7 Best Kayaking Apps for Android

Best Kayaking Apps for Android
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Do you prefer kayaking? You may enhance your rowing abilities by Utilizing the best kayaking apps for Android.

These programs work in various ways, from delivering all kayaking-related information to GPS trackers, all with the goal of elevating your experience.

Many different apps are available for download; therefore, picking the best kayaking apps for Android is crucial.

Fortunately, we have combed through dozens of kayaking apps to present you with only the most highly regarded, highly rated ones. 

We believe that this equipment will be useful for your kayaking excursions. Regardless of your kayaking skill level, getting help is always important.

Use the tools below to learn about many topics, like kayaking routes, river conditions, etc.

Start your journey only after downloading one of these best kayaking apps for Android to your device.

1. GoPaddling

One of the best kayaking apps for Android is Go Paddling, which provides more than 25,000 paddling sites for your preferred water sports.

A map is included, making finding a spot simpler and quicker. This app offers everything you need to go kayaking or canoeing.

It not only lists the areas that are open to you, but it also lets you know what amenities are available at each location, like parking spaces, launch pads, campgrounds, and more.

Once you discover a fantastic spot, add it to your favorites list and plan another trip for later.

By adding remarks to existing areas that you have visited, you may assist other paddlers. You may also add new spots so other kayakers can learn about them.

The best part is that Go Paddling is available for free download.

2. CrewNerd

One of the best kayaking apps for Android is CrewNerd. You may use your smartphone to practice paddling in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard.

It’s fantastic software for kayakers thanks to various features like an accelerometer and heart rate tracking.

You can compute stroke rates and bounce production using the accelerometer. 

There are also pre-programmed workouts available so you can quickly get started.

Additionally, it has GPS functionality that enables distance, speed, and pacing calculations.

Additionally, CrewNerd saves your workout data so you may review it later.

View in the preferred graph or map style, or export in several formats.

Additionally, there is a live tracking option that enables your instructors to keep an eye on your progress via online browsers.

3. SmartRow

Kayaking requires an ergometer since it displays crucial data, including calories burned, distance traveled, power, and stroke.

With the help of the fantastic app SmartRow, you can use your smartphone as a dependable, lab-grade ergometer to keep track of your journey. 

In addition to basic data, it will display detailed data, including force-curve, heart rate graphs, and much more.

All the capabilities are contained in a straightforward and user-friendly design, making it simple to operate this application. 

Additionally, the background is impressively dark. This is one of the top free kayaking applications for kayakers of all skill levels.

You can select the most appropriate interval for you, whether you require a beginning, moderate, or advanced workout. Use a coach while using this training tool for the best results.

4. Kayak Angler+

This app is among the best kayaking apps for Android and is necessary for every kayaker.

Everything you need to know about kayaking and fishing is in the Kayak Angler+ magazine.

It provides the most recent kayak story updates and has excellent photographs.

You can also get digital goodies like videos and gorgeous photographs on this app.

The free digital magazine provides an updated news feed to keep up with recent issues.

Share intriguing articles or significant updates with your audience on Twitter or Facebook whenever you encounter them. 

You can save time by using the built-in share button. Rapid Media created Kayak Angler+, which has a simple user interface.

It also features a straightforward design that resembles a printed magazine. Having this app on your phone is like carrying a digital magazine around with you.

5. Row Row

Consider having fun while improving your rowing technique with Row Row, one of the best kayaking apps for Android.

You may paddle down the tropical rivers in the gaming app Row Row. Pick your preferred boat and paddle as quickly as you can!

This kayaking game helps you develop your paddling skills with various features.

Row Row offers 20 difficult levels and straightforward controls, among many other wonderful features.

Start with the simple one and discover odd challenges as you go. One of the finest aspects is steering the boat while taking the breathtaking view.

Ten various kayaks, floaters, and canoes are available at Row Row. Choose a kayak or canoe to win the game and set off on a kayaking expedition.

6. First mate

Firstmate is among the best kayaking apps for Android that kayakers and anglers can use. Albeit it is more suitable for anglers.

Firstmate is an app that tells users when to go fishing by calculating the sun and moon’s rising and setting periods, the best times for feeding, and the moon’s current phase.

This app is useful for predicting the weather and day you’ll have on your upcoming kayaking trip if you’re a kayaker.

7. Polaris GPS

Download Polaris GPS if you’re seeking the best kayaking apps for android with an all-in-one GPS app for your upcoming kayaking excursion.

This GPS software is helpful for many outdoor pursuits, including riding, camping, and hiking. 

You may navigate using it and keep track of information like coordinates, elevations, and distance to avoid getting lost while traveling.

It offers marine navigation for kayakers by utilizing the Military Grid Reference System.


From GPS trackers to digital magazines to rowing simulators, the finest kayaking apps come in a wide variety.

You can mix the many features of each program to enhance your paddling abilities.

You won’t have to worry about spending all of your funds because you can download most of these programs for free.

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