Top 10 Car Audio Brands in the World

best car audio brands

Car audio systems are popular ways to enjoy music and make the most of your road trip or daily commute. They come with their own unique set of considerations when you’re shopping around.

Are you looking to install a new sound system, replace an old one, or upgrade what you have right now? Based on customer reviews, here are some of the best car audio brands to check out.

You have also gained popularity among buyers and an overall reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality sound systems.

1. Boss Audio

The experts at Boss Audio want to help you get your car’s audio system in great shape. They want you to enjoy some of the best sounds on earth. 

Our collection of award-winning best car speakers and amplifiers lets you turn up songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

It turns up with incredible power and crisp clarity. We carry some of today’s most trusted brands, including Pioneer Electronics, Infinity, JBL, Alpine Audio, Kenwood USA, etc. 

Make sure that you can hear everything crystal clear with Boss Audio when you go mobile—for work or play.

For example, if you’re using a speaker system with an iPod dock, you can use it to charge your device while it plays music.

2. JBL

JBL is one of those old-school companies that produce the fantastic best car speakers. Whether you’re looking for a speaker or an amp, JBL offers something solid. 

JBL offers a full range of three-way component speakers and subwoofers. All models are made from quality materials like Polypropylene and fiberglass. We’re not just talking about plastics here.

 JBL also offers amplifiers that you can pair with its speakers with ease. These amps will ensure your vehicle sounds excellent! You can choose between 4-, 6-, or 8-channel amps in either monoblock or multichannel configurations. There are something available regardless of your needs—and preferences.

3. JL Audio

If you’re serious about having one of the best car audio brands, JL Audio is a premier brand. It’s been around since 1975. It also offers innovative products that can give you better sound quality in any vehicle. 

JL Audio has what you need to get rid of road noise or enhance listening capabilities. And not only are their products created by audiophiles but they’re also made with them. 

JL Audio strives to make every speaker great so that customers can get more enjoyment. Also, get a listening experience from their vehicles. They’re doing a pretty good job of it!

4. Kenwood KFC

Often hailed as one of the best car audio brands on earth, Kenwood’s quality is undisputed. It has a long history in professional radio equipment and mobile systems. Kenwood knows what works and what doesn’t.

And don’t think its budget offerings are any less high-quality than its expensive stuff; if you’re looking for a bang-for-your-buck system that sounds incredible and offers excellent value, there are few better options than Kenwood.

5. Infinity

Whether you need the best car speakers, a subwoofer, or an amplifier, Infinity can help. This trusted company has been manufacturing quality parts and components since 1968. There are known for high-quality products. 

They also offer some of the most customer-friendly financing packages available in today’s market. If you need premium best car audio brands, we recommend Infinity as one of your first stops when shopping around.

6. Kicker

The kicker is one of those best car audio brands that’s often hit or miss with consumers. It depends on whether you have a good experience with their products. They make some excellent gear, but they make some pretty forgettable products. 

If you need something basic and have a budget of less than $1,000, it’s probably worth checking them out. Their amplifiers tend to be strong performers when they deliver power in a tiny factor.

If you buy them from an authorized dealer; otherwise, there’s a risk of being sold old stock. The kicker is also pretty affordable—but sometimes at the cost of quality.

7. Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate is a well-known brand that offers everything from speakers and amplifiers to subwoofers. It comes from an oldie but goodie movie, American Hot Wax. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it; it’s a classic!

 Rockford Fosgate has been providing equipment for cars since 1972 when founder John Larson made his first two-way speaker system. It’s safe to say that you’ll be getting quality products with Rockford on board.

8. Alpine

In 1963, when they were starting, music made its way into cars. A company called Halder wanted a better and more powerful speaker that would come with an amplifier.

But the best car speakers at that time had woofers of 10 inches and above. They were not powerful enough.

So to change that situation, engineer Theodor Becker set off on his own and came up with a 7-inch speaker.

These speakers could provide greater amplification without losing quality or clarity. Alpine has gone on from strength to strength since then, thanks in no small part to their great products.

9. Harmon Kardon

If you’re looking for clear, powerful, and accurate sound from a brand, it doesn’t get much better than Harmon Kardon. This California-based company is renowned worldwide for manufacturing TVs and other home entertainment devices.

 It is also known for its award-winning audiophile equipment. And, now that we’re into 2016, all new Harman products come with Bluetooth compatibility.

This is another good choice for the best car audio brands if you like easy installation and simple, sleek looks.

10. Scar audio

When you’re searching for the best car speakers, it’s a good idea to research what options are available. Although there’s no best brand, customers have praised certain manufacturers for offering great speakers at reasonable prices. 

One of those is Scar Audio—over 9,000 reviewers on Amazon give their speakers a combined rating of around 4.5 stars. Many go so far as to say they rival or even exceed more expensive speakers from other companies. If you think about it, that makes sense.

If people are willing to pay more for a product with slightly better specs, they would be ready to purchase good products at lower prices.

How to Choose the Right and best Speaker Brands for Your Car

There are three basic steps you’ll want to follow when choosing speakers. First, determine how many speakers you need. If you need a single speaker in one door of your vehicle, it can be more straightforward. 

Get three-way or four-way speakers if you want surround sound, front and back support, or even a subwoofer. Next, decide what size and power output are best for you (there are also mounting options to consider). 

Finally, choose between coaxial speakers and component models. You can also find packages from companies that include both types of speakers and amplifiers. Whichever route you take, make sure that all parts are compatible. 

Check all parts before installing them into your vehicle. A little research goes a long way toward getting great sound without breaking your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find these speakers at [retail store]?

Retail stores are great places to shop, but it is better to shop online. You will receive higher-quality speakers at lower prices at online sites.

How long should my subwoofer last?

This depends on how much you use it and what type of product you get from your brand of choice, but in general, most can handle 50 hours a week for about five years before needing replacement or repair. If you have kids who play music loudly all day, that will shorten their lifespan considerably.

Are any of these brands suitable for [vehicle make/model]?

Most companies produce products for multiple vehicles, so you shouldn’t have an issue finding one that fits your vehicle perfectly. The only thing you might want to consider is if they offer an upgraded version for your specific vehicle (such as subwoofers designed explicitly for Toyota Camry models).

What do I need to know when buying car speakers?

There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing new speakers. First, determine whether you want component or coaxial speakers. Component systems consist of separate woofers and tweeters, which provide better overall sound quality than coaxial systems. Coaxial systems are more compact than component systems, so if space is limited in your vehicle, then go with coaxials. Next, think about where you plan on installing them (if there’s room) and how many channels you need (one pair per door or two pairs per door). And finally, decide whether you want passive or active speakers—active units require an amplifier while passive ones don’t. Functional units provide a lot more power than passive ones and require installation by a professional due to their wiring requirements.

Which speaker brands perform well in high temperatures?

Polk Audio, JBL, Infinity, and Rockford Fosgate perform well in hot weather conditions.

Which speaker brands can be installed easily? 

Pioneer, JBL, and Kenwood are easy to install yourself because they come with detailed instructions on how to wire them correctly.

Which speaker brands work well together?

Some speaker brands work well together, such as Sony and Panasonic.

Do I need a unique amp for my system? 

No, unless you’re planning on installing more than four speakers in your vehicle. In that case, you’ll probably want to purchase an amp along with your other components since those extra channels take quite a bit of power to run correctly.

How much power do I need?

It depends on how large your system is, but you’ll usually need between 60-100 watts for each channel.

Is it okay to mix different brands?

Yes, as long as you follow each manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Will I lose my warranty if I install my equipment?

Not necessarily. It depends on what kind of warranty coverage you have. Check with your manufacturer to see if you still qualify for repairs even though you did some work yourself.

Where can I find reviews for car audio equipment?

CarAudioNow has plenty of reviews written by our staff members and visitors, so check those out!

Where can I buy car audio equipment?

Shop for car audio equipment on eBay, Amazon, and Crutchfield.

How do I test my speakers?

Use a digital multimeter to test your speakers’ resistance and ohms rating.

What are RMS ratings?

RMS stands for root mean square, electrical measurement of power manufacturers use to express how loud a speaker can get about its size. For example, if you have a speaker with an RMS rating of 75 watts, it can put out 75 watts of power continuously without failing or overheating (as opposed to peak ratings, which measure short bursts of energy).

What is impedance?

Impedance measures how much power it takes to get a speaker to vibrate.

How do I install my car speakers?

Read your speaker’s installation guide and watch videos on YouTube for step-by-step directions.


The world of car audio is an expansive one. However, it isn’t tricky to find a reputable manufacturer or specialty store that will ensure you get high-quality systems and speakers. 

If you are looking into investing in the best car brands, it is always wise to research what kind of products will deliver quality sound without costing too much.

Check out some of these Frequently asked questions on the best car audio brands. You’ll have no trouble finding good deals on excellent systems.

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