Meet Amazon Scout: a Self Delivery Robot

Amazon Scout

Amazon aims at continually coming up with innovations to improve the overall customer experience, and the Amazon Scout is their latest innovation.

The Amazon Scout is an electric hamper on wheels after Amazon decided to join firms such as PepsiCo and Domino’s Pizza in using these machines as a last-mile delivery solution.

These autonomous delivery machines created by Amazon usually are the size of a small cooler and slowly roll on the sidewalks at speeds like that of a walking human.

Furthermore, having an identical look to that of existing robots, six wheels and an electric battery are some of the most distinguishing features of this machine.

The development of the Amazon Scout was done at Amazon’s research and development lab in Seattle.

How the Amazon Scout Works?

Customers living in Snohomish County will order like they usually do and consequently, an Amazon delivery will be done either by the Amazon Scout or a trusted carrier partner.

Moreover, customers either on or through the Amazon App and still get to enjoy the same delivery selections available such as One-Day, FREE Same-day, fast, as well as Two-Day shipping for the premium members.

The trial run of using the Amazon Scout is currently being done only Snohomish County, Washington to packages ordered by customers through Amazon.

Additionally, these deliveries are made in daylight hours, usually between Monday and Friday and are accompanied by a human overseer as they are carrying out their rounds around the neighborhood.

The human overseers accompany the devices to guarantee they can efficiently and safely navigate themselves around pedestrians, pets and anything else that comes in their path.

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Furthermore, the Amazon Scout will follow a delivery route, with these trials running in several cities globally, too with much focus especially placed in closed-off locations like office complexes and college campuses.

Features of Amazon Scout

  1. The Amazon Scout uses electric energy to power its trips around the locations it is making a delivery.
  2. Usually, the Amazon Scout comes with cheap yet advanced sensors as well as innovative machines which help it in navigating through the neighborhood rather smoothly. Subsequently, the possibility of getting involved in an accident is very minimal in comparison to self-driving vehicles.
  3. Amazon experiences minimal difficulties operating the Amazon Scout since this device handles easily.

Advantages of Amazon Scout

  1. By using Amazon Scout, Amazon can efficiently deliver goods to its customers and on a timely basis since these machines will not get stuck in traffic like their human counterparts.
  2. Because the delivery of the products the customer ordered will be done promptly, the overall customer experience is significantly improved.
  3. The Amazon Scout has a better design in comparison to other companies who carry out delivery using robots, hence making it appealing to even more customers.

Disadvantages of Amazon Scout

  1. The Amazon Scout still being in the trial phase still requires having an Amazon handler who closely monitors if it is working as expected, this consequently making others who have more advanced technology have the edge over Amazon.
  2. Some customers feel like it is an imitation of Starship to a greater extent.
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