10 Amazing Airports in the World

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Airports create a first and lasting impression about a city, especially to tourists visiting the city for the first time. It is the airport that sets the mood for further exploration.

Traveller’s perception of the airport will determine to a great length if they are going to enjoy their stay or not; as a result, airports are built in the most exciting and accommodating way.

Some amazing airports in the world include;

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1. Ashgabat International Airport (Turkmenistan)

Ashgabat International Airport

This airport is one of the five international airports in Turkmenistan. It was previously known as Saparmyrat Turkmenbasy International Airport.

Its name was in memory of the country’s first president, Saparmyrat Niyazov. The Airport became functional again in 2006 after it was completely redesigned and rebuilt.

It is a public Airport owned by the government of Turkmenistan. It is located at Ashgabat, with its height reaching up to 692 ft/211m. It is designed to take aircraft of all types due to its two artificial runways equipped with the second category ILS and platform.

Facilities in the airport include waiting room, restaurant, currency exchange, customs, shops, bars, mother & child room, international telephone, a business club, service passport, VIP rooms, a 24-hour reference service, border control, a ticket office, a baggage handling conveyor system, wi-fi and airline offices.

During Soviet times, the airport was used, especially for flight repairs. Currently, the airport serves the planes of many foreign airlines in addition to local airlines. It serves to transport both passengers and cargoes.

The beauty of this airport got it recorded into the Guinness world record as the world’s biggest ornaments image on the roof of the main passenger terminal building, making it one of the most amazing airports in the world.

2. Abu Dhabi International Airport (UAE)

Abu Dhabi International Airport

It is a public airport operated by Abu Dhabi Airports Company. It is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The building has an elevation AMSL of 88ft/27 m. After Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport in UAE. It’s landmass spread over an area of 3400 hectares, offering services to over 20 million people.

It contains three operational passengers terminal-: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 transporting passengers and cargoes to and fro their destinations.

The oldest is Terminal 1, and it harbors a bi-level arrival and departure area. The check-in and arrival facilities are located in a separate main building. This terminal also harbors several bus boarding gates.

To the east of terminal 1 is terminal 2 housing 3 bus-boarding gate and two baggage claim belts. To the West is terminal 3, the newest addition, and an expansion of terminal 1.

Other facilities include; air traffic control center, enhanced cargo and maintenance facilities, commercial activities, business Parks, and property development centers.

Abu Dhabi International airport is the only airport in the middle East with United States border preclearance.

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3. Lyon-Saint Exupéry International Airport (Lyon, France)

This airport is previously known as Lyon Satolas Airport. It is a public airport owned by Aeroports de Lyon and serves Lyon, France.

It is situated in Colombier-Saugnieu. The Building has a height of AMSL of 821ft/250m. It consists of two interwoven terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 2.

The airport has high-quality cargo facilities used in the movement of goods from one place to another. Its parking lot could hold up to a total of 16,000 cars.

This parking lot is grouped onto four parks, P2, P3, P4, and P5. P2 and P3 are underground parking lot while P4 and P5 are long-stay parks situated at a distance from the terminals behind the railway station.

The first terminal is made up of check-in areas and departure areas. It was later expanded to accommodate more arrival facilities. The second terminal is more like a copy of the first one containing check-in areas and arrival facilities.

The third terminal, which doesn’t exist anymore, was destroyed during the expansion of Terminal 1.

4. Koh Samui International Airport Thailand

Koh Samui International Airport

This beautiful airport has yet attracted more tourists to Thailand. Samui International Airport is the only airport in Koh Samui.

It is owned and operated by Bangkok Airways. It started with a bamboo thatched structure in 1989, and today, it is now a complete modern airport. Chaweng and Bophut resorts lie very close to the airport.

It is one of the busiest airports in the country, with over 6 million passengers every year. It has a runway capable of serving medium-sized aircraft and Airbus.

It is made up of six terminals, four of them are for domestic traffic while the other two are for international traffic. Its international services were initiated in 1996.

Over the years, the airport has undergone numerous renovations to provide constantly improved services. Other facilities include; shopping Centers and Eateries, Airport Lounges, Airport Garden, etc.

Private taxis, rental cars, ferry, and speedboats are used for transportation outside the airport.

5. Marrakesh Menara Airport (Morocco)

Marrakesh Menara Airport

This airport is a public/military airport, operated by ONDA and Royal Air Force. It is an international airport that serves Marrakesh, the capital city of the Marrakesh-Safi region in Morocco. The building is built with an elevation of 1545ft/471 m.

During the second world war, the United States Army used the airport as a hub for cargo transporting aircraft and employees. It was previously made up of two terminals built in one large building.

After some years, a third terminal was built to accommodate more passengers. The terminals are designed to accommodate about 9 million passengers per year. The runway parking lot spans over 125,000 square meters.

The airport is specially built and equipped to enable efficient transport of passengers and cargoes. Buses are the primary means of transportation outside the airport, hence its place as one of the most amazing airports in the world.

6. Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

Incheon International Airport

According to international passengers, Seoul Incheon International Airport is the eighth busiest airport with more than 49M passengers per year. It is one of the largest airports in the world and the largest in South Korea.

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In addition to domestic and international civilian transportation, there are two major cargo operators at the airport, Jade cargo and international cargo center Shenzen.

The airport is located 30 miles west of Seoul. It’s is known for its many historical and cultural landmarks as the Emperor Palace. It is made up of two terminals, terminal one, which was previously the main terminal before terminal two was completed.

This terminal is known to be the largest airport terminal in the whole of South Korea. The second terminal built in 2018 is the newest terminal to be built, and it is built with all manner of sophisticated modern designs. Terminal 1 is solely for domestic travels, Terminal 2 for both domestic and international, while Terminal 3 is for cargo transport.

Its runway is a single runway, although there are plans to make it double to handle more flight volumes. It provides a host of services, which include car rentals, hotel services, eateries, etc.

It is the only international airport connected to seaports for both cargo and passenger transport.

7. Denver International Airport (USA)

Denver International Airport

Denver International airport is rated the fifth busiest airport in the USA and the twentieth busiest airport in the world. It is located in Colorado, 23 miles north-east of downtown Denver. It is a public airport which began operation in 1995.

It occupies over 34,000 acres of land, with only one terminal of more than 1.5 million square feet. Denver International Airport is made up of six runways, four north-south, and two east-west.

The expansion program, which ended in May 2012, included the building of more runways and concourse. The expansion also included car rental canopy projects, and areas of car rentals were increased, and it was made more convenient for cars to pick up and drop customers.

The expansion paved the way for more efficiency in the airport’s operations. There was an additional international passenger processing and gates, which expanded people’s mover capacity, and baggage system.

It is one of the most amazing airports in the world because its solar installation is one of the largest at any public transport generating over three million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity every year.

8. Kansai International Airport (Japan)

Kansai International Airport

It is located on an artificial island about 40 kilometers south of Central Osaka. It started its operation in 1994 and took over every international air traffic previously handled by Osaka’s Itami Airport, as well as some domestic traffic.

Kansai International Airport has two terminals. The first terminal, which is the main terminal, is housed in a state-of-the-art building that deals with both domestic and international flights by regular airlines while Terminal 2 handles the low-cost airlines.

Terminal I has a railway station directly adjacent to it, while Terminal 2 has none, even though it has few bus connections. The bus lines connect Kansai Airport’s Terminal 1 with the surrounding cities.

Other means of transport outside the airport are Airport Limousines, taxi and ferry. A couple of Hotels are located in the immediate environment of the airport, including Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, Kansai Airport Washington Hotel, star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport, First cabin, etc.

Very close to the runway, there is an airport museum called sky view observation Hall, also used as an observation deck. Kansai is considered one of the greatest engineering wonders of the 20th century.

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9. Dubai International Airport (UAE)

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is the main airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to international passenger traffic, it is the world’s busiest airport, and according to passenger traffic, it is the world’s fifth- busiest airport and the sixth-busiest cargo airport in the world.

It is the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight. It is a public airport owned by the government of Dubai.

It is operated by Dubai Airports Company and built to serve Dubai, UAE. Dubai International Airport mounted the largest solar energy system in the region’s airport in a bid to achieve Dubai’s goal of reducing energy consumption by 30 percent by the year 2030.

This airport is a significant contributor to Dubai’s economy, employing over 90,000 people directly, indirectly creating over 400,000 jobs and contributing over US$26.7 billion to the economy.

The existing airport was at first planned to involve two terminals and one runway configuration with the provision of another two passengers terminal in the future. Recently, it has 3 terminals that have a total handling capacity of about 80 million people a year.

Other facilities include parking bay, maintenance hanger, fire station, support facilities and structure, workshops, administrative offices, cargo agent buildings, catering kitchen, control tower, multi-level underground structure, first and business class lounges, parking lots, shopping centers and luxurious hotels.

The airport has a flower center constructed to handle the importation and exportation of flowers because Dubai is a significant hub for flower transport. The airport greets passengers with real forests of palm trees.

Safety and security at the airport are managed by The Civil Aviation Authority of Dubai. They pre-screen at all the terminals at the entrance of the airport to prevent criminals, primarily drug pushers, from making their way into the airport.

10. Los Angeles International Airport (USA)

Los Angeles International Airport

It is located alongside L.A.’s beach in Westchester. The airport is a gateway to international destinations, especially Asia and the Pacific.

It is one of the busiest airports in the world, offering more than 700 daily nonstop flights to 100 domestic cities and over 1,300 nonstop flights weekly to cities around the world.

The modern airport is built to befit LA.’s status as one of the nation’s top restaurant cities. The passengers now have the opportunity to savor a culinary journey through the airport’s none terminals.

Shopping centers are conveniently situated inside all the nine terminals in the airport. This allows passengers, especially tourists, to shop and embrace the glamour of the airport and of the city.

One of the terminals is a VIP private terminal special designed for the elite and high profile individuals. Ticketing and luggage of members are handled by The Private Suite team.

Luxurious Private Suite is also available where members can spend their prefight time and driven directly to their aircraft across the tarmac when it is time for them to board.

Los Angeles International Airport is currently under a modernization program that would enable it to operate bigger and handle more domestic and international traffic.

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