Top 10 Expensive Yacht in the World

Eclipse yacht

The richest peoples can buy almost whatever they wish of or they desire. In multiples cities, states, countries and continents several luxury homes, lands, hotels.

Insanely or extremely expensive lavish cars and the cost of these cars are much more than many people’s condos and houses. Exclusive private planes, which have luxurious and beautiful interiors just like top-class hotel suites.

Or even if they really desired to, and some do, they can purchase their personal islands. But one cannot be a true billionaire until you have specially made your very personal, very enormous, very expensive luxury mega yachts.

A yacht, that has all the ease and comfort of home and much more. Just like submarines and a helicopter pad.

These yachts are so well equipped, so extravagant, and so expensive that people who are sailing on them desire for nothing more because any almost everything they need or wish of is on their fingertips.

And if your really wish to have which is not available on the yacht then the high speed boat or helicopter attached to the mega yacht can be fetched to bring them in no time.

And above all the mega yacht is a symbol of supreme power and wealth. Let’s take a look at the Top ten expensive yacht in the world. They are truly astonishing and amazing.

10. The Rising Sun ($200 Million)

The Rising Sun

The original owner of this yacht was the CEO of Oracle, Ellison. And now it is currently owned by music and film mogul David Geffen.

This beautiful yacht has usually known as a floating mansion. It is, of course, completely furnished with more facilities and amenities than we can every think of.

It has a huge basketball court that almost doubles as a helicopter pad. This yacht has 5 floors, 82 rooms, and 4 propellers that permit it to voyage the seven seas at the speed of almost 33 MPH.

9. Seven Seas ($200 Million)

Seven Seas yacht

This amazing mega yacht of Steven Spielberg’s was made by the Dutch shipyard Oceano.

He constructed the mega yacht according to his taste and specifications.  It has a great beautiful infinity pool with a fifteen foot glass surface that can be utilized as a movie screen.

It has its own fully equipped helipad, gym, and private and reserved deck for Spielberg. It has a great crew of 26 members to run the yacht and attend their guest, and has great accommodation for 12 guests.

8. Lady Moura ($210 Million)

Lady Moura yacht

This yacht is owned by Nasser Al-Rashid, a Saudi multi-billionaire business man from Riad Saudi Arabia.

Not much information is there about this beautiful and mega yacht, but you think of great luxury, opulence, comfort, and amenities inside of it.

Remarkable  and luxury yacht Lady Moura is one of the largest mega yachts. Both the super structure and the hull are made of pure steel. She has two superDeutz diesel engines, each has a great power of 6,868 horsepower, and a speed of 22 knots is produced by her controllable pitch propellers.

A hydraulically-operated system of doors, shell ports, roofs,flaps, bath platforms, gangways and cranes deliver the most possible comfort of operation and luxury. Maximum equipment, including tenders, areconcealed behind hydraulically operated doors.

Both the escutcheonand the name that can be seen at starboard,port, and at stern are carved in 24-karat pure gold. a 92 foot Mangusta is her main affection or tender, with the name  or label Little Saf, which is named after her wife Safia el Malqui.

The mega yacht Lady Moura is well known as the most beautiful, lavish and one of the most expensive yachts in the globe.

7. Al Mirqab ($250 Million)

YouTube video

The Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the Prime Minister of Qatar, is the owner of this magnificent yacht.

The remarkable design was created by Tim Heywood and the construction was done by Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth yard.

The yacht has lavish ten suites, which can hold almost 24 guests. There are 2 luxerious VIP rooms specially created for the yacht’s owner. The yacht has amazing and highly developed movie theatre of it own, pool, sun deck, and helipad.

6. Dilbar ($263 million)

dilbar yacht

This marvelous yacht was constructed in 2008 and is owned by Russian businessmen Alisher Usmanov.

He named it after his mom, Dilbar and was designed by Tim Heywood. There is a nice and friendly crew of 47, super luxury and lavish accommodation for 24 guest, a helipad and much more.

The ship’s proprietormostlyusesthe Dilbar to visit his private islands. What a dreamy and great life his must be.

5. Al Said ($300 million)

YouTube video

This mega yacht was named after its proprietor, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman and has a superstructure of aluminum.

While it was launched in September 2007 and completed in year 2008 was the world’s second biggest yacht. It has a great crew of 74 and a lavish accommodation for almost 70 guests.

4. Superyacht A ($323 million)

Superyacht A

It is also owned by another Russian Billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, it is a magnificent yacht of unique or matchless design. Is a Russian billionaire with this gorgeous yacht of exclusive matchless design.

This amazing yacht was constructed or built by PhilppeStarck and during its construction it becomes the hottest topic of the town. It is maintained by 37 crews and 5 staffs and they yacht can welcome 14 guest.

In 2008 it was first brought out for it first tour and then was return to yard. And in 2009 it was finally delivered with its fully astonishing interior’s and remarkable exterior.

3. Dubai ($350 million)

Quite a story is attached to this yacht. It is originally known as Platinum 525. It was original construction was ordered by the Prince of Brunei, JefriBolkiah in the year 1996, due to the lack  of funds its construction was stopped.

Later in 2001, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the UAE, saved the project over. The project was then known as Golden Star. And after the yacht is finally constructed it was named after his place of residence.

It has the title of largest super yacht way back then. But after the years, it was over took by Eclipse. This 525 feet long yacht is completed with superb luxury facilities including a spa, helipad, swimming pool, and so much more.

It has been famous as floating city because it contains almost anything a person cloud desire or need.The interior of this yacht is graciously designed with a beautiful glass staircase leading to the deck.

2. Eclipse ($800 million)

Eclipse yacht

It is pretty a financial jump from the third most expensive yacht to the second. The second most expensive and luxuries yacht Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, has a cost of almost $ 1.2 billion.

It has a beautiful sleek 560 foot body, and also has a defense technology that would make any other containers system blush in shame.

There is an anti-intruder alert, a missile detection device, an anti-bugging system, and on top of the most, an anti-paparazzi system that hinders any stranger’s effort to take images.

The lavish and beautiful yacht has a great crew of 70 to run and maintain the vessel, and can comfortably accommodate 24 guests in great luxury rooms, 2 helipads and a small submarine.

The remarkable and magnificent yacht belongs to a Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich. The yacht was constructed in Hamburg, Germany. The guest can also enjoy the remarkable aquarium on board, two superb swimming pools, one of which could be converted to dance floor after dranning.

1. History Supreme ($4.8 billion)

History Supreme yacht

At number one position stands the most beautiful, expensive and lavish yacht the History Supreme. But the owner of this amazing yacht is not clear.

The word is out, but however a businessman from Malaysia owns it. In some peoples point of view it might be Robert Kouk while some other are not so sure about it. One thing is for sure that it is The most expensive yacht in the world, of almost $ 4.8 billion.

It is also famous as Baia 100 Supreme, this extravagantly and lavishly designed vessel makes use of just under 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum as well as small or tiny meteorites, precious stones and it is also decorated with bones of dinosaurs as embellishments.

Clearly, no expenditure has been spared to guarantee that the History Supreme surpasses and outshines all other yachts, not only in form, but also in function. What an amazing experience it must be to be aboard this bravura and glorious craft.

So the above is a great list of Top ten expensive yacht in the world, going abroad onany of this yacht would be a marvelous and lifetime experience. The life on these amazing and luxury yacht is indescribable.

You can experience a fabulous swimming time on these yachts because all the yachts have great swimming pools. And the cuisines of the yacht are also one of the best.

You can also have great vacations on luxury yachts; it would be one of your unforgettable vacation plans. So go a had and have a lavish experience of lifetime.

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