5 Most Affordable Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

A decade ago, the idea of owning and driving an electric car was out of the question especially to most Americans. Today, EVs are of course here to stay and are about to become the widespread car of choice over their gas-powered cousins.

Basically, EVs use electricity and must be charged to fill up their battery to power the car.

When compared to gas-powered cars, EVs emit fewer emissions thus more environmentally-friendly. EVs require special attention during manufacture and this makes them expensive.

However, in order to accommodate different people with different social and monetary status, manufacturers have created fully EVs at affordable prices.

The most promising cars are being produced but a number of them are already on our roads tested. When compared to gas-powered cars, EVs have various disadvantages.

First things first, they have a shorter driving range and charging could be a problem especially if you don’t have your own charging station.

Low charging or level 1 stations usually take as many as 20 hours to charge most EVs fully and if you have your own station, it could be more convenient as you can plug in your car overnight to get enough charge for the next day.

Without a shadow of a doubt, EVs come with drawbacks but the fact remains that they are economical to have. If you are tired of high gas consumption especially during high traffic, you want a car available for federal and state tax credits, or you like driving at low speeds, an electric vehicle would be a perfect choice for you.

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Interestingly, you don’t have to break your bank account just to own an EV, as you can find them at an affordable price, and here is a list of some of them.

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2018 Volkswagen e-Golf – $30,495

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf

If you could be very lucky enough to find this car, believe me, it’s a really nice car. Volkswagen doesn’t import many cars and if the lucky star falls on you and get this e-Golf, you’ll keep smiling all your life.

This e-Golf compact hatchback prides itself with the same maximum cargo space, exceptional driving manners, and classy cabin as the regular golf.

When driving, you’ll not help but notice how balanced it feels thanks to its battery that sits below the rear seats. It boasts a battery pack big enough to offer 125 miles of range which is good enough to take you around.

While level 1 charges for 26 hours, level 2 charges for less than 6 hours.

2018 Nissan Leaf – $29,990

2018 Nissan Leaf

2018 Nissan Leaf is easy to obtain, practical, and a roomy vehicle that’s affordably cheap for a fully electric car.

When compared to other cheaper EVs, Nissan leaf boasts a longer range of 151 miles per full charge, which is enough for you not to get anxious over whether you can get to your destination effectively. While level 1 charges for 35 hours, level 2 charges for 7.5 hours.

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Unfortunately, the steering wheel can only adjust for tilt and not reach but there’s nothing to worry about as you’ll get used to it with time.

2018 Hyundai loniq Electric – $29,500

2018 Hyundai ioniq Electric

This compact hatchback has a range of 124 miles and if you reside in California, you can get it at $29,500. The tech of Hyundai lonic electric is quite advanced and drives efficiently thereby offering simple and safe electric driving.

Interestingly, the battery is a lithium-ion polymer that enables 80% of charging in only 23 minutes in a level 3 facility. Also, this chemical composition enhances packaging which results in useful cargo space. Level 1 charges for 24 hours while level 2 charges for 4 hours.

2018 Ford Focus Electric – $29,120

2018 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric is among the most affordable electric vehicles on the market today and a perfect choice for anyone looking for classy and appealing EVs. With a range of 115 miles per full charge, you can enjoy your daily commute and enjoy enough power for a fast ride.

Even though its rear seating area is tight, it is packed with a Sony audio system, rear parking sensors, and dual-zone automatic climate control and therefore a great catch to have. The level 1 charges for 20 hours and level 2 for 5.5 hours.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – $24,650

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is a lightweight two-seater car that comes with a fixed roof or as a convertible, and it’s the cheapest of our list of 5 cheapest electric cars. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a car that fits into any parking spot and definitely the best to drive around the city.

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Due to its small size, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive comes with a range of 59 miles per full charge and while level 1 charges for 21 hours, level 2 charges for 3 hours.

Bottom line

We are in the 21st century and life is getting better with each dawn. Thanks to stricter emission standards, technological advancements, and changes in consumer taste, the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise.

Over the years, many people have had the desire to get out of their old, smelly, oil-burning cars but fear because of the perception that EVs are expensive.

However, it’s the best time to enjoy your driving experience with a cheap EV and our list will get you started.

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