5 Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

best dirt bikes for beginners
by Michael Heidenreich is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Are you new to dirt biking and don’t know where to start? Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, we have assembled a great selection of the best dirt bikes for beginners. 

Dirt biking is an enjoyable sport that can be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels.

It requires agility, strength, and coordination to maneuver through difficult terrain. It’s also an excellent way to explore nature and enjoy amazing views.  

Finding the right bike for your needs as a beginner is essential for enjoying dirt biking to its fullest potential.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best dirt bikes for beginners, so you can decide when purchasing your first bike.

1. Yamaha TTR-50

Yamaha TTR-50
by Fernando Sotelo Castro is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’re a beginner in dirt biking, it can be hard to decide which bike is right for you.

So many riders choose the Yamaha TTR-50 as their best dirt bikes for beginners.

This mini moto has enough power and is easy to handle, leaving new riders feeling confident and comfortable on their off-road ventures. 

The Yamaha TTR-50 is designed with many features purposely created with the beginner rider in mind and provides a great entry point into the world of motorcycling.

It’s powered by an air-cooled four-stroke 49cc engine with a maximum speed of 24km/h – just enough for learning off-road riding basics without looking for too much trouble. 

The long-travel front suspension system offers 4.3 inches of travel and 4.9 inches of travel in the rear, making any session through tough terrain smooth and controlled.

The brakes are intuitively responsive, with big front disc brakes to provide good traction and easy lever reach action for young hands that want to feel safe when riding up hillsides or going over jumps offered throughout genuine dirt biking terrain. 

Overall, this bike is perfect for beginners who want to get their feet wet in the fascinating world of dirt biking without risking spending thousands of dollars on top-performance vehicles before they’re even sure they like them.

The Yamaha TTR-50 has a lightweight frame and great stability that smooths out bumps while teaching confidence in your abilities as a rider, making it easier and more fun than ever to stay aboard a dirtbike while encountering trails intended either for experienced users or younger ones alike!

2. Honda CRF230F

Honda CRF230F
by BadDriver is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

If you plan to take up dirt biking, the Honda CRF230F is a great first bike.

It’s an excellent beginner bike that offers many features found on more expensive and powerful models at a reasonable price.  

The Honda CRF230F is one of the best dirt bikes for beginners today.

It’s lightweight and has enough power for even novice riders to get off-road without worrying about overpowering their motorbike and getting into trouble.

The long travel suspension provides an enjoyable, comfortable ride with plenty of traction, and it’s designed with practical geometry so even inexperienced riders can get from points A to B safely and efficiently.

Additionally, it has a broad power delivery thanks to its 223cc single-cylinder engine, making it ideal for tackling all terrain in any condition or season.

In terms of durability, the Honda CRF230F is hard to beat. It’s constructed using high-grade materials like aluminum and reinforced components that help reduce fatigue during long rides – so you know your investment will last for years.

It also boasts improved handling characteristics, making it easy to control and allowing riders to stay in shape through intense off-roading adventures without feeling winded or sore afterward.

3. Honda CRF250X

Honda CRF250X
by George Lamson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? If so, consider investing in a high-quality dirt bike.

Honda CRF250X has been hailed as one of the best dirt bikes for beginners.

Here’s why: 

  • The Honda CRF250X is equipped with a reliable engine that strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency to help keep you on the trails longer while still being able to handle jumps and obstacles without overwhelming inexperienced riders. The hydraulic clutch also reduces possible stalling problems, making it easier for beginners to maneuver and balance their control over the bike without taking their feet off the footpegs. 
  • It also features excellent suspension for traction, cornering stabilization, low center of gravity, and comfort that comes with advanced spring rates and damping settings. This allows young riders confidence when easily handling sharp turns, jumps, or any other challenging terrain. 
  • Its plush dual-sport seat and versatile tire combination provide all-day comfort, ideal for tackling hard surfaces like asphalt streets and soft terrains like dunes or rocky hillsides. With its slim frame design optimized for lighter weight, this bike gives beginner riders better control in tight turns or tricky sections of a trail ride – helping them develop their riding skills quicker than ever! 

All these perks make Honda CRF250X an ideal bike for younger beginner riders; it offers great performance and a safety find tuning feature giving learners peace of mind on their motocross adventures!

4. Kawasaki’s KLX110

Kawasaki's KLX110
by Eje Gustafsson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kawasaki’s KLX110 dirt bike is perfect for beginner riders. The KLX110 combines small-bike agility, good power output, a four-speed gearbox, and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to control.

This reliable off-road fun machine offers young riders the opportunity to have amazing dirt bike experiences – at a very reasonable price. 

The Kawasaki KLX110 is an excellent way for beginners to ease into dirt bike riding.

It sports a 112cc air-cooled engine and can reach up to 40 mph with just Half throttle.

It also has a 4-speed transmission, giving riders more acceleration power at higher speeds which helps improve stability around tight corners and jumps compared to the single-speed automatic models.

Thanks to its light weight of 180 pounds (81 kilograms) combined with 17” wheels and disc brakes, the KLX110 offers great traction, quicker turns, and good steering response even when hitting bumps or coming off jumps.

The Kawasaki KLX110 also features adjustable suspension, allowing you to customize the riding experience according to rider size and skill level while providing smooth bump absorbency between jumping surfaces or terrain levels.

An adjustable clutch means that regardless of your height, you are assured of total control when getting on the bike, accelerating away from a stop position, or making tight turns.

This makes it one of the best dirt bikes for beginners who want top-of-the-line control without spending big bucks on a bigger model.

5. Yamaha YZ125

Yamaha YZ125
by Yamaha Motor France is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If you’re a beginner dirt bike rider looking for the perfect entry-level ride, look no further than the Yamaha YZ125!

This motocross motorcycle is an excellent choice for those just starting to become exceptional riders.

Here are two reasons why the Yamaha YZ125 is considered one of the best dirt bikes for beginners. 

  • Accessible Performance: The Yamaha YZ125 provides a well-balanced mix of performance, power, and control. It has been designed to give even novice riders access to impressive acceleration, so they can easily experience the thrill of being unleashed from the start line. Additionally, its improved engine mapping helps riders track progress and hone their skills in low-speed and high-speed scenarios. 
  • Easy Maneuverability: Despite sporting a powerful, punchy engine, Yamaha YZ125 offers exceptional maneuverability due to its lightweight construction. It’s compact chassis and nimble handling allows riders to navigate tight terrain easily, while its ergonomic design also makes it very easy to control at low speeds. 

With this kind of agility at your disposal, you will be able to learn in no time how to navigate steep tracks with confidence and skill.

In short, regarding accessibility and maneuverability combined with performance packed into one package – there’s no better option than the Yamaha YZ125!


Dirt bikes are the perfect way for beginner riders to learn and improve their riding skills.

With these best dirt bikes for beginners on the market, choosing the right one can be daunting.

Luckily, many options are available to accommodate different budgets and riders of any skill level.

When selecting your first bike, it is important to consider factors such as price, engine size/power, frame type, and suspension capabilities.

These will ensure you get out of your bike exactly what you want and need for maximum trail enjoyment.

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