Top 10 World’s Best-Dressed Cabin Crew

Air France Cabin Crew

It may appear unlikely in a globe where airlines struggle all the time to cut costs and trim down flying to a no frills experience however air travel as well as fashion have long been close companions.

Once upon a time, earlier than competition and boring things like anti-sexism legislation started to bite off, airlines industry used the shall we say glamour of their air hostesses (and they tremendously were hostesses) as a powerful weapon to win passengers. Well, the character of aviation style dies hard.

Airlines most recent thing is to have a well-known figure fashion designer made up a uniform for their cabin crew staff, the result preferably combining the style and bluster of the catwalk with industrial potency stain-fighting properties.

Whether this fashion-conscious idea in fact appeals to passengers is, yet, another question. What you think of the airlines’ fashion decisions after having an idea and gaze your eye over the following elegantly attired cabin attendants.

Have a look at below mentioned the world’s best-dressed cabin crew.

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10. Lufthansa

Lufthansa Cabin Crew

Lufthansa stands at number ten in our list. Crisp and simple it possibly will be with just a slight splash of color at the throat although the Lufthansa uniform was the least fashionable among the 10 airlines in the Skyscanner poll.

Lufthansa Airlines is a German flag carrier established in 1953 and begins operations in 1954. Private investors Deutsche Bank (0.4%), MGL Gesellschaft fur Luftverkehrswerte (10.05%), and Deutsche Postbank (1.03%), own Lufthansa (88.52%) own this airline.

It is Europe’s largest airline in terms of on the whole passengers carried and is headquartered at Cologne, Germany.

9. Jet Airways

Jet Airways Cabin Crew

Jet Airways ranks at number 9 in the list. The Indian airline Jet might be one of the country’s best ever growing airline however, if our voting passengers are a few guide, its cheerful yellow uniform has a slight way to go in the aviation style stakes.

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India has plenty of private airlines options. Jet Airways is one of the well-known and in fact, on the prime positions on these carriers. The head quarter of Jet Airways is situated in Mumbai.

The company was among the main introductory of private airlines acceptable by the government of India. The company has given most excellent services for home and international airlines.

This corporation has about 30 % share in the Indian aviation market as well as is famous all through the world.

8. Aeroflot

Aeroflot Cabin Crew

Aeroflot secure the eighth position in our list. You may notice how fast things change. For years, the Russian airline was considered as a dodgy joke, at the present its crew’s uniform has made it hooked on a list of the 10 most elegant of all.

Aeroflot is a famous Russian national flag carrier airline. Their international airline flies to destinations all over the globe, in addition to the former Soviet Union, as well as to destinations inside Russia.

7. Delta

Delta Cabin Crew

Hot is certainly one description of the US airline Delta’s all-red cabin crew outfit, a conception of the Los Angeles designer Richard Tyler. However, simply 5% of respondents in the airline fashion poll noticed the lipstick-shaded uniform outfit the most stylish.

6. SAS

SAS Cabin Crew

Swedish air hostesses have to rank pretty decidedly on the level of naff sex symbols. The Nordic countries look as if, gratefully, to have thrown off nearly all such stereotypes other than the Scandinavian carrier SAS does still cope to gain a position approximately the middle of the sky-high fashion poll with its stylish, if possibly a touch somber, uniform.

5. Alitalia

Alitalia Cabin Crew

Alitalia comes at number five. It’s no great revelation that a fashion boss such as Italy should have been at the front position of the cabin-crew style makeover. Alitalia, the national airline, whose uniforms in the 90s was designs by Giorgio Armani.

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4. Iberia

Iberia Cabin Crew

Iberia Airways cabin crew dress style comes at number four in our list. The colorless coat that the cabin crew wears in Iberia airways is the brain child of a well reputed designer from Spain.

Nine percent of passengers were thinking the Spanish national carrier’s uniform strike all other contenders in the flying fashion rundown.The largest airlines working in Spain, Iberia Airways, join the country with many global destinations.

The regular flights operated by Iberia Airways offer links to countries in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, as well as Europe.

3. British Airways

British Airways Cabin Crew

British Airways stands at number 3 and it has the stylish cabin crew uniform that has largely admired by people all around the world. All right, so loyalty might have something to do with it although a 15% of passengers consider BA’s uniform the most fashionable of all.

The still-traditional looking group got an overhaul from the British designer Julien MacDonald in 2004 to prevent the carrier’s crew looking, he supposed, like someone’s old granny. British Airways is full service broadly famed international airlines, which extends fares for their flights in accord with the standard International Airfares throughout the year.

An airway plies in all the famous global routes reaching number of countries all through the world. The airways operate from all the centrally situated ports thus ensuring flights for greater part of the countries of the world.

British Airways Limited was set up in the year 1974 during the month of April, amalgamating 2 airlines viz. British European Airways as well as British Overseas Airways Corporation all along with their associates.

In the later days, these airlines companies were liquefy and creation of British Airways took place in the year 1987 subsequent to privatization.

2. Air France

Air France Cabin Crew

Air France comes at number 2nd in our list. Stylish possibly will be an unsurprising explanation of the French national carrier’s uniform that is designed by Christian Lacroix in 2005; however, I am scared that is because it screams to be used. A Francophile 17% of people in the airline style poll approved.

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Indulge yourself in the improved, first class voyage experience offered by Air France. In the stir of airlines cutting back on first class entails overall space, Air France’s LEspace Premiere first class service has release the trend by providing every passenger a devoted cabin to make sure a quiet, comfortable ambiance with seating condensed to 8 seats rather than of 12 for increased isolation and 50% more private space with all the lavishness amenities and sophisticated service one would anticipate applied when traveling first class.

With broad, ergonomic seats that completely lie down to form a real, full bed with right mattress in addition to state-of-the-art features such as in-seat telephone, individual video monitors, noise dipping headsets, fully adaptable, optical fiber lamps, as well as silent electronic seat controls, Air France provides the highest level of console.

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew

Qatar Airways has topped the list of best-dressed airlines cabin crew. The five star ventures was established in 1993 by a private family of Qatar although at present the government holds 50% stake in this airline.

This airline has achieved the five stars rating so many times, just because of the finest crew and the hospitality it offers to the customers all over the world. That is why airline name itself world’s five star airlines.

Furthermore, true to its declaration it gives passengers the feel of luxury, which can never be, had somewhere else. It has emerged as the cutthroat airline in the globe though it has seen many difficulties all through.

History noticeably shows that Qatar Airways has stand the test of time to build itself rank in the midst of the best in the globe today.

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