Top 10 Australian Car Brands

Australian Car Brands
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Australians love their cars, and many car manufacturers have chosen to start or relocate their Australian branches in this country.

And make it an Australian car brand because of its high concentration of car enthusiasts and excellent driving conditions. 

However, the local car market is exceptionally competitive, meaning that each brand has to be on top of its game. Suppose it wants to succeed in getting its products out into the market.

Here’s a list of Australia’s top 10 car brands, as ranked by the number of vehicles sold in 2015 by Australian car brands.

History of car manufacturing companies in Australia

In 1954, Ford Australia set up a production plant in Geelong, Victoria. Since then, it has been building models in the form of Australian car brands of its own such as Falcons, Fairlanes, and Cortinas.

And is also one of just two manufacturers still making cars here (the other being Holden). Fifteen car manufacturers have built cars in Australian car brands: American Motors (AMC), Audi, and BMW (which now owns Mini).

Moreover, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge, General Motors (Holden), Honda, and Toyota, Other companies that make cars here.

But are no longer based in Australia, including Alfa Romeo, Austin, British Leyland (BL), Datsun/Nissan, Fiat, Ford, and Peugeot.

Australian Car Brands

1. Holden

The Holden Company is an Australian car brand automotive manufacturer. Founded by James Alexander Holden in 1856 and began to produce cars in 1948 after receiving government approval and funding for research and development.

However, the first Holden rolled off the assembly line on Friday, September 13th, 1948. Australian car brands are the most popular and well-known for producing some of Australia’s favorite models, including Commodore, Cruze, Barina Spark, and Caprice.

2. Ford Australia

This is one of the Australian car brands with the oldest automotive companies. Founded in Geelong, Victoria, in 1925 and acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1925.

The company started making Model Ts but produced luxury cars with names like Cortina and Falcon during its later years.

Similarly, it re-entered a new era in 1999 when Ford Australia began producing the all-new AU series. And also that of Falcon sedans and wagons, production at its plant in Broadmeadows will end later in 2016.

And also, it won’t be replaced after 2016 by anything other than components produced elsewhere by Ford, mainly Australian car brands

3. Mack Trucks Australia

Mack trucks are manufactured by Mack Trucks, Ltd., of Allentown, Pennsylvania, in North America as an Australian car brand.

The company manufactures medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks and truck bodies for other OEMs.  Nevertheless, Mack is also known for its yellow trucks, used to haul famous landmarks.

Such as The Statue of Liberty (New York), Bracknell Tower (United Kingdom), and St Mary’s Cathedral (San Francisco). They were enlisted to help with rescue efforts after Hurricane Sandy in New York City.

4. Toyota Australia

Toyota is a Top Australian car brand, having sold almost 740,000 vehicles in 2013. It’s also one of only two Australian car brands in Australia that have been around since before World War II.

However the other is Holden, but Toyota has been making cars here for over 30 years. These days, its four-wheel line-up ranges from small cars like its Yaris and Corolla to large-capacity workhorses like its Hilux pickup truck.

5. Nissan Australia

Nissan has been selling Australian car brands in Australia since 1963 when it released its Datsun Bluebird. It was first sold to consumers as a captive import but would later be locally manufactured.

The introduction of Japan’s second-biggest automaker helped create competition in a region with no prior. The company currently produces cars and SUVs, including models such as Nissan Juke, Nissan Patrol, and Infiniti Q50.

These cars are built at its Adelaide plant in South Australia; It has approximately 1,500 employees and retail outlets throughout Australia.

Its home countries; are New Zealand, Indonesia; Thailand; India; Malaysia, and Singapore, exporting to 36 markets globally.

6. Jaguar Australia

The luxury carmaker, headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England, has enjoyed a high-end reputation, founded in 1922.

There are showrooms in Adelaide and Brisbane, where you can browse the best Australian car brands range of new Jaguars.

The Australian car brand is renowned for its class-leading advanced technology and unique styling. Moreover, Whether you’re after an E-Pace or an F-Type sports car, there’s something for everyone.

Jaguar offers customers worldwide an unrivaled choice of vehicles that combine style and performance with elegance and comfort.

Also, from a luxury saloon to a dynamic sports car, an Australian car brand from one of Europe’s most iconic car brands!

7. FPV

FPV is a major Australian car brand in Australia. Established in 1960, FPV specializes in family cars and off-road vehicles. In 2011, FPV bought Ford-owned Tickford and now sells rebranded Ford models under its name and Tickford brand. 

Also, the company has three manufacturing facilities: one each in Campbellfield, Victoria; Geebung, Queensland; and Dandenong South, Victoria.

In 2014, it was named an official Australian FIFA World Cup sponsor for Russia 2018. It was the official vehicle partner for Collingwood AFL club from 2015 to 2017. 

Nevertheless, FPV stands for Fast Pace Vehicles, but it is more popularly known as First Preference Vehicles or Formerly Premier VehiVehiclesSV cars.

(HPV) is an automotive and racing firm. Formed in 1987 by former Holden Dealer Team boss Tom Walkinshaw.

It went into a brief hiatus, lasting from 1995 to 1999, before being purchased by current owner and racing magnate Roland Dane.

The company quickly became famous for high-powered engineering vehicles based on Holden Commodore cars for producing Australian car brands. 

However, Since then, it has continued to produce some of Australia’s best high-performance vehicles, winning numerous awards.

HSV vehicles are usually among Australian car brands, the most expensive cars due to their excellent performances. Below is a list of HSV’s top three models

8. Elfin Australia

There are Australian car brands in Australia starting Sports Cars, founded in 1976 and builds exotic sports cars. Although each is sold as a racing car, the company produces these vehicles for race and road use. 

Moreover, these vehicles have won several Australian Championships, and the other two brands are no longer operating.

The first is the mid-1960s automaker Elfin Cars, which produced only 12 cars before going out of business in 1967. 

Also, The final brand is Peugeot-Citroen Australasia (PCA), a joint venture between French automaker Citroen and an Australian automaker. Peugeot Motor Company built a few cars between 1985 and 1986 before exiting production.

9. Iveco Australia

Iveco is an Italian manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It sells products under its own Fiat, Ford, and Citroen brands in Australia.

For example, in 2012, Iveco launched a new range of light trucks sold exclusively through dealer-network Western Star Trucks. 

Similarly, The range includes two models: a three-axle prime mover (Iveco Daily) and a two-axle drop deck (Iveco Hi-Way). Both are available in 4×2 or 4×4 versions.

At launch, both models are available with a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine or a naturally aspirated engine.

However, by 2014 only one model was offered: The 6-cylinder turbocharged version with 295 horsepower (220 kilowatts).

There are no differences between Western Star trucks sold in North America and those sold in Australian car brands models.

10. Mitsubishi

Few brands on Earth have withstood as much hardship and perseverance as Mitsubishi. They survived World War II, but they also thrived during it. When many companies either shut down or began making items for arms. 

However, they survived some of history’s greatest tribulations. Mitsubishi has undoubtedly earned its place in the Australian car brands and the Industry. And will likely be a name that sticks around for years to come. 

Also, The brand is well-known for its sleek sports cars, powerful sedans, and incredibly reliable SUVs. If you’re looking for a great vehicle at an affordable price, look no further than Mitsubishi.

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