26 American Motorcycle Brands

American Motorcycle Brands

When it comes to riding the open road on two wheels, the United States of America offers an incredible array of American motorcycle brands that can take your breath away.

Whether you’re in the mood for a big adventure or just cruising around town, you’ll find that there are many American-made options. 

These are all available to choose from, ranging from light-weight to heavy-duty and from sporty to classic.

So, whether you prefer the comfort of cruisers or the excitement of sports bikes, read on for a look at some amazing American motorcycle brands!

1. Ace Motor Corporation

This starts our list of American motorcycle brands. With an experience of more than 25 years in the industry, Ace Motor Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of top quality Motorcycles, Scooters, and other related products.

Founded by  William G. Henderson, the company started its humble journey with just one employee. 

The property of Ace Motor changed hands in 1927 when the Indian Motorcycle Company purchased it. Their first model was launched as ‘Classic Star,’ which was also very successful in India as well.

2. Alligator Motorcycle Company

The Alligator Motorcycle Company, an American bike builder, is second on our list of various American motorcycle brands.

Alligator builds motorcycles, cruisers, and customs. The company is based in South Carolina and was founded by  Dan Gurney Alligator, an engineer with years of experience in the bike industry. 

Furthermore, each Alligator motorcycle is hand-built and custom-tailored to the customer’s specifications.

The company has many models to choose from, including cruisers, Harley-style bikes, choppers, and more.

One unique aspect of the Alligators is they come standard with a rear fender eliminator kit and front fender eliminators on some models.

These kits allow you to customize your bike’s look without resorting to aftermarket parts or additional expenses.

3. Allstate Motorcycle

The Allstate Motorcycle Company is third on this list of American motorcycle brands. Allstate was a Sears-marketed American car brand.

Several manufacturers provided the scooters, motorcycles, and automobiles that Sears “Allstate” rebadged.

Major providers of scooters were Piaggio and Cushman, while Puch and Gilera provided mopeds and motorcycles, and Kaiser-Frazer and the Lincoln Motor Car Works provided cars at various times.

Additionally, it is the oldest continuously operating company for the production of motorcycles.

4. Arch Motorcycle

Motorcycle enthusiasts, this one of the American motorcycle brands is for you! The Arch Motorcycle Company is a premier American manufacturer of custom handmade motorcycles. Founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger in 2011. 

All Arch motorcycles are designed to be functional, reliable, and beautiful, as they are hand-built with high-quality materials.

What’s even more impressive is that the company produces prototypes using 3D CAD software before they build them. This means it’s easy to make adjustments before production starts.

5. ATK Motorcycles

If you love American motorcycle brands, you’ll want to know about ATK Motorcycles. Founded in 1985 and located in Centreville,  Utah, USA.

The company is a premier manufacturer of custom-built motorcycles and ATVs. They offer something for everyone, from standard street bikes to choppers and even touring models. 

Moving on, the company’s founder Horst Leitner is an engineer who was tired of seeing the industry buy low-quality Chinese parts.

These are parts that they would have to cut up and modify just to make their bikes run properly. He wanted to create his parts so he could build the bike exactly how he wanted it without compromising his vision.

That’s why today, every single part of an ATK motorcycle bike is made in-house by their team of designers and engineers with precision machinery made in America.

6. American IronHorse Motorcycle

The IronHorse was founded in 1995 by Tim Edmondson and Bill Rucker, who wanted to create a motorcycle company that builds custom motorcycles for the most discriminating rider.

They said that when asked about the name, you’ll know it when you ride one. Of the American motorcycle brands, the IronHorse is a bike that is starting to make waves in the industry. 

Designed with a focus on style and performance, these bikes are made for riders who want their bikes to be a conversation piece, as they are designed for speed and handling.

There’s a 250cc single-cylinder engine to a 1200cc V-Twin engine available in matte black, chrome, or candy red.

There are also accents of blue and yellow flames. With these, there’s something for everyone.

7. Boss Hoss Cycles Motorcycle

Boss Hoss Cycles is a company that manufactures custom-built, American-made motorcycles. Their bikes are known for their uniquely retro design and high performance. 

What’s more about this one of the American motorcycle brands? The company was founded by Monte Warne in 1990.

The eight engine cylinders and extremely tall gears of the semi-automatic gearbox of Boss Hoss motorcycles and tricycles work together to dampen vibrations, creating what has been referred to as “vibration-free acceleration.”.

8. Brammo Inc.

Talking about the various American motorcycle brands, Brammo, Inc. was an electric motorcycle manufacturer and supplier.

Founded by Craig Bamsher, it started in his garage after he had a visit to several Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships.

Brammo offers a line of all-electric motorcycles for consumers who want to commute without the hassle of gas stations or vehicle maintenance. 

Additionally, Brammo’s first model was released in 2008. The company has sold more than 2,000 motorcycles worldwide. Currently, it employs over 130 people at its two locations in Ashland and Eugene. 

In September 2015, Polaris Industries acquired Brammo Motorsports and its manufacturing division Brammo Inc. And also patents and technology rights related to electric powertrains for motorcycles.

9. Buell Motorcycle Company

The Buell Motorcycle Company was founded in 1983 by an ex-Harley engineer, Erik Buell. The company produced more than 40,000 motorcycles and employed more than 350 people at its peak. 

Now, you can purchase previously owned Buell motorcycles on websites like eBay, Autotrader, and Craigslist. This isn’t left out of our list of the different American motorcycle brands!

10. Confederate Motors

If you’re looking for something a little different, you should definitely check out Confederate Motors. They provide custom motorcycles with classic styling but are manufactured in the US. 

Plus, they have many colors and styles to choose from. Confederate is one of the few remaining American motorcycle brands in the US.

11. Cooper Motorcycles

Cooper motorcycles were Between 1973 and 1975, Moto Islo in Saltillo, Mexico, produced Frank Cooper’s design for distribution in the US.

The company was on the brink of failure when Southern California Yamaha distributor Don Jones, who renamed the brand Ammex saved it in 1928.

One of the most interesting facts about this one of the American motorcycle brands is that they made their first bike with three wheels! 

This continued; however, the brand failed when the Mexican peso was devalued when it went bankrupt and ceased to exist in 1976.

12. Crocker Motorcycle Company

Crocker’s bikes are built by hand, emphasizing quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The company offers three models: Crocker Naked, Crocker Tourer, and Crocker Cruiser – each designed for a specific riding style. 

Basically, all models have the same frame size but vary in power delivery or engine size depending on the model chosen.

Crocker produces motorcycles with belt drive systems, ensuring exceptional reliability while creating minimal maintenance requirements.

Talk about the best American motorcycle brands; the Crocker motorcycle company is one!

13. Erik Buell Racing

Buell bikes have been ridden to victory by several world championship winners. These include Kevin Schwantz, Troy Corser, Doug Chandler, Aaron Yates, and Scott Russell. 

Got any doubt why they shouldn’t be on this list of the best American motorcycle brands? They wouldn’t be making history now if they weren’t tested and trusted!

14. Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle

Excelsior-Henderson is one of the new American motorcycle brands. We are a family-owned company, and all of our motorcycles are made in our factory in Mississippi, USA. 

Uniquely, you can feel the pride and craftsmanship in every bike we make. Our bikes have a vintage look with modern technology that’s only found at Excelsior-Henderson.

15. Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company

Excelsior has achieved this by staying committed to its traditions, values, and principles. Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company has succeeded by being both innovative and traditional.

Also, by never compromising their legacy or integrity. Yes, this is one of the trusted American motorcycle brands! 

After more than a century in business, Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company still produces award-winning motorcycles.

Not only that but also with the same attention to detail as when they first began. Using the finest materials available, Excelsior continues to produce highly desirable bikes for private collectors and corporate fleets.

16. Fischer Motor Company

The Fischer Motor Company is one of the American motorcycle brands. Using suppliers such as an EADS (Airbus) subsidiary for engineering, the Michael Jordan Motorsports and Harley-Davidson contractor Gemini Technology Systems for frame development, and various businesses associated with US-based heavy equipment and automotive suppliers for other components, company founder Daniel Fischer created the first motorcycle for mass production, the MRX 650. The initial platform is based on a Grand Prix chassis from the 1990s. 

With its fourth generation still at the helm, it’s looking to launch a new line of bikes. Fischer Motor Company bikes are available through authorized dealerships across North America. Additionally, they make a range of motorcycles, from dirt bikes to cruiser and sports bikes. 

17. Harley-Davidson

The US city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serves as the headquarters. It was established in 1903 with its illustrious rival, Indian Motorcycles.

It is one of two significant American motorcycle producers who survived the Great Depression. Interestingly, they are now one of the indispensable American motorcycle brands.

The business has persevered through various ownership arrangements, subsidiary agreements, periods of deplorable economic health and product quality, and fierce international competition to become one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world and an iconic brand well-known for its devoted following.

In 1903, their first motorized bicycle attracted a lot of attention from other cyclists who wanted to know where they could get one. Interestingly, they are now one of the indispensable American motorcycle brands.

18. Hodaka

During a lengthy tour to Europe in the late 1950s, the Hodaka proprietors, the Oishi brothers, bought close to 50 European and English motorcycles to bring back to Japan to study.

Hodaka may have actually created the entire Yamaguchi SPB50, not only the engine, according to another claim.

To build the shift mechanism in the Hodaka gearbox, Hodaka is believed to have taken inspiration from one of their quick-change gear clusters in one of their metalworking lathes.

The resulting spring-loaded shifting mechanism was then patented. The Hodaka is known for its low seat height and lightweight, making it perfect for beginners.

Also, it is one of the more affordable motorcycles on this list of American motorcycle brands. This makes it perfect for someone just starting.

The company offers three different types of Hodaka, two are geared models, and one is a solo model. They offer the Standard, Pro Street, and Scrambler models with various color options to choose from.

19. Indian Motorcycle

The motorcycles were initially made by the Hendee Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States, from 1901 to 1953. In 1923, the name was changed to the Indian Motorcycle Company.

Polaris Industries bought the Indian motorcycle brand in 2011, transferred the company’s operations from North Carolina, and combined them with its current Minnesota and Iowa facilities.

Since August 2013, Polaris has developed, built, and produced numerous motorbike lines with historic Indian flair under the Indian Motorcycle name.

20. Janus Motorcycles

Richard Worsham and Devin Biek launched the business in 2011, and since 2013, it has been shipping motorcycles.

Through Biek’s business, Motion Left Mopeds, a producer of aftermarket performance parts for antique two-stroke motorcycles, Worsham and Biek began repairing, restoring, and tuning historic pedal-style mopeds.

Their interest in compact, light bikes was sparked by the moped industry, which also helped them forge connections with regional component suppliers.

Going further, the company’s mission is to create machines that are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. 

We believe you should be able to see all the intricate details of how every part was assembled in your bike. This is why we only use top-quality materials like titanium or stainless steel throughout.

These components are then meticulously welded together using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to create our signature style of craftsmanship. We still have some amazing American motorcycle brands on this list; read further!

21. MotoCzysz

The MotoCzysz C1-R is a racing bike designed to achieve the best performance in a professional racing environment.

World Champions have used it, and it’s considered one of the most competitive bikes on the track. Equally important to note, this is one of the American motorcycle brands.

The C1-R features a tuned engine and chassis to maximize performance. This is in addition to an aerodynamic body design for maximum speed.

22. Victory Motorcycles

Victory’s most popular bike is its Cross Country Touring Cruiser (CTC). This bike offers an incredible amount of power while still being comfortable to ride on long trips. This is due to its suspension system and large saddlebags. 

Also, the CTC comes with a backrest seat, making it easy for riders to take breaks on long rides without getting off the bike.

So are you looking for an American motorcycle brand that you’ll be comfortable with while it’s still offering what is expected? Victory motorcycles are the perfect option!

23. Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company

Pierce-Arrow produced commercial trucks, fire trucks, boats, camp trailers, motorbikes, and bicycles while being best known for its pricey luxury cars.

The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was founded in 1901 in Buffalo, New York. The company produced high-quality automobiles until 1938. It wasn’t until 1914 that the company began producing motorcycles. 

By 1917, there were three models available to choose from: the 10 horsepower, 15 horsepower, and 20 horsepower motors.

They only built a few hundred of these before production ended in 1938. These are one of the best American motorcycle brands!

24. Titan Motorcycle Company

Speaking about American motorcycle brands, the Titan Motorcycle Company is one of them and was founded in 1995. It was the first custom motorcycle company to produce in large volumes.

It was then the fastest-growing manufacturer of American-made, custom-built motorcycles. The company offered several motorcycles for purchase, including the Titan Scorcher and Rogue Series. 

25. Z Electric Vehicle

There are many amazing American motorcycle brands, but Z Electric Vehicle is one of the best electric bike manufacturers.

They have a wide range of motorcycles, and the prices are very reasonable. Z electric bikes have powerful engines, and they are easy to maintain. 

Without mincing words, this is the company for you if you want to ride in style. Plus, they produce high-quality bikes at an affordable price. The models are designed with futuristic looks, making them stand out from their competitors.

26. Zero Motorcycles

Of all the American motorcycle brands, this brand is the most eco-friendly, with no emissions. It also has innovative designs and engineers who are passionate about what they do.

Their bikes are designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible so that you can focus on the road ahead. 

Plus, they’re super quiet. Another cool feature is the Rechargeable battery pack which allows for faster recharging times. For example, a ZF7s model takes 5 hours to charge from dead to full power. 

Most people don’t have time for this, so there’s a convenient plug charger that does it in just two hours! And Zero even offers a Concierge Service where someone comes by and charges your bike for you.

This is if you need it done quickly or if charging it at home isn’t an option. Here, we draw the curtains on the various American motorcycle brands!


A motorcycle brand can be as important to a rider as the bike itself, so choosing carefully is important. The US has always been known as the world leader in muscle.

So, it’s no wonder American motorcycle brands are some of the most sought-after by today’s riders. These American motorcycle brands will take your breath away with their power and style.

Consequently, take a look at this list if you’re considering purchasing an American motorcycle brand in the future.

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