16 Best Motorcycles Under 250cc

Best Motorcycles Under 250cc
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Motorcycle riders can advance from the beginner 125cc class while still keeping lightweight, approachable, and not significantly increased in power to undermine a new rider’s confidence.

They are also fantastic for bikers who have previously had considerably larger capacity vehicles and want a commuter bike or something lighter to enjoy themselves on.

Of course, best motorcycles under 250cc engines do well in the off-road market as well. Numerous manufacturers have switched over to 300cc motorcycles in the last few years.

Primarily due to the difficulty of producing 250cc engines to meet standards under Euro 5 emission regulations and a lack of market demand.

However, our blog has compiled the best motorcycles under 250cc available off-road for you.

1. 2021 Suzuki GSX250R

The 2021 Suzuki GSX250R is one of the best motorcycles under 250cc.  This is still the most recent model as of this update has the appearance, the aroma, and even the tactile sensation of a supersport bike.

The rider is pushed into a regular seated posture for most of the riding due to the clip-on handlebars’ extremely high front position and the shorter tank.

Aside from that, the 248cc parallel twin that powers the GSX250R’s 25 HP and 17 lb-ft of torque is what makes it a capable sports bike.

Since the GSX250R is a parallel twin rather than a single, it also emits that familiar pulsating bark from the exhaust, which makes the ears quiver joyfully.

It may be readily taken to the track for serious fun because it is light and corners smoothly.

2. KTM EXC-F 250

Enduro riders, whether amateurs or professionals, favor the EXC-F 250. An abundance of low-down torque, class-leading performance, and smooth, non-threatening power delivery are all products of sophisticated fuel injection technology.

This combination results in a ride that gives the rider more confidence and precise, assured handling.

The lightweight Chromoly steel frame offers excellent input to the rider and offers significant stability at speed.

The EXC-F 250, like its larger siblings, is prepared for the most difficult riding circumstances and will assist the rider regardless of experience level. This makes it one of the best motorcycles under 250cc.

3. Aprilia RS250

We couldn’t discuss the best motorcycles under 250cc without mentioning at least one of the most recognizable figures in two-stroke history. I chose the RS250, which was last offered as a road bike for purchase in 2004.

Although Aprilia wasn’t the first to compete on the 250 GP race circuits, they left their impact when they did.

In fact, a production road bike emerged not long after Max Biaggi won his first world championship.

Using premium materials and the RGV250 Suzuki engine, Aprilia constructed their race replica with the goal of outperforming Suzuki with their own engine.

4. 2022 CB300R

In their 2022 CB300R naked sports variant, Honda employed the same engine as the CBR300R. However, it was slightly tweaked differently to give it a much more street-friendly powerband for torque. 

As a result, it provides excellent linear power delivery for beginning riders in the low and mid-RPM range.

It only begins to gasp a little as it approaches the redline (by which point you should have shifted up anyway).

With controls that are simple to reach and pegs that aren’t as far back along the frame as with CBR versions, it’s also incredibly comfortable to sit on.

Additionally, almost all riders will value the bike’s rooted and solid feeling despite being a lightweight naked.

Amazing things are possible with Japanese engineering, especially in 2022.

5. Honda Rebel 300

The Honda Rebel 300 was created with the new rider market in mind from the very beginning. This makes it one of the best motorcycles under 250cc.

It aims to make motorbike cruising seem approachable and unnerving. It has a 286cc single-cylinder engine that generates 25 HP and 20 lb-ft of torque.

It also absolutely sips gas, giving you a fantastic range. I must confess that Honda has made the ideal bike for easing inexperienced riders into cruisers.

And the Rebel 500 is the exact same bike as the Rebel 300 but with almost twice as much power if you truly enjoy the Rebel 300, have owned it for a few seasons, and want to upgrade to a bigger-displacement engine.

6. Yamaha V-Star 250

Yamaha V-Star 250, which is one of the best motorcycles under 250cc, would appear to be a cruiser, and if you called it that, I wouldn’t blame you.

However, Yamaha refers to it as a sports heritage motorcycle and incorporates numerous small features into the 2022 V-Star 250 that make it a fantastic throwback motorcycle.

This motorcycle is highly recognized as a fantastic entry-level model. On the road, it performs incredibly well, providing the rider with feedback and excellent handling because of its small weight.

Due to its small 249cc 60o air-cooled v-usage twin of a tiny Mikuni BDS26 carburetor, which gives it the distinctive rumble that only v-twins possess, the V-Star 250 is also an ideal first motorcycle for people who are interested in riding them.

7. Honda CRF300L

Honda CRF300L is also among the list of best motorcycles under 250cc. It should be no surprise that the Honda CRF300L Rally is our suggested dirt-oriented adventure bike for this list.  

Given Honda’s prowess with endurance races over the years, including their outright victory in the 2020 Dakar Rally.

It will easily carry you up and over most hills and absorb the knocks and bruises of most tough terrain.

It does all these without letting you feel any of them, thanks to its robust 286cc liquid-cooled four-stroke single engine.

But the CRF300L Rally’s small weight is what really makes it the finest adventure bike for beginners.

This avoids a typical issue with heavier or larger adventure bikes: the sensation of being too high in the center to shift weight when rounding corners on streets effectively. The CRF300L Rally is quick and designed for challenging terrain.

8. Kawasaki Versys-X 300

Without sugarcoating anything, Kawasaki calls the 2022 Versys-X 300 a “city explorer” and describes it as more of a street bike than an off-roader.

Due to the dynamics that Kawasaki designed into it, it’s actually a terrific novice bike.

The rider is positioned as close to the bike’s center of gravity and pivot point for corners as feasible thanks to the high windshield, low seating position, low 296cc parallel-twin engine, and classic standard riding posture.

With 40 HP and 19 lb-ft of torque available, the engine is strong enough to drive at highway speeds comfortably.

Also, it has enough low-down grunts to get you off the line with no effort. Because it is linear, power delivery is also user-friendly for beginners.

It is good for those looking for the best motorcycles under 250cc.

9. Kawasaki’s KLX

The latest model in Kawasaki’s KLX motorbikes is the 2022 Kawasaki KLX30. Its actual off-road capability, lightweight, suitable power, and excellent feedback make it a terrific choice for novices.

It has a 292cc single-cylinder engine that generates 33 HP and 21 lb-ft of torque, making it a powerful street vehicle.

Kawasaki, however, offers the entry-level bike for you if you reside in a smaller city where you can avoid using roads to go where you need to go and wish to ride dirt trails on the weekends.

10. Honda CBR300R

Looking for the best motorcycles under 250cc? The Honda CBR300R from 2021 is a wonderful start to supersport motorcycles for individuals who want to experience adrenaline on the street.

And also to carve some curves on the racetrack. The most recent model of this bike, which uses a 286cc liquid-cooled single, generates a respectable 31 HP and 20 lb-ft of torque.

The CBR300R takes a lot of stylistic cues from its significantly more powerful cousin, the CBR1000RR.

These include the headlamps, cowl, fairings, and aggressive tank form that dives toward the front of the bike.

However, the elevated clip-on handlebars make this a comfy street bike that you can comfortably tuck into when riding a track.

It barely qualifies as a supersport due to the rider’s partial inclination to the regular riding posture.

11. 2022 Yamaha YZF-R3

The 2022 Yamaha YZF-R3 is an essential topic when discussing entry-level supersport bikes.

With a 321cc inline twin that absolutely shouts out 50 HP, it narrowly misses our list (by a meager 22ccs of displacement).

This light, quick, and capable bike for the road and track were heavily developed in collaboration with the Yamaha Racing Team, which competes in World SBK and MotoGP.

It is among the best motorcycles under 250cc for beginner track riders who also want to ride their steed on the street.

12. Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki built the RM-Z250 to be competitive in the motocross world and to avoid taking any hostages.

The frame and swingarm are both lightweight, and the engine is strong and has a lot of useful torque.

The suspension is performance-oriented and is the complete package for the off-road track rider.

According to Suzuki, they have achieved the ideal balance of “Run, Turn, and Stop” to produce the winning formula.

The engine’s punchy, high-speed potential is offset by KYB forks, rear shocks, and brake discs and pads that have been developed to deliver the correct amount of bite and stopping power.

The RM-Z250 is technically outstanding, and it can prove it thanks to tools like the Traction Management System.

Its wonderful features make it among the best motorcycles under 250cc.

13. Mutt Mongrel 250

The Mongrel, the original of Mutt’s 125cc motorcycles, is one of several best motorcycles under 250cc.

It is retro-styled, harkening back to the heyday of British motorcycle manufacturing, which was predominantly based in the West Midlands and produced by companies like BSA, New Imperial, and Triumph.

The Mongrel 250 is a reliable, blacked-out, mean, and stylish roadster. It is prepared for both city riding and off-road excursions. 

The Mongrel will transport you and your belongings over the Black Mountains or the North Coast 500 if you are courageous (or slightly insane like me).

The Mongrel is an upright, comfortable, and simple-to-ride motorcycle for riders who prefer more straightforward, authentic, and retro vehicles.

14. Honda CRF250L

The Honda CRF250L is not just one of my favorite 250cc motorcycles but also one of the best motorcycles under 250cc all-time favorites.

For 2022, it has been replaced by the CRF300L, although a used 250 shouldn’t be disregarded.

The CRF250L is a capable dual-sport that can readily cover road and off-road distances with a neutral seating position, smooth power delivery, and simple handling. 

It is a pleasant bike that instills confidence rather than intimidating riders into pushing themselves to the limit.

The CRF250L and CRF250R (Rally), the slightly more extreme brother, are reliable, lightweight dual-sports motorcycles with no known flaws.

15. Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R is also on our list of best motorcycles under 250cc. Another bike replaced by a 300-version was the Ninja 250R, although the 250 Ninja is still well-priced and merits consideration.

The Ninja 250 line had been a huge hit in the American market for years, so we were quite happy regarding Europe and the UK.

The Ninja 250R is a cheap sports bike with all the big boy Ninja appearance and attitude. It is also lightweight and reasonably powerful.

The Ninja is a ton of fun for tearing through back roads, following the red line, and even putting your mettle to the test on the track, just like the little Gixxer.

Along with its dependability, it has a more reasonable nature and ergonomics that make it a fantastic commuter. This counts as one of the best motorcycles under 250cc.

16. Heralds Brat 250X

This is the last on our list of best motorcycles under 250cc. It is a stylish, adaptable, retro-styled roadster that competes with any vehicle in its class on price alone.

The Brat 250 X’s strongest selling feature is its stylish appearance. This makes it appear suitable for both the urban and real jungle.

Another question would be how useful it is off-road, but it probably handles some light trails with little problems.

The Brat comes with some pretty nice accessories, like Renthal fat bars and grips, LED lighting, and Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires.


It gets harder for the buyer to choose from the variety of options available as manufacturers work to offer the consumer the greatest bargain on motorcycles by including many improvements.

Here on our blog post is the list of the top best motorcycles under 250cc. Get yours now!

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