17 Best Android Auto Apps for Your Car in 2023

best Android Auto Apps

Are you curious about the best Android Auto Apps? Let’s take a quick “detour” and learn more about it here if you’re new to it.

Android Auto turns your car’s built-in dashboard into a smartphone-like interface.

Your current Android mobile device’s experience is merged into the dashboard, replacing the latter’s native system.  

Furthermore, thanks to Android Auto, your vehicle’s infotainment system will display apps and dialogs in a simple interface.

To elaborate, app icons will be larger and crisper, menus will be understandable, and comprehensive panels. 

Additionally, Android fans will have a more familiar experience with Android Auto thanks to design and functionality updates (e.g., dark mode, dual-SIM support, etc.). Is there a phone OS and automobile requirement for Android Auto? It certainly has.  

Your smartphone must be running Android 5.0 or later to work with Android Auto. Android Auto also requires a WiFi connection to the device. 

Additionally, the software already supports many eligible cars makes and models. Go to the official Android website to see if your vehicle is compatible.

You may customize the experience with various apps, and you can do practically everything with it except view movies.  

Google Assistant should be featured here because it uses your car’s microphones to deliver content while driving, but you’ll need it to use Android Auto anyway.

As a result, it is not listed below. The best Android Auto Apps for you right now are listed below.  

1. Google Map

With over a billion devices installed, it’s no surprise that Google Maps is the most popular Android Auto software.

It was one of the most accurate and efficient mapping software on the market back in 2008 and was backed by years of development. It’s also free.  

There’s no need to subscribe, and it’s also continually updated. Thanks to their outstanding driving directions that few competitors can match, Maps are the go-to for Android Auto users with their massive install base. 

Furthermore, the map is light and dark reactive, meaning it offers bright and dark themes that alter automatically, such as when you enter a tunnel.  

Maps are the obvious choice for in-car navigation for anyone using Android Auto. Waze is also excellent (thus its inclusion on the list), but Maps has many more capabilities. 

2. Audible And Overdrive

Audible and Overdrive are also one of the best Android Auto Apps. Two of the most popular audiobook services are Audible and OverDrive.  

Both of them are compatible with Android Auto. Furthermore, they function similarly. You can buy audiobooks and listen to them while driving.

It’s a fun alternative to music for individuals who prefer something less intense on their commutes or road trips.  

For people who would instead not buy individual books, Audible also offers a subscription option. If you don’t want to use Audible, OverDrive is a fantastic option. 

3. Pandora

Android Auto’s service that popularized internet radio is right at home.

After signing into your account in the standard app, you can choose one of your stations by sliding out the left sidebar.  

While driving, it will play music continuously. Furthermore, tap the arrow to see more Thumbs Up/Down buttons that influence the station.  

Additionally, at the bottom, there are also Replay and Skip buttons.

Pandora is a terrific alternative for listening to music and getting moving because of its straightforward layout. Podcasts are available, as are most streaming services these days. 

4. Facebook Messenger

People who don’t have a Facebook Messenger account and don’t need to check it now and then are incredibly unusual nowadays, even when on the road.  

As a result, one of the most popular and best Android Auto apps for instant messaging is Facebook Messenger.

In addition, the messages you receive on your Facebook Messenger mobile app will appear on your car dashboard after it is connected with Android Auto.  

Furthermore, allow Android Auto to read new Facebook Messenger messages aloud to reduce distractions.

Alternatively, you can use the “I’m driving at the moment” pre-defined template to send an instant message to your Messenger contacts. 

5. Spotify

One of the most popular music streaming apps, Spotify, allows you to listen to your favorite songs.

Slide out the left panel to access your library, including recent items, albums, playlists, etc.  

In addition, we recommend creating a playlist with your favorite music so you don’t have to fiddle about while driving for the best results.  

Furthermore, you can add the current theme to your library, start the radio for the track, and examine the play queue by tapping the arrow on the player.

You can only utilize shuffle mode in the Spotify mobile app unless you have a Spotify Premium subscription. 

6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another popular instant messaging service that works with Android Auto. It allows you to open messages from your WhatsApp inbox without using your hands.

When combined with Android Auto, you may tap a specific chat on the dashboard and respond using voice commands.  

If you’re using other apps, WhatsApp messages will appear in the third position from the top of the dashboard for increased convenience.

With this setup, you can compose your notes without going from one app to another.  

7. Scanner Radio-Police Scanner

Listening to emergency service scanners regularly at home may not be for everyone, but listening while driving can help you prevent accidents. Rather than depending on Waze users to report concerns on the road,  

you can monitor your city’s emergency scanners for traffic congestion. Even if you’re not looking for delays directly from the source, listening to a local scanner while driving lets you know about your city’s emergencies. If you’re like that sort of stuff, that is. 

8. iHeartRadio

Next on our list of best Android Auto apps is the iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio is one of the most popular Internet radio apps and works well with Android Auto.  

There are several regular music stations as well as radio stations.

Furthermore, you can always listen to traditional radio stations in your car, but iHeartRadio makes it easier for people who want to keep everything in Android Auto.  

Additionally, the service is completely free with ads, or a subscription is available for those who want more content.

We’re especially fond of iHeartRadio around the holidays due to its wonderful Christmas station. It’s still fantastic for the remaining 11 months of the year. 

9. YouTube Music

Unless you have YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Music is restricted on Android Auto. You may access the entire music, radio, and other content if you subscribe.  

Additionally, the free service is still worthwhile for one primary reason: simple access to your music library.

Like its former predecessor Google Play Music, YouTube Music allows users to upload 100,000 songs.  

Furthermore, you may stream them anywhere you have an internet connection or download them for offline playback once they’re in your library.

This is an excellent choice if you have a sizeable MP3 library that you don’t want to remain on your phone’s internal storage. 

10. Autovaras: Android Car Assistant

You will anticipate a slew of auto-related apps for Android Auto. While the selection can be limited depending on your needs, Autovaras stands out because of its expiration date.  

In addition, enter the dates for items like your next vehicle inspection, insurance renewal, and tag expiration.

You’ll always have access to a screen that displays this critical information, ensuring that you don’t miss any important dates and risk losing your license.  

Furthermore, Autovaras is a simple release, but it’s a useful one, and you can get it for free because there are no payments associated with it. 

11. Waze

Waze is next on our list of best Andriod Auto apps right now. It excels in avoiding traffic and bottlenecks, while Google Maps is suitable for longer trips.  

In essence, the crowdsourced approach allows drivers to assist one another by reporting hazards or difficulties that appear on the map. Furthermore, the map is dynamic, which means it can reroute you to avoid obstructions. Google Assistant is also supported. 

12. MediaMonkey Or Poweramp

Local music player MediaMonkey. For Android Auto, there are several excellent local music players. We even have a list for it posted below the first paragraph.

We do, however, like MediaMonkey. The program itself is straightforward and adaptable, and there isn’t a lot of unnecessary clutter. 

Similarly, the Android Auto experience is straightforward and effective. It’s simple to access your library’s playlists or songs.

Pulsar and Poweramp are also good choices, but MediaMonkey also includes desktop software to keep your local library.

13. Pocket Casts

Several streaming services, such as Spotify and Audible, allow podcasts, but if you’re searching for dedicated podcast software, Pocket Casts has been around since 2011.

It’s an oldie but a goodie still going strong despite its owners’ poor luck, with the company being sold multiple times.  

Additionally, Pocket Casts is ideal for long rides because of its intuitive UI and queueing feature, making it simple to create a list of podcasts.

The software works with Android Auto and Assistant, keeping your hands free even if you want to adjust your setup.  

14. Tidal

Tidal is next on our list of best Android Auto apps right now. If you’re an audiophile with a high-end automobile audio system, Tidal’s lossless HiFi subscription service might fit you.  

Streaming it will use more cellular data, so you might want to save some of your favorites to your phone instead, but the audio enhancement should be noticeable with excellent speakers. The library is extensive, and you can borrow it for 30 days. 

15. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is, without a doubt, our favorite Android SMS app. It’s compatible with desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Android Auto.  

As a result, you can obtain your texts practically anywhere. The app can be customized, and messages can be responded to via Android Auto.

Additionally, Textra is a popular app among Android Auto users, and it’s also a great SMS app. 

On the other hand, Pulse SMS provides more functionality and is available on more platforms.

Furthermore, Pulse SMS is the place to go if you want an all-in-one superb (although pricey) SMS experience. If you only need that, Textra is a good solution. 

16. NPR One

NPR One is also one of the top Android Auto apps for listening to music online.

If you’re suffering from FOMO, use the app to keep up with the latest local, national, and international news.  

You may browse your favorite podcasts, programs, and episodes on NPR One. There’s also an in-app sleep timer with five options to pick from.

You can drive safely using NPR One’s hands-free features for skipping, pausing, and exploring content. 


17. TuneIn Radio

Rounding up the list of best Android auto apps isn’t he TuneinRadio. Okay, this will sound crazy, but have you explored using Android Auto to listen to the radio?  

TuneIn Radio is a multi-platform radio app that features over 100,000 stations spanning AM, FM, and the internet. News stations, popular podcasts, and live sports are all examples.  

Furthermore, the app supports Android Auto, and you may listen to the radio while driving with all of these stations available.  

The station selection is far superior to that of most vehicle radios, so it’s not such a crazy notion if you enjoy listening to music from around the world while driving. 

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