20 Best Apps for Electric Car Owners

Best Apps for Electric Car Owners

As demand for electric vehicles rises, so does the demand for specialized apps to help make owning and maintaining an electric vehicle easier.

This article on the best apps for electric car owners is the perfect guide you need.  

Many apps are designed with electric car owners in mind, from budgeting tools to vehicle tracking solutions.

This article will investigate a few of the best apps available for electric car owners. 

Whether you’re looking to monitor your vehicle’s performance or save money on gas, there’s something for everyone.

Driving an electric vehicle, or EV, has many benefits, including being more environmentally friendly and saving money on fuel. 

However, they are manageable; finding a place to charge your automobile might be difficult, particularly when traveling a distance. 

Therefore, if you get an electric vehicle, you’ll discover that you quickly start to rely on a few select applications to help you identify charging stations, pay for power, and plan the most effective routes. 

Apps are necessary to use current technology when driving an electric vehicle actively.

By assisting you in finding charge stations, route planning, and EV charging costs, they can help you make the most of owning an electric vehicle and simplify driving. 

The market for apps is rapidly growing as electric cars gain in popularity.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for electric car owners that will benefit electric car owners and can greatly simplify their life. 

1. Zap-Map


One of the best apps for electric car owners is Zap-Map. You’ll need to consider refueling more carefully if you switch to an Electric Vehicle.

Charge points are now less common than gas stations, which can be found directly off your exit on a dual highway or dotted all over the place.

In this situation, Zap-Map is useful. In addition to helping drivers find charge points, plan longer electric trips, and pay for EV charging across networks via Zap-Pay, Zap-Map is the leading EV charging app in the UK, with 95% of the country’s public stations included in its network. 

The Zap-Map Forum, which allows users to communicate real-time information on charge points with a community of 150,000 EV drivers, is a cool tool. 

Download on iOS and Android

‍2. Bonnet


The software that enables EV drivers to locate charging stations and refuel their vehicles is the most crucial.

While many apps provide this service, Bonnet is a favorite among many users. 

To continually grow its network of partners, Bonnet collaborates with several EV charging networks in Europe.

With the help of this software, Now everyone can charge their electric vehicles, not just those with private driveways. 

Additionally, it eliminates the need for you to keep a variety of EV charging apps on your phone.

Instead, Bonnet enables you to connect your vehicle, identify chargers in our partners’ networks, and pay for the service using our app, irrespective of the supplier. 

Additionally, Bonnet enables you to cut costs on charging by buying a prepaid plan.

The best thing is that any unused kilowatts in your plan will roll over to the following month if you use only some of them in the current one. 

Similarly, if you run out of energy during a month, you can continue paying as you go until the beginning of the following month at the same per-kilowatt rate you had in your plan. 

Download iOS and Android.  

3. Octopus Electroverse

Octopus Electroverse

This app is next on our list of best apps for electric car owners. The Octopus Electroverse mobile application aims to make charging for electric vehicles simpler for everyone.

Drivers in the UK and Europe have access to approximately 400,000 public charging stations! 

The app comes with several features that simplify charging your car.

You may search through nearby charging companies that aren’t yet partners with Octopus and find chargers that are compatible with Octopus locally. 

With map filters, you can focus your search on nearby charging stations by selecting based on factors like charging speeds, socket types, and networks. 

Download on iOS and Android.

4. Plugshare


Plugshare makes it easier to find and access charging stations worldwide, including public networks such as Chargepoint, EVgo, and SemaConnect. 

It also lists all of the available charging networks in your area. In addition to this, it includes detailed information about each charger, such as type, power output, and estimated charging time. 

The app allows users to rate their charging experiences and post photos of the locations.

It’s the perfect app for EV drivers looking for information about charge stations. 

The app allows you to look for public charging stations appropriate for your EV, filter results for connector type, charging speed, and extras like food or restrooms, and confirm station functionality and availability.

Provide a link to a navigation app with directions to the charger of your choice; and more. 

Download iOS and Android

5. Google Maps

Google Maps

Next on our list of best apps for electric car owners is Google Maps.

You’ll be glad to know that Google Maps can also serve as a route planner for long road trips and tell you where the EV charging points are, making it simple to plan your next journey. 

This is especially useful if you still need to download a dedicated EV charger app and enjoy the simple interface of Google’s products. 

You must enter your travel information, select “search along the route,” and then type “EV charging stations.”

The stations along your trip will then be displayed on Google Maps, together with information on the types of chargers they have. 

Download on iOS and Android

6. Waze


Waze is a great community-powered app that both EV and non-EV drivers may use.

It enables drivers to exchange practical navigational information, such as data on traffic, incidents, speed traps, and road conditions. 

Because its database is updated frequently, you receive notifications right away. It is a free app that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Additionally, you can use Waze on the screen of a Tesla, which unquestionably enhances the user experience. 

Download on iOS and Android.  

7. ChargePoint


ChargePoint is number seven on our list of best apps for electric car owners. Over 100,000 charging stations are displayed on ChargePoint’s global locating map. 

This app includes anticipated pricing for particular charging stations and standard features like filters and reviews, which might help you find lower prices nearby. 

You can pay using the app at stations that are part of the ChargePoint network.

You might need a backup payment method if you’re using this app because most charging stations in the UK (including most Scottish stations) are currently outside of this network. 

ChargePoint is an alternative for companies or fleets installing charging points because it offers charging stations and locates software.

See our interactive map of EV charging stations for more information! 

Download on iOS and Android

8. Optiwatt


Optiwatt is an app that helps you save money on electricity bills by understanding your EV charging habits and helping you to optimize them. 

It uses data from the vehicle’s onboard computer and other sources, such as weather information, to determine the best time to charge and how much power you should use. 

Using Optiwatt, electric car drivers can reduce their electricity bills significantly and help reduce their carbon footprint. 

The main goals of Optiwatt are to lower pollution and save money when charging your electric vehicle. 

Thanks to the app’s tracking capabilities, you can get each charge’s cost and energy efficiency statistics.

You may program it so that your EV always charges when energy prices are the lowest. 

Download on iOS and Android.

9. WattsUp


WattsUp is a fantastic option if you’re seeking an app with all the necessary functionality to securely get you and your EV to your destination. 

The software asks you to specify your criteria before giving you appropriate charging sites for you and your car instead of immediately displaying any charging stations when you search. 

This might be the app for you if you’re tired of searching through stations that aren’t compatible with your automobile and prefer something more straightforward. 

Additionally, it offers voice instructions, live status updates, and an estimated time to reach your next charging point—all of which will be quite helpful when traveling through foreign territory. 

Download on iOS and Android.

10. RingGo Parking

RingGo Parking

Number ten on our list of best apps for electric car owners is RingGo Parking.

The most well-known parking app compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is RingGo. 

This app is particularly helpful if you’re an EV driver who frequently parks in a pay-and-display zone since it offers various payment options, including credit card and Apple Pay, and discounted parking rates. 

You will save time and effort using this app to locate parking spaces wherever you go.

Additionally, the app lets you change the parking time. Finding parking spots with charging stations is also beneficial for EV owners. 

Download on iOS and Android.  

11. EV Hotels

EV Hotels

The EVHotels app streamlines travel arrangements by giving users a map of 250,000 hotels worldwide that provide on-site charge points or a predetermined walking distance away.

There are free public chargers and ones only available to hotel guests. The ability to modify and filter the map is one great feature.

You can enter your preferred walking distance between public EV chargers and hotels and your chosen hotel brand preferences and car plug type here. For £2.49, EVHotels is available for purchase.  

Download on iOS.

12. Chargemap


With more than 450,000 charging stations spread out across Europe, Chargemap has a sizable network.

Although its UK network is less extensive than the other options on this list, it is the best choice for EV drivers who frequently cross the channel. 

Chargemap is one of the most user-friendly EV charging apps, thanks to its modern interface and straightforward key.

It comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration (along with its other capabilities) as standard; a subscription is unnecessary. 

However, you’ll have to obtain a different payment card (a Chargemap Pass) to purchase outside the app.

Although there isn’t a monthly fee, the card requires a one-time payment of €19.90 (around £16.85). 

Download on iOS and Android

13. JustPark


Next on our list of best apps for electric car owners is JustPark.

In essence, JustPark connects drivers and parking spaces as the UK’s largest parking network with over 45,000 locations. 

JustPark is the app you need, whether you want a parking space or want to rent your driveway.

Parking space availability is displayed in real-time, and pre-booking and payment can be handled through a single account. 

Because the business won Richard Branson’s £250,000 Virgin Media “Pitch To Rich” contest, he thought the concept was so clever.

EV owners with a home charger and parking space can make money by advertising these resources on JustPark.

This fills in the public charging infrastructure holes, and the first £1,000 is tax-free! 

Download on iOS and Android

14. Tesla


With mentioning Tesla, our discussion of necessary EV apps would be complete.

It’s one of the best manufacturer applications out there, and if you drive a Tesla, you must have it. 

Finding the closest Supercharger is quite useful. Additionally, you may schedule longer trips worldwide while utilizing Tesla’s extensive infrastructure to keep you going. 

You can use the app to customize charging features at home or on the go.

It’s also feasible to keep track of your battery level and get a push notification on your phone when it’s full.

But the magic doesn’t end there, as the program transforms your phone into a car remote control

Before getting in, you can remotely unlock and start your Tesla, open the sunroof, and adjust the climate control to your chosen temperature.

Download on iOS and Android.

15. ChargeHub


ChargeHub is a free app that allows you to locate the closest charging stations.

It also provides detailed information about the station, such as amenities, payment methods, and costs. 

The app has over 65,000 charging stations in its database and offers an interactive map showing nearby locations.

You can filter by type of charger and save your favorite spots for quick access later. 

The nearby EV public charging spots are displayed on the ChargeHub charging stations app.

Additionally, users can discuss their experiences charging at various places and write feedback. 

As with many other charging apps, inactive charging stations or private charging spots that aren’t identified as such may be found. 

Download on iOS and Android

16. Parkopedia


Next on our list of best apps for electric car owners is Parkopedia. You may locate and reserve parking near your destination using the Parkopedia app. 

Access your reservation from the app and present it when you arrive for stress-free parking.

It’s another excellent option for EV drivers because you can filter by parking spots or garages with EV charging stations. 

You can’t integrate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with Parkopedia; some of its better features require a premium account.

This includes using in-app navigation and reserving a space in advance. 

However, these options, particularly pre-booking, are quite helpful in preventing a scramble for a parking spot, so paying £4.99 for this extra convenience would be worthwhile. 

Download on iOS and Android.  

17. The AA

The AA

The AA app, like other parking applications, displays available parking spaces close to your destination as well as the presence of electric charging stations. 

However, this software offers far more features than only parking.

On a lengthy journey, you may find fantastic places to have lunch, plan itineraries, and even seek breakdown support. 

You can go right with the AA app if you’re searching for an all-purpose car support software with loads of general features rather than specialist EV help. 

You should only use this app when you’re safely parked because it does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

Download on iOS and Android.  

18. Caura


Next on our list of best apps for electric car owners is Caura. There is always administrative work to be done to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, regardless of the sort of vehicle you drive. 

Caura offers a single location where you can handle your auto insurance, tax, MOTs, and even congestion fees to simplify the paperwork process for drivers. 

Despite the lack of EV-specific features, Caura is a great tool for any driver to handle the paperwork associated with car ownership. 

When you enter a region with clean air or utilize a toll road, Caura can be used to pay even if your automobile subscription provider handles your insurance and servicing. 

Download on iOS and Android.

19. AppyParking


AppyParking is another great app for electric car owners to consider. It provides an overview of parking spots near you, their availability, and associated fees. 

The app also displays the cost of parking at each spot and its accessibility via public transport.

You can be used to reserve a space in advance so that when you go to your location, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space when you arrive at your destination. 

In addition, AppyParking will tell you if the spot has an EV charging station.

You can even book a space with an electric charging point, so you’ll surely get one when you arrive. 

The fact that AppyParking displays free on-street parking locations, reserved spaces, and car parks sets it apart from other parking apps. 

It provides real-time information about on-street parking, which makes parking stress-free.

However, this software doesn’t offer many EV-specific capabilities and doesn’t support in-car apps. 

Download on iOS and Android. 

20. A Better Route Planner

A Better Route Planner

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is last on our list of best apps for electric car owners. A navigation app focusing on route planning for electric cars is called ABRP. 

It can determine where you should stop to charge your car and how long it will take by entering the type of vehicle, the initial state of charge, and the frequency of charging stops.

This enables you to make the most of your charge and travel time. 

Real-time traffic reporting, car data sharing, and interaction with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two of the helpful features added to the ABRP premium version. 

However, the free edition includes all the essential elements for truly useful EV software, so upgrading is unnecessary. 

Download on iOS and Android.

There you have it! Twenty best apps for electric car owners. As electric car ownership continues to rise, so does the number of available apps designed to make driving and maintaining your vehicle easier.

We hope this list of best apps for electric car owners helps you find something useful to make your life a bit easier! 

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