Are Folding Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

Folding Tonneau Cover

If you’re looking to buy tonneau cover online, you want to know how it can protect your items from rain, UV rays, wind and theft.

There are many different types of tonneau covers and many different reasons to choose one.

While these covers shield your truck bed from most of the worst weather effects, they can’t promise full waterproofing.

Learn more about how tonneau covers handle water today.

Water Protection of Folding Covers

A tri fold tonneau cover provides a significant amount of water protection. However, few covers are totally waterproof.

It isn’t recommended to store any item in the bed of your truck that can’t be exposed to even a drop of water or slight moisture. A one-piece folding cover is a better option, but no cover will guarantee complete water protection.

Most items aren’t that fragile when it comes to a few drops of water. A tonneau cover provides enough water protection to keep most of your items dry and safe.

The vast majority of moisture will be kept outside your cover as long as it’s properly installed and fitted to your truck.

Consider using tarps, storage bins and other protective items under your tonneau cover if you need 100% waterproofing.

Doubling up layers of protection is your best way to ensure water drops won’t make their way around the seams and hinges of your cover.

The Most Waterproof Covers

Looking for the best in water protection? tri-fold covers provide reasonable protection for most situations, but they aren’t the most watertight option on the market.

Look for a hard, one-piece folding cover for maximum water protection. These rugged covers keep your content shielded from heavy rains, snowstorms and other adverse weather.

Other tonneau covers provide enough weather protection for most uses. These tonneau options may allow a few drips into the bed of your truck, but in general keep your contents safe and dry:

  • Hard or soft roll-up covers
  • Soft folding covers
  • Retractable covers
  • Tri-fold covers

Hard covers are typically better than soft ones. Look for a fiberglass cover that offers the same durable construction as the body of your truck, or pick up an aluminum cover for even more protection. Look for covers that include a compression seal around the edges.

Snap covers provide the least amount of rain protection. A light mist or a short drive through the rain shouldn’t affect your contents, but a severe rainstorm can cause water to leak around the snaps or hook-and-loop connections.

Use a snap cover to keep away light moisture and UV rays and to hold contents in as you drive, but don’t expect it to give you the best waterproof protection.

Protect Your Items From Water, UV Rays and More

Don’t let a little rain stop you from hauling your camping gear, tools or other items in your truck bed. Shop online to find a tonneau cover and side fenders for trucks that protect your contents and your truck.

Be sure you get the best option for your driving situation by shopping the sales online and having a brand-new cover delivered straight to your garage.

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