buyer will find a suitable product regardless of the vehicle.

The Interstate MT is your best bet if you stay in hot climes. Conversely, the MTP batteries function best in cold climates with below-freezing temperatures.

MTZ tops Interstates battery lineup, bringing strong starts and top-notch performance ideal for vehicles with high accessory loads. However, you should pick the MTX AGM if your vehicle needs AGM power cells, and it works for vehicles that pack extra accessories and plug-ins.

The M-line comes with standard starting power and presents an affordable solution for budget buyers.


NAPA auto parts rank among the best battery retailers in the industry. Its lithium-ion batteries, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), lead-acid gel, and lead-acid wet cells offer years of dependable service.

The company features a modest lineup of four products: NAPA Power, Legend, Legend Premium, and Legend Premium (AGM). The NAPA Premium packs spectacular value with powerful performance and reliable reverse and starting capacity. Also, it is maintenance-free.

Nonetheless, the Legend brings more durability and exceptional starting performance, and it has different internal components reinforced to protect its performance.

Are you looking to maximize your starting performance? NAPA Legend Premium is the elite choice for the job and will serve you even in extreme temperatures, and it has an impressive high reserve capacity to retain emergency power.

Stretch further, and you will get the Legend Premium AGM, which is the highest in the lineup. It packs twenty times more vibration protection to give you the best starting power. In addition, it is spill-proof, making it safe to use.

9. ExpertPower

Since its establishment in 1987, ExpertPower has pushed hard to build a reputation as one of the most dependable car battery brands. Also, its global network provides a variety of storage solutions, equipment, and customer support.

ExpertPower has three products in its battery lineup: Sealed Lead Acid, LifePO4 Series, and Power Stations power cells. The Lead-Acid series have an Absorbent Glass Mat design to provide superior performance and durability.

Furthermore, you can use the Lead-Acid series and light cyclic and general-purpose uses like emergency lighting, toys, UPS, fire, and security systems. LifeLOP4 series work optimally in electric vehicle or energy storage applications.

It comes with lithium iron phosphate, which gives it a great life span. Nevertheless, you can request optimization of this series for high power density or high energy density.

The Power Stations function as rechargeable battery-powered generators, and they feature outlets like USB charging ports and an AC and DC carport. Hence, you can power up your devices like phones and laptops with this incredible battery.

10. XS – Power

Scotty Johnson established XS – Power in 2005 with the headquarters in Tennessee, United States of America. The company has risen among the best car battery brands, boasting of a global network of suppliers.

Whether you need a battery for military, commercial, and passenger vehicles, or audio, marine, racing, Powersports, and recreational purposes, XS-Power has you covered. With seven product lines, the company has enough to meet the diverse needs of the buyers.

11. Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries’ heavy-duty ATX30 lithium-Ion battery is the most powerful compact and lightweight battery. It weighs just 7.81 pounds despite having a rating of 070 cranking amps and 48-amp hours.

This battery can stay two times longer than the life cycle of lead-acid batteries and outshines competitor lithium power cells with two times a capacitor.

For this reason, those who own touring motorcycles and street performance cars can enjoy the strength of the ATX30.

You will have to buy the car terminal adapters separately, but there is hardly anything to complain about there. Step up to the ATX30-HD model, and you can check the battery’s charge level with a lighted voltage indicator test button.

Furthermore, a complete battery management system protects the power cell from over-charging and discharging. Pair that up with thermal protection, and you have one of the safest car battery brands on your hands.

Earlier, we mentioned that this battery is compact despite packing so much power. It measures 6.5 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 6.8 inches tall. However, it requires custom mounting hardware.

You can mount the battery in any orientation to maximize space-saving, especially in motorsports or custom vehicles.

Which Battery Should You Buy?

Today, you can find many options in the market if you are looking for a replacement for your car battery. The different car battery brands have their advantages and limitations. Nevertheless, the best brands seem to have the AGM technology.

Which one should you buy? The core differences between these brands come down to the quality of materials, manufacturing process, and warranty period.

Though batteries function similarly, different brands employ different processes to optimize their products. It is indeed a competitive world for power cell manufacturers. Asides from that, one of your primary concerns should be the warranty period.

This specification will give you an idea of the lifespan of the power cell. Also, it can be an indication of the battery’s quality, as high-quality ones tend to have more extended warranty periods.

The next thing that speaks of a battery’s quality is the price. Generally speaking, manufacturers use high-quality components for the pricier products in their lineup. As a result, you can expect top-notch performance from the expensive power cells.

You can place yourself on the safe path by going for the premium offerings from your preferred manufacturer. These batteries tend to have the best technology, performance, and longevity.

The last consideration you should make is the intended use. Do you prefer starting over deep cycling? There are good products on either side for you.


There are different car battery brands today, each bringing solutions to give the best vehicle service. The best ones tend to have the Absorbent Glass Mat design with anti-spill and maintenance-free features. Get the best, and you will keep your car operational without hassles.

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